How to Avoid Leasing to Bad Commercial Tenants

Halloween is certainly the time of year for nightmares, but your commercial tenants don’t have to contribute to the seasonal fright. As a commercial real estate owner or property management company, you are bound to be confronted with unqualified applicants. But if you want to avoid leasing to unreliable commercial tenants who have misrepresented themselves on their documents, is important to incorporate certain methodologies into your commercial leasing application process.

Continue reading for some tips that can help you avoid nightmare commercial tenants, plus where to find Central Indiana tenant improvement construction services that will improve your business’s overall success.

Indiana Tenant Improvement Contractors 317-253-0531
Indiana Tenant Improvement Contractors 317-253-0531

Watch Out for Commercial Tenant Fraud

Unfortunately, commercial tenant fraud is all too common. Commercial tenants who commit tenant fraud misrepresent their qualifications or forge documents to present themselves as a qualified applicant for space, such as a retail store, office, or studio. After being approved for the lease, fraudulent commercial tenants often skip out on rent, damage the property, misuse the commercial space, or pose a plethora of tenant challenges and commercial landlord nightmares.

In order to deter commercial tenant fraud and application falsifications, you need to learn how to detect such fraud early on in the leasing and application process. Here are some tips that can help you avoid leasing to a nightmare commercial tenant, while keeping your commercial rental property business profitable:

Do Not Offer Online Application

It is not recommended to use an online application process for commercial leasing, even if you use a third-party platform. Many business application management websites say they will bring in all sorts of qualified commercial tenant applications, but their algorithms are basic and not comprehensive enough to weed out intentional fraud. When it comes to commercial leasing, it is best to always incorporate an in-person application and interview process to ensure that you are leasing to the right tenant.

Do Not Accept Incomplete Applications

There is not much to be said here. If you receive any commercial lease applications that are not filled out completely, shred them without giving them a second thought. An incomplete application is often a telltale sign of commercial tenant fraud. In most cases, applicants fail to complete the application because they are intentionally omitting information to avoid being investigated or denied tenancy.

Always Perform Credit and Reference Checks

Your commercial building or multi-housing property is an important investment that should only be entrusted to those who are dependable and qualified. For this reason, it is important to always perform credit checks and reference checks on all commercial tenant applications. It is common for commercial property owners to ignore references, but this is not a mistake you want to make. References are often more telling than a credit or income check, so be sure you do not skip this step during the commercial tenant screening process.

Advertise Background Checking

It is important to let all of your commercial applicants know that there will be a comprehensive background check during the application process. Advertise this information in the literature that advertises your commercial space openings. This way, tenants know they cannot hide anything or present themselves in a misleading way.

Advertise a Fraud Warning and Declaration

Along with advertising that a background check will be performed on each applicant, it is also important to advertise a fraud warning. A fraud warning will let potential applicants know that there are serious legal penalties and consequences for cheating or misleading their qualifications on their commercial leasing application. This is a great way to thwart commercial tenant fraud. Along with the fraud warning, it is important to include a declaration on the application. A declaration is a statement placed above the signatures of the applicants confirming that all information is accurate to their knowledge.

Require Supplemental Documentation

When you are getting proof of a commercial tenant’s income, it is important to also require supplemental documentation. Ask for more than one type of documentation to prove income when screening a potential commercial tenant.

Verify Identity With a Valid Photo ID

As a commercial building owner or property management company, you want to be sure that you are leasing to the person who is actually filling out the application. It is important to verify a person’s identity by checking their photo ID, or any other authorized identification documents, such as United States passport or military ID. Online applications present all sorts of opportunities for tenants to fraudulently upload their identity or use another person’s identity.

Are you looking for a qualified construction company to perform tenant improvement work to your commercial property? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for professional tenant improvements and remodels in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve all corporate, commercial, and industrial industries in Central Indiana.

