How to Search for a Commercial General Contracting Company

The most important element of your commercial construction project is the builder. You must choose a dependable and capable commercial general contractor who can satisfy all your construction specifications and create long-term value for your business. Finding a commercial general contracting company with the highest standards or professionalism, supreme reputation, and overall suitability is not easy to do. It takes a little foreknowledge on your part, namely knowing exactly what to look for in a commercial contractor.

Continue reading to learn how to search for a commercial general contracting company who can both meet and exceed your expectations for exceptional service.

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Get the Best Commercial General Contracting Service

Whether you are a business owner who is looking to remodel, expand, build, or move locations, your number one priority should be to find the right commercial general contracting company you can trust with your investment. Although you will soon discover that there are literally handfuls of construction companies to choose from in your state, it is important to understand that they are not all alike. You must do your research and carefully select a general contractor who meets all of the proper criteria.

Where to Begin When Looking for in a Commercial Construction Company

Referrals – A great place to start your search for a trusted commercial contractor is with your own peers. When you get referrals from people you trust, you can feel more confident in your decision to hire the same contracting company they used for their construction needs.

Reviews – With the ease of internet access these days, online reviews are now a major part of the consumer hiring process. The same applied with a commercial construction company. Be sure to look at a contractor’s online reviews before scheduling a consultation. You wouldn’t want to waste your time interviewing a commercial general contractor that has a terrible reputation.

Credentials – One of the most important attributes of a reputable commercial general contracting company is their list of credentials. Look for proper licensing, insurance coverage, permits, associations, memberships, and years of experience. Choose a service that has been around for at least a decade to ensure skill level and quality.

References – Aside from online reviews and word of mouth referrals, you want to also check out a company’s references. This will tell you if they can do what they claim they can do. Good reference sources are portfolios, past work, current projects, and industry awards.

Would you like to skip the hassle of searching around and go straight to the most qualified construction professionals? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for Indianapolis Indiana commercial general contracting construction you can trust. We serve Indianapolis, and all of Central Indiana.

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The Top Advantages of Design Build Commercial Construction

Traditionally, a commercial proprietor who wishes to build a new location for their business would hire an architect to design their building, who would then sub-contract construction companies to construct the plans. But allowing construction companies to bid like this is not the best approach to new construction builds anymore. In the modern world of construction, there are now innovative design build (DB) programs that work as a cost-effective and streamlined alternative to the usual problems experienced by taking the traditional route.

Continue reading to learn the top advantages of hiring a design build commercial contractor, and where you can get a trusted bid in Indianapolis.

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Design Build (DB) Commercial Construction

There are so many benefits to choosing a design build commercial contractor for your new construction build, you might be surprised why proprietors hadn’t made the switch a long time ago. With a design build model, you eliminate the need to hire multiple parties. Instead, your design build firm is an architect, designer, and construction company all in one. This is advantageous because all parties work together as a team from the very start, and all the way to the final white glove finish.

Design-build services solve a lot of problems associated with hiring an architect, designer, and construction company separately. They prevent any miscommunication among all parties, as well as reduce redesign costs when things don’t work out the way you want them to. Additionally, quality remains a priority, as contractors and subcontractors are not chosen based on the lowest bid.

Under a design build construction model, you only have to worry about one single contract. Since there is only one point of accountability, communication and responsibility is streamlined and simplified. All of these elements also allow construction to begin sooner and finish faster.

Why Choose DB Construction Services

Not only does the design-build system ensure cost-savings, but it also appoints accountability, guarantees pricing, improves risk management, ensures performance-based quality control, reduces delivery times, and enhances the overall quality of work. Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your building design project is in the hands of skilled and organized professionals who are working closely and collaboratively to create long-term value for your business.

Are you looking for commercial design build contractor near you? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to learn about our integrated design-build commercial construction services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Schedule a consultation, today.

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Options for Getting Out of a Commercial Lease

One might think that breaking a commercial lease is a major error, but there are some cases in which it’s the best decision for a business. If you find yourself in a commercial lease that is no longer viable for your business objectives, you might want to consider your options. Continue below to learn some tips on how to get out of your commercial office lease, and where you can get professional assistance if things get too complicated.

Indianapolis Indiana Commercial Office Space Construction
Indianapolis Indiana Commercial Office Space Construction

How to Get Out of Your Commercial Office Lease

Exit Clause

Also known as break clauses or early termination clauses, exit clauses can help you responsibly and safely get out of your commercial lease. These clauses are found in the fine print of the lease agreement, and allow commercial tenants to break their contract before the original completion date. Check your leasing contract terms and conditions to see if it provides such a clause. When negotiating a commercial lease prior to signing it, it is important to discuss if such clauses should be incorporated into the agreement.


