How to Increase Team Productivity With Snacks and Beverages

Office efficiency plays an important role in the overall success of your business. When your team is productive, your bottom line is up. But with all of the external distractions and setbacks we are experiencing as a society, especially in most recent times, team productivity is expected to be negatively impacted. If you are looking for ways to increase productivity among your office staff, but have run out of ideas, perhaps consider providing some energy boosting snacks and beverages to keep them content throughout the day.

Continue reading to learn how to increase team productivity in the office with snacks and beverages, and who to contact when you need commercial office break room remodeling services in Indianapolis.

Commercial Office Remodeling Indianapolis IN 317-253-0531
Commercial Office Remodeling Indianapolis IN 317-253-0531

Office Productivity Starts With a Happy and Healthy Staff

You may not realize it as a business owner or office manager, but snacks play an important role in the overall contentment among employed staff. Afternoon munchies are a real thing, and when office employees are hungry, they are often distracted, fatigued, irritable, and less motivated to work. Providing a selection of healthy snacks can abate mid-day hunger pains, while also encouraging health and nutrition in the office.

Top Healthy Office Next to Consider:

▷ Veggie Straws
▷ Chex Mix
▷ Popcorn
▷ Dried Fruit
▷ Fresh Fruit
▷ Almonds
▷ Peanuts
▷ Jerky

Healthy Snacks for Sweet Cravings:

▷ Fig Newton Cookies
▷ KIND Bars
▷ Protein Bars
▷ Granola
▷ Sugar-Free Candies
▷ Bananas
▷ Apples
▷ Oranges

These snacks are light, low in calories, and contain a load of nutrients and vitamins, all of which will help your staff stay energized throughout the workday. They won’t trigger sugar rushes and subsequent crashes, nor will they weigh anyone down. They are the perfect go-to snacks to grab quickly and provide adequate fuel until dinner.

Office Break Rooms and Beverages

It is important to provide an office break room or kitchen area for your staff, especially if you have a large team of eight or more people. A designated break room area provides a place for employees to store and eat their lunch, grab a quick snack, and most importantly, stay hydrated throughout the day. All of these available amenities help to increase and maintain high office productivity.

Consider providing a selection of beverages to keep your office staff alert and productive, including non-caffeinated options like bottled water, sparkling water, and energy drinks, as well as caffeinated options such as coffee and diet soda. Try to avoid regular sodas as they contain a high amount of sugar that can cause a mid-day fatigue crash.

You should also consider investing in a single cup coffee maker, espresso machine, vending machine, refrigerator, microwave, and toaster. These amenities will allow staff to satisfy their cravings easily and quickly, then go back to work re-energized!

Are you interested in remodeling your office to create a happier and more productive workplace? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for seasoned commercial office remodeling in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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5 Ways to Enhance Commercial Building Curb Appeal

When it comes to owning and operating a successful and profitable business, you can bet that excellent curb appeal plays a significant role. Whether you serve customers, clients, visitors, or staff, great curb appeal is an important part of running a prosperous company and drawing in new traffic. If you are looking for a way to attract new customers or boost profits, improving your building’s curb appeal is a recommended place to start.

Continue below to learn the top 5 ways you can easily enhance your commercial building’s exterior and interior appeal, and where to get a personalized general contractor bid for office redesign and remodeling in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indiana Commercial Remodeling and Construction 317-253-0531
Indiana Commercial Remodeling and Construction 317-253-0531

Gain Some Perspective First

Before making any decisions about renovating or redesigning your commercial building, take some time to take a look around. Walk around the outside of the premises, examining the landscaping and edifice, and taking note on what you see could use some improvement. You can even do the same for the inside of your business by considering what you see, feel, hear, and smell when you walk in your front doors. When you are inspecting your property, imagine that you are a customer, client, or visitor, and consider what they might experience too.

How to Improve Your Curb Appeal FAST:

Implement a Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning is always the best place to start when you want something to look better. Begin your curb appeal improvement project with a comprehensive cleaning of all outdoor, exterior spaces. For outside, power wash all pavements and siding, have your roof and gutter systems cleaned, have your windows and doors cleaned, eliminate all trash and natural debris, and polish any metal facings or signs.

Paint Everything if Needed

If your commercial building and interior office areas have not been painted in more than 5 years or so, a fresh coat is a good investment, and will make a significant impact on the look and value of your space. Consider commercial painting and drywall services, and even replacing your siding, roofing, and hardscaping. If you have brick, a fresh coat of paint can update your curb appeal and renew your building’s features.

Replace Doors and Windows

Doors and windows, although not often though of as such, are primary features of a building. When you have old or outdated doors and windows, your whole business can feel drab and appear unappealing to new customers. By replacing your old windows and doors with new, updated models, you will instantly change and update the appearance of your business, plus increase its property value.