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How to Increase Team Productivity With Snacks and Beverages

Office efficiency plays an important role in the overall success of your business. When your team is productive, your bottom line is up. But with all of the external distractions and setbacks we are experiencing as a society, especially in most recent times, team productivity is expected to be negatively impacted. If you are looking for ways to increase productivity among your office staff, but have run out of ideas, perhaps consider providing some energy boosting snacks and beverages to keep them content throughout the day.

Continue reading to learn how to increase team productivity in the office with snacks and beverages, and who to contact when you need commercial office break room remodeling services in Indianapolis.

Commercial Office Remodeling Indianapolis IN 317-253-0531
Commercial Office Remodeling Indianapolis IN 317-253-0531

Office Productivity Starts With a Happy and Healthy Staff

You may not realize it as a business owner or office manager, but snacks play an important role in the overall contentment among employed staff. Afternoon munchies are a real thing, and when office employees are hungry, they are often distracted, fatigued, irritable, and less motivated to work. Providing a selection of healthy snacks can abate mid-day hunger pains, while also encouraging health and nutrition in the office.

Top Healthy Office Next to Consider:

▷ Veggie Straws
▷ Chex Mix
▷ Popcorn
▷ Dried Fruit
▷ Fresh Fruit
▷ Almonds
▷ Peanuts
▷ Jerky

Healthy Snacks for Sweet Cravings:

▷ Fig Newton Cookies
▷ KIND Bars
▷ Protein Bars
▷ Granola
▷ Sugar-Free Candies
▷ Bananas
▷ Apples
▷ Oranges

These snacks are light, low in calories, and contain a load of nutrients and vitamins, all of which will help your staff stay energized throughout the workday. They won’t trigger sugar rushes and subsequent crashes, nor will they weigh anyone down. They are the perfect go-to snacks to grab quickly and provide adequate fuel until dinner.

Office Break Rooms and Beverages

It is important to provide an office break room or kitchen area for your staff, especially if you have a large team of eight or more people. A designated break room area provides a place for employees to store and eat their lunch, grab a quick snack, and most importantly, stay hydrated throughout the day. All of these available amenities help to increase and maintain high office productivity.

Consider providing a selection of beverages to keep your office staff alert and productive, including non-caffeinated options like bottled water, sparkling water, and energy drinks, as well as caffeinated options such as coffee and diet soda. Try to avoid regular sodas as they contain a high amount of sugar that can cause a mid-day fatigue crash.

You should also consider investing in a single cup coffee maker, espresso machine, vending machine, refrigerator, microwave, and toaster. These amenities will allow staff to satisfy their cravings easily and quickly, then go back to work re-energized!

Are you interested in remodeling your office to create a happier and more productive workplace? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for seasoned commercial office remodeling in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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5 Features You Want in a New Commercial Office Space

Everyone from business owners and colleagues to staff and personnel want a fun and functional office space. When you are looking to lease new commercial office space in Indiana, focus your attention on the most sought-after amenities to deliver these elements and support the overall success of your business.

Indiana Commercial Office Remodeling and Construction
Indiana Commercial Office Remodeling and Construction 317-253-0531

Top Office Amenities in Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are looking to attract high-quality corporate tenants to your commercial office space, or you wish to find a new commercial office lease that meets the needs of your company and your staff, shared office amenities are something to consider. Commercial real estate experts suggest that offices with certain types of shared amenities, such as kitchen areas and outdoor workspace, tend to be more productive, and therefore, more successful.

Here are the top 5 office amenities to consider when selecting a new office location:

Kitchen or Cafeteria

Employees have to eat; don’t they? So, when looking for a new commercial office space, keep your eye out for a lease that has (or includes access to) a kitchen or cafeteria. Some office buildings and complexes have on-site cafés, delis, or food trucks available to staff as well. If you cannot find a lease that provides these amenities, look for an office space that has a kitchen area, or that has enough room to construct one. Giving your employees access to a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker makes a big difference in terms of daily productivity and overall contentment among staff.


