How Drone Technology Benefits the Commercial Real Estate Proprietor

You may have seen the neighbor’s kid outside playing with their drone toy; or perhaps even have one in your own possession for recreational uses on trips and to document special occasions. But have you ever thought about the benefits drone technology offers our society in a more professional way? When it comes to the commercial real estate market, drones are making a big difference in quality, efficiency, and value for proprietors. They are literally revolutionizing commercial real estate marketing and procurement.

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Commercial Drone Applications and Advantages

Commercial real estate brokers, proprietors, and builders can all benefit from the various applications of drone technology in their industry. From selecting a site location and marketing packages to property management, logistics, site planning, utility mapping, and more. Just see for yourself:

Selecting a Commercial Property Site

Drone technology helps brokers list and market the commercial properties they are outsourced to sale, which in turn, makes it easier and more convenient for proprietors to choose the site they want. It also makes it easier for the actual builders and architects to map out their blueprints. There is only so much of a property you can see and learn through demographic data and 2-D images on your computer; and high-resolution aerial drone imaging gives this added insight to all the unique and relevant elements of a property’s location, including how it sits in the surrounding market, the nearby infrastructure, the flow of people and traffic, and so much more.

Property Maintenance

Drones are being used more and more in the facility maintenance industry because they deliver an easier and more comprehensive way of inspecting a building and the surrounding premises. Roof inspections are safer and simpler, while all other exterior elements can be examined and managed accordingly, including siding, HVAC systems, pavements, and more. Smaller drones can be applied in the same way for interior property inspections and management. They are also applied for local site inspections for construction projects, reducing the needs to travel all over to make daily assessment rounds.

Operational Logistics

There are various roles, aside from inspection, site selection, and facility maintenance, in which drone technology can improve how we operate in the commercial world. Your company might have certain needs that can be met with the use of drones, such as vendor and delivery service, video marketing, staff audits, project monitoring, market research, and more.

A Fair Warning: The Federal Aviation Administration has set forth concerns, and now new regulations, that govern the commercial use of drones. In fact, since 2015, a pilot’s license is required to pilot a drone for commercial applications.

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