Have Your Pavement Repaired

If your building has parking, sidewalks, or any other type of paved surface or walkway that has extensive damage like potholes, cracks, crumbling, stains, and discoloration, a pavement renovation will make your building a whole lot more attractive, not to mention safer for drivers and pedestrians!

Landscape All Around

Landscaping is a primary method of adding curb appeal to a home or business. For your commercial building, upgrading, adding, or redesigning the landscaping will drastically change the way your business looks. It is also a fantastic way to attract new business and set an aesthetic standard that speaks to your company’s overall culture and creed.  

Are you ready to renovate your commercial building to improve your success? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to speak with a trusted Indianapolis Indiana commercial general contractor about reaching your business objectives through strategic commercial remodeling and space planning.

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Tips for Keeping Your Business Open During a Remodel

It is not cheap to fund a commercial renovation or remodeling project. So, when it comes to the point when you need to move forward with one, it is wise to consider remaining open for operation during the process. This will allow you to continue bringing in revenue, while also knocking out a much-needed update or remodel. Of course, not all business owners have the option of staying open when proceeding with a commercial renovation, such as restaurants, but in many circumstances, it is quite possible with the right elements in place.

If you think you might want to stay open during commercial remodel, there are some important factors to consider, and few helpful pointers that will ensure a smooth and successful process. Continue below to review some of the top-recommended tips and considerations you should know as a business owner or proprietor.

Commercial Construction Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Commercial Remodeling Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Remodeling While Staying Open for Business

When a business or office stays open and operational during a renovation, there are certainly some challenges that might arise, and a few expected inconveniences. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to do so successfully, all while accommodating your guest’s and staff’s safety and comfort. This is also important to your staff’s productivity and your operation’s efficiency. An experienced commercial construction company will know exactly how to meet these objectives, as well as all other detailed specifications and overall business objectives.  

Your First Step is Budget Analysis

Your first step to determining whether or not you should keep your business operating as usual during an upcoming commercial renovation is to perform a budget analysis report. This report will provide you with data that analyzes the cost-benefit of staying open and compares it with the scenario of temporarily closing down, thus giving you insight on the rationality of moving forward one way or the other.

Safety is Key

Safety is another critical aspect of staying open during a commercial remodel. Consider posting maps to show which areas are zoned for construction, and giving your staff safety gear if necessary. Always have an emergency plan in place in the case of an injury or accident, and be sure your vendors have a copy of the renovation schedule to protect them and your remodel work. You can also appoint a staff member to sweep and tidy up the work areas every hour.

Additional Factors to Think About

If you are leaning toward staying open during your commercial remodel, there are some important factors you should consider first, as mentioned before. Primary factors that you must address head on before getting started with any construction include adjusting your business hours, organizing a clear line of staff and customer communication, designating construction zones, construction containment efforts, and most importantly, safety.

Business Hours – Think about how your business hours might impact the quality and efficiency of your commercial remodel, and how you might be able to make certain adjustments to accommodate the construction work, staff, and guests. Perhaps schedule the construction overnight, during off business hours, or during slow times of business, such as early morning, mid-day, or late afternoon.

Communicating – It is critical to maintain a clear and open line of communication regarding all construction work to both staff and guests. Consider making memos, sending emails, posting signs, and more so that everyone is up to date on the upcoming work. Ask for feedback, take suggestions, and ensure that every effort has been made to minimize disruption.

Construction Zones – Think about how you will safely separate the construction areas from your business’s operating areas. You will want to restrict access to all construction zones, plus consider placing noise barriers and debris barricades to limit sound and health disruption.

Debris Containment – There is a lot of dust, debris, and chemicals used in the commercial renovation process, which can travel into the operational areas of your business during construction. To avoid healthy and safety hazards, including poor air quality, you will need to consider how you will mitigate such particulates during construction. Containment barriers work well, as does pressurizing rooms, modifying the HVAC systems, and installing fans to air out paint and other chemicals.

Licensed Commercial Remodeling Construction Services in Central Indiana

Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for trusted commercial construction services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding locations. Our skilled and experienced commercial general contractor teams deliver a streamlined process that meets all defined engineering and design specifications, procurement, schedules, and budgets. We serve all corporate, commercial, and industrial industries in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding districts. Call today to request free information or to schedule a consultation.

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4 Tips for Planning a Tenant Occupied Building Renovation

If you are thinking about having your commercial building renovated while maintaining tenant occupancy, your first step is already underway. Preparing ahead of time is a key strategy to implementing a successful commercial renovation while tenant-occupied. With a little knowledge and the right commercial construction contractors on your side, you can pull off any scale of remodel or renovation without jeopardizing your occupancy.