Having access to a fast and reliable elevator system is a top advantage for office staff and visitors. This amenity is especially important if you are leasing a commercial office space in a building that has multiple floors. Not only do elevators make it easy to bring things up and down from your office space, but they also play a vital role in assisting disabled persons or people who have trouble commuting on foot. Elevators also make it easier to arrive to work on time.

Outdoor Workspace

Especially in today’s work force, providing employees with outdoor workstations and workspace is proving to be a highly beneficial practice in the commercial real estate industry. Look for office spaces that provide access to outdoor facilities such as rooftop decks, terraces, plazas, patios, outdoor lounge areas, sit-in gardens, and similar areas that allow employees to congregate in the fresh air, whether for work or leisure. It is also strongly encouraged to choose a building that has outdoor Wi-Fi equipped technologies to allow employees to work outside efficiently.

Glass Wall Partitions

Recent studies suggest that employees are more productive and happier all around in an open office setting. Open floor plans are a popular real estate amenity in both the residential and commercial real estate industry. Glass wall partitions are one of the strategies modern-day office designers use to promote a more open feel in the office, while still providing an individual workspace that allows peace and privacy. Glass wall partitions also allow more natural lighting into the office, which has several benefits in itself. Talk to a commercial general contractor these considerations for open floor plan office construction.


Recent studies suggest that employees are more productive and happier all around when they have window views in the office.  In fact, according to a study performed by the esteemed HR advisory and research firm, Future Workplace, the number one office perk that employees really want is access to natural light and outdoor views. Natural lighting can fight off work fatigue, prevent headaches, ease eyestrain, and induce higher level of happiness among staff. Commercial windows are prime office features most requested by employees.

Are you looking for a new commercial office space, or have found one that requires some renovation to meet your company’s needs? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for qualified commercial office remodeling in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve clients all throughout the state. Request information or schedule a bid, today.

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What is a Commercial Lease Abstract?

If you have ever signed a contract before, you know that they are incredibly long and complicated pieces of literature that are virtually impossible to understand without a thorough comprehension of real estate law and liability. For this reason, when signing a commercial lease agreement, it is common to request a lease abstract.

Continue reading to learn what a commercial lease abstract is, and what should be included in one before making a commitment.

Indianapolis Indiana Commercial Office
Indianapolis Indiana Commercial Office 317-253-0531

Commercial Lease Agreements and Abstracts

It is unrealistic to fully read through and understand every element of a commercial lease agreement. Commercial lease abstracts play an important role in a tenant’s ability to understand what contractual agreement they are signing into, and what is expected of them during their occupation. Basically, a lease abstract is a summary of all the primary and important aspects of the lease agreement.

Sort of like CliffsNotes for a book you forgot to read in college, a lease abstract covers the basics of the contract and informs you of all the vital facts you need to know, and in a language you can understand. Lease abstracts are constructed to be free of confusing industry jargon, and allow a potential corporate or commercial tenant to fully understand the liability and responsibilities they are taking on if they choose to enter into the lease.

What Should Be Included in a Lease Abstract?

Although a summary of the full contract, a lease abstract will (and should) contain a lot of information. The basic information it should have includes:

☑ Tenant’s Full Name
☑ Total Cost of Rent
☑ Square Footage of the Rental Space
☑ Lease Start/End Date
☑ First Rent Payment Due Date
☑ Premises Specifications
☑ Authorized Use of the Premises
☑ Parking Space/Requirements
☑ Accountable Party for Repairs and Maintenance
☑ Co-Tenancy/Sub-Leasing Terms
☑ Expansion/Build-Out Rights
☑ Tenant Improvement Allowances
☑ Assignability and Exclusivity (if the lease can be transferred)
☑ Estoppel

Are you looking for a trusted commercial management team who can help you find the right commercial office space or warehouse? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to learn more about tenant improvement construction and space planning services in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Top Credentials to Look for in a Commercial General Contractor

As a commercial proprietor, whether you are planning the construction of a brand-new fitness center or a multi-level office building, your top priority is to get the job done right the first time around. Well, with the right commercial general contractor on your side, you don’t have to worry about this at all. When shopping around for a commercial construction company for your upcoming build, it is important to look for specific criteria in order to separate the novice companies from the true industry veterans.