Another option that poses less of a challenge, and perhaps even abates penalty, is to sublease your office space. Commercial subleasing is a common business practice for proprietors who are still obligated under contract, but need to move office locations or planning to close. A sublease is a formal arrangement in which another tenant takes over your lease payment and inhabits your commercial space, but you are still the leaseholder, and still liable for the overall lease. Be sure to check with your landlord to ensure that subleasing is a viable option. Most allow it, but others strictly prohibit it under any circumstances.

Licensing Your Space

If a sublease is not an option because your landlord will not allow it, you may be able to license your premises instead. This means would involve renting out certain areas of your commercial space, such as meeting rooms, conference areas, loading docks, storage units, and so forth, to other businesses. Again, you would need to check if your lease agreement allows this practice.

Lease Buy-Outs

In the case that you cannot break your lease under any other options, your best case scenario would be to find another proprietor to buy out your lease entirely. This means that you would be 100% relinquished of all liability from your lease, and the new tenant would take over and finish it out under their own liability. Often times, landlords allow this option.

Would you like professional assistance with all of this? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for commercial space planning and permitting services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve corporate, commercial, and industrial industries throughout the entire state.

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Corrugated Steel Panels Versus Standing Seam Metal Roofing

If you are a building owner who is considering a metal roofing system for your new commercial roof, you need to know what suits your needs best. There are 3 key differences between corrugated steel panels and standing seam metal roofing. Continue reading to learn more about these common commercial metal roofing systems, and how to get started on your commercial roof replacement soon.

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Commercial Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofing systems have gained a lot of popularity in the commercial building and construction over the past few decades because they are inexpensive, swift to construct, and last 3 to 4 times longer than standard asphalt shingle systems. However, when commercial property owners are on the market for a new metal roofing system, they tend to confuse corrugated steel panels and standing seam metal roofing with one another. These are two common types of metal roofs, but there are pros and cons to both, which means you need to know what you are dealing with.

Talk to a local and trusted Indianapolis commercial general contracting company for expert roof replacement advice and service. In the meantime, learn the difference between these two common metal roofing systems to better understand how they can benefit your property’s roof replacement needs.

The 3 Differences Between Corrugated Steel Panels and Standing Seam Metal Roofing:


The term “corrugated” refers to a particular design of alternating ridges and grooves. You can expect corrugated steel panels to have interlocking rippled metal sheets. As for standing seam metal roofs, you can expect interlocking metal panels that run from roof ridge to roof eave, giving it a streamlined appearance. These are highly recommended for low-pitch commercial roofs because they deliver better water and snow runoff.


For fully-equipped professionals, commercial metal roof installation is quick and easy compared to other roofing systems. However, the two roofing systems have panels that fasten together differently. Corrugated panels interlock directly with the roof sheathing, whereas, standing seam panels are raised above the surface. For this reason, many commercial proprietors report that standing seam roof systems are more reliable. They are also made from thicker grades of steel, making them last longer and perform better overtime.


In general, commercial metal roofing lasts a long time compared to alternative roofing materials on the commercial market. Since corrugated steel roofing is not designed to sufficiently accommodate flashed brackets, they tend to only last 10 to 15 years before they require habitual repairs or major renovations. When it comes to standing seam roofs, average longevity tends to fall between 10 to 15 years as well, but generally involve less maintenance and repair costs along the way.

Are you a commercial building owner who is ready to move forward with a much needed roof replacement? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for expert commercial general contracting in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve all corporate, commercial, and industrial industries in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding areas.

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7 Elements of Great Restaurant Design

Whether you are expanding your current space, moving to a larger one, or building another location, you want your restaurant to be great in all aspects. So, be sure you stay focused on optimal restaurant design when you begin to plan your upcoming construction project. Continue reading to learn the 7 elements of a great restaurant design plan so you may better develop your ultimate vision.

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Restaurant Design and Construction

There is a lot more to building a new restaurant. You must obtain financing, procure real estate, secure a lease, and much more. But then the fun part comes into play: designing your restaurant for optimal performance, durability, and appeal. You can customize and create a space that is entirely symbolic of your business’s overall culture, and therefore, set yourself up for years of success. In order to streamline and meet your restaurant design objectives, keep your focus on the fundamental elements of superior and successful restaurant space. These include key spaces, lighting, décor, seating, assemblage lines, HVAC, and of course, building codes.