Continue reading to learn 4 particular factors to start your focus, as well as who to call for reputable commercial building renovations in Indiana.

Indianapolis Commercial Renovations 317-253-0531
Indianapolis Commercial Renovations 317-253-0531

4 Things You Can Do to Ensure a Successful Tenant-Occupied Renovation Project

Develop a Plan

As mentioned, planning is a big part of commercial construction success. Get with an accomplished commercial general contractor who has experience with tenant-occupied building renovations, and begin to develop a preconstruction and design build plan.

Foresee the Real-Time Impact

After developing a full plan for your commercial building renovation, really take the time to understand what the impact will look and feel like, for both you and your tenants. This can help you better prepare yourself and your tenants for what’s to come. You can tell them what to expect, when to except it, and what to do if they run into any problems.

Stay in Communication

Along with preparing your tenants for a building renovation is good communication efforts. Staying in communication on a regular basis with your tenants is a great way to ensure a smooth construction process. Continually post or email reminders about certain construction days or any changes to the schedule, and make sure everyone knows how and who to communicate to when they have concerns.

Implement Work in Phases

Working a project in phases is another key to facilitating a smooth and successful building renovation while tenant-occupied. Basically, your commercial construction team will decide the best scheduling strategy for certain parts of the renovation plans, and then schedule them in phases so that the entire building is not shut down or under construction at one time.

An Indiana Commercial Construction Company You Can Trust to Meet Your Renovation Specifications

Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for superior commercial renovations in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our skilled and experienced commercial general contractors can help you decide which roofing option and course of action is best for your office or building. We serve all corporate, commercial, and industrial industries in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding districts. Call today to request free information or to schedule a consultation.

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Top Strategies for Cutting Commercial Renovation Costs

Your commercial renovation is arguably one of the most important projects of your life, that is, if you consider it something that will perpetuate your business’s success and overall profit margins. However, the degree of importance does not have to impact the cost of remodeling your commercial space. In fact, there are some effective and simple ways to actually save money during the commercial construction process.

Continue reading for some of the top-recommended strategies for cutting commercial renovation costs, including how to get started with a trusted bid in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Commercial Renovations
Indianapolis Commercial Renovations 317-253-0531

Ways to Make Your Commercial Remodel More Cost Efficient

Your commercial remodel should render you the best possible return on investment. Accordingly, it should not break the bank, bur rather, be cost efficient. In order to achieve your imagined results for your commercial renovation, all without over-spending, you will need to educate yourself on some important business remodeling tips and tricks. The top 5 strategies for saving money during a remodel are detailed below.

Hire a Commercial General Contracting Company

The most effective strategy for optimizing the cost efficiency of your business’s remodel is to retain the services of a licensed and insured Indianapolis commercial general contracting team. These professionals are the astute experts you need to plan, manage, and facilitate the remodeling project at each individual step. So, the first task you should do is hire a commercial construction company. From there, they will assist you with the remaining decision-making process.

Set a Realistic Budget

Your budget does matter when it comes to commercial renovation work. Not only do you need to set a budget right from the start, which many business owners fail to do, you need to make sure it is realistic. Your appointed commercial general contractor will work with you to develop a budget that makes sense for your renovation. They have the industry knowledge, and will use professional resources, such as economic incentive studies and constructability reviews, to implement a budget analysis and come up with a workable plan.

Do Not Veer From the Plan

An important rule of thumb for commercial renovations is to develop a plan and stick to it, regardless of what comes your way. Veering from your plan after it is made can lead to unforeseen obstacles, lengthy delays, unexpected infrastructure or facility problems, and worst of all, additional expenses. Furthermore, having a plan in place tactically maps out a strategy to protect people, environments, assets, and the overall brand, in the case of an emergency.

Reuse and Recycle

We all know that recycling and repurposing waste is a great initiative for our local economies, as well as our planet as a whole. But when it comes to a commercial renovation, recycling and reusing can be an effective way to cut costs and save money. Consider refurbishing or repurposing HVAC systems, flooring, bathroom plumbing, window openings/framing, and furniture. Consider recycling scrap metal and leftover construction materials for cash reimbursement. Some metal scrappers will pay cash for old or leftover building materials made from metal, such as beams, tubing, piping, and more.

Certified Commercial General Contractors in Central Indiana

Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for trusted commercial construction services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding locations. Our skilled and experienced commercial general contractor teams deliver a streamlined process that meets all defined engineering and design specifications, procurement, schedules, and budgets. We serve all corporate, commercial, and industrial industries in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding districts. Call today to request free information or to schedule a consultation.

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