Continue reading to review some of the top recommended credentials to look for in a commercial general contractor, and which company to trust if you are building here in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Commercial General Contracting 317-253-0531
Indianapolis Commercial General Contracting 317-253-0531

Commercial Construction General Contractors

Not all commercial construction Gen. contractors out there are alike. In fact, you would be surprised to learn just how many fly-by-the-night or insufficiently licensed and insured contractors advertise their services. For this reason, it is important to do your due diligence and find the right commercial general contracting company to trust with your investment. You can better weed out the bad from the good by keeping your eye out for industry relevant credentials that a commercial general contractor should have. The top qualities include licensing, experience, insurance, and references.


A commercial build is a big project. Typically, when constructing or remodeling a new space for your business, you can expect it to be an important investment. So for this reason, you need to make sure your commercial general contractor is properly licensed, not only in general contracting work, but also in the type of construction you need. Basically, you want the job done by a true industry professional who knows what they’re doing. In comes the second most important credential in a general contractor: experience.


You do not want to hire a commercial general contractor who is fresh in the industry. Perhaps for a smaller remodeling or renovation need, such as drywall work or flooring replacement, you may do fine with the novice contractor. But when you are planning a comprehensive commercial construction project, you want your general contracting company to have optimal experience, especially in the type of construction build you are planning. For instance, if you are planning to build a new medical facility, be sure you choose a contracting company who has experience in healthcare construction.


Like licensing, insurance is one of the most vital credentials to look for in a commercial contracting company. Without sufficient insurance coverage, you as the client could be at risk of being held liable for any injuries or losses that occur to workers on the job performing your commercial build. Be sure your commercial general contractor has premium insurance liability coverage, not just for themselves but for their entire team. With this kind of credential under their belts, you can trust that they will also make sure any subcontractors are properly insured as well.


Just like any service or product you intend to spend money on, you usually want to check out what everyone else has to say about them first. In the case of hiring a commercial general contractor, asking to see their references is an important part to choosing the best company for the job. Be sure you ask for more than one reference, and also inquire about other kinds of literature such as portfolios and past client reviews.

Do you have a commercial construction build in mind? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for superior commercial general contracting in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve all of Central Indiana and its surrounding locations.

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Recommended Office Space Dimensions for Class A Properties

Are you building a new Class A office space? If so, be sure to consider the allocation of square footage throughout the interior and exterior work spaces. When it comes to calculating the dimensions of your indoor office works paces, you might want to consider the average recommendations provided by Class A commercial construction experts.

Below, you will find a quick list of the average requirements and guidelines for assigning square footage to certain areas and common places in your Class A office.

Indianapolis Indiana Commercial Office Space Construction
Indianapolis Indiana Commercial Office Space Construction 317-253-0531

Class A Real Estate for Offices

When you are looking at the higher-end of the commercial real estate market for new office space, you are looking at Class A properties. Class A commercial properties come with the highest quality attributes and amenities, such as location, local public services, public transportation access, surrounding infrastructure, building finishes and features, and even the competence of the property’s management group.

Common areas where you will find Class A commercial real estate are city centers, business districts, suburban business parks, and urban marketplaces. Although Class A space is more catered to higher profile tenants, as well as national or regional companies, they can also be well-suited for local businesses. Keep in mind, this is the highest-priced type of commercial real estate. For this reason, many business owners lease this type of commercial space.

Allocating Square Footage for Common Office Workspaces

The average office setting for Class A properties include several different types of work and break areas, both indoor and outdoor. These include open-concept workstations, cubicles, private offices, conference rooms, break rooms, reception areas, storage rooms, mail rooms, and similar corporate or professional office area staples. By allocating the proper amount of square footage for each space, you can better control commercial office construction and post-occupancy expenses, while also protecting your bottom line. Well-organized office plans promote energy efficiency, cost savings, employee morale, improved staff productivity, and much more.

General Guidelines for Class A Office Spaces

↪ Executive –
200 – 400 sq. ft.
Managerial – 150 – 250 sq. ft.
Other – 90 – 150 sq. ft.

CUBICLES – 125 – 175 sq. ft.

OPEN WORK SPACES – 60 – 110 sq. ft.

OUTSIDE LOUNGE AREAS – 200- 300 sq. ft.

RECEPTION/LOBBY – 100 – 200 sq. ft.

Conference Rooms – 50 sq. ft. plus 25 sq. ft per seat
Lunch/Break Rooms – 75 sq. ft. plus 10 sq. ft per seat
Work Rooms – 125 sq. ft.

Mail Room – 125 – 200 sq. ft.
Print Room – 125 – 200 sq. ft.
Storage Room – 200 – 300 sq. ft.

Would you like to learn more about building a new commercial office space in Indianapolis, Indiana? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to request your commercial office construction bid, today. We serve clients all throughout Central Indiana with superior commercial general contracting and design build services.

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Office Features Most Requested By Employees

If you are interested in boosting employee morale and productivity, and therefore, your bottom line, a fresh office remodel is a great place to start. Continue reading to learn which modern office features are the most requested by staff and personnel, and how you can get started with a commercial construction bid before the spring season begins.

Indianapolis Indiana Commercial Office Remodeling
Indianapolis Indiana Commercial Office Remodeling 317-253-0531

Office Remodeling Key Points and Benefits

In today’s world, office layouts no longer have rules. You can think outside of the box on many office features, elements, and designs, while also improving your staff productivity and profits. No more are lines of repetitive cubicles the only way to design an office; now there are various approaches to office operations, including open floor plans, outdoor spaces, energy efficient lighting, and touchless technologies.

There is a proven correlation between a comfortable and happy office environment and the overall productivity of staff. Employees that are comfortable and tended to are happier, which in turn makes them work with a higher level of alertness, focus, and loyalty. It delivers an environment that allows employees to do their absolute best work. These benefits are just the start of the possible list of advantages, making a fresh office renovation a wise investment that will pay it forward in terms of your company’s overall success.

Not sure which kinds of changes and renovations to choose to meet the needs and standards of yourself and staff? Talk to a trusted and licensed commercial construction general contractor for advice on how to modernize your office layout.

Here’s What Employees Really Want:

Big Windows – Staffs love natural light in the workplace. Bigger windows provides both natural lighting and enhanced ambience.

Better Lighting – Keep in mind that better does not mean brighter in terms of lighting. But when the lighting is just right, employees work better.

Open Floor Plans – Pretty self-explanatory. Staffs are happier and work better when they are not enclosed or feel trapped.

Outdoor Spaces – Giving staffs outdoor spaces for gatherings, work, and breaks is a great way to meet their needs in the office.

Snack Bars/Cafés – Employees stay fervent in their desire for some sort of food vending source in the office to make lunches easier and more efficient.

Alternative Workspaces – Give employees other areas to work other than their desks, like communal living rooms areas and booth-style tables.

Large and Small Meeting Rooms – Staffs want more suitable meeting rooms, both large and small. Mixing it up like this can boost productivity significantly.

Storage Options – Providing more storage solutions for staff can give them more freedom at their workspace. Clearing the clutter can clear the brain!

Hygienic Environments – More than anything, employees want a clean and safe work environment. There are many features, including touchless technologies, that can be incorporated into a commercial office renovation plan to improve health, safety, and overall well-being among staffs.

Are you interested in renovating your commercial office? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for superior office remodeling and commercial-use construction services in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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