Key Spaces

You want to start with a foundation when developing a layout of your restaurant. Do this by first focusing on the key spaces within, such as the entrance/waiting area, kitchen, dining area, restrooms, and if applicable, bar. The general rule of thumb in the restaurant construction industry suggests dedicated around 35 to 40% of the floor plan for the kitchen. Restrooms are generally designed near kitchens because they usually share plumbing and water lines, which helps cut costs.


Lighting is truly everything when it comes to both interior and exterior spaces of a restaurant. Not just for ambience, proper lighting is also important for liability purposes. Talk to your design build contractor for advice on choosing adequate and decorative lighting options for your space. Keep your focus on ambient lighting for setting the mood, task lighting for your crews in the kitchen, and outdoor lighting for safety and accenting features.


Seating is a big factor when it comes to designing your restaurant’s interior and exterior spaces. You want to ensure you have enough seating to accommodate your crowds, but you also do not want to overcrowd your floor. Spacious seating is relaxing, but seating that is too sparse looks cold and uninviting. Furthermore, you want to have plans for bad seating areas, such as tables located near doorways, busser stations, restrooms, or the kitchen. Features like wooden partitions, gates, and half walls are common solutions that also provide aesthetic appeal.


Just as important as lighting, décor can really set the mood and reveal what your restaurant’s them and culture is. Think about the paint colors that speak the most to the type of ambience and environment you want to create, as well as focal features, artwork, furniture, plants, drapes, curtains, garage doors, and more.

Assembly Lines

As a restaurant, your kitchen is a vital element to your overall success. One way to ensure a great kitchen design is to put a lot of thought into your assembly lines. Efficient and organized kitchens are the most successful, and the safest. Consider spaces for food preparation, food storage, cooking, carryout, plating, and waiter pick up.


When you go out to eat as a patron, whether you are sitting down for fine dining or a lunchtime sub, comfort is important. Too hot, and you are uncomfortable, but too cold and you can’t enjoy your food. Be sure you have a focus on a sufficient heating and cooling system, as well as kitchen hood ventilation, and more.

Building Codes

Building codes are important because they are the law, and they are the law for very good reasons. Safety is the number one reason why building codes exist and are upheld so strictly, but they are also meant to serve as investment security and protection. Be sure you choose your commercial construction company wisely for restaurant design build, or your project might not be up to code as it should. This could lead to fines, penalties, catastrophic disasters, and costly renovations.

Are you interested in learning more about your options for restaurant design build in Indiana? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for professional restaurant and food service construction in Indianapolis. We serve all commercial and industrial clients.

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5 Ways a Gate Can Benefit Your Commercial Property

As a commercial property owner, it is important to ensure that your premise is a safe and hazard-free environment. This applies not only to yourself and your staff members, but also to potential patrons, clients, visitors, and any subcontractors that come into to provide maintenance or repair work. One strategy that many commercial property owners have found to be successful is to install a gate. If you are interested in improving the safety and security of your property, as well as excelling at your overall business objectives, you too might want to consider installing a gate around your commercial property.

Continue reading to learn the top 5 ways a gate can benefit your commercial property, and who to trust for exceptional Indianapolis Indiana commercial general contracting service at the most competitive prices around.

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A Commercial Property is an Investment

Not only do you want your commercial property to be safe and secure, but you also want to look great and perform as it should. You also wanted to abate costly and invasive repairs or renovations, especially ones that come prematurely. A gate can be the answer to taking your commercial property to the next level. Specifically, installing a gate at the front or entirely around your commercial property can benefit you by delivering enhanced safety, curb appeal, theft deterrence, cost savings, and a wide range of design options.

Improved Safety and Security

It is pretty apparent as to why a commercial gate can provide your premises with enhanced security and safety. Not only is it a physical barrier between the public and your private grounds, but it prevents anyone who is unauthorized to enter or gain access to your property. Furthermore, during non-operational hours, especially overnight, a commercial gate can provide an added peace of mind knowing that your premises is secured and protected against trespassers. For businesses that do close down overnight, is very wise to install a commercial gate to abate theft, vandalism, vagrants, and otherwise unauthorized persons. Overall, commercial gates protect those inside during operational hours, and the property as a whole after hours.

Nice Curb Appeal

your commercial property as an investment, so whether or not you actually serve clients or patrons at your property doesn’t make a difference when it comes to maintaining nice curb appeal. Adding a commercial gate your premises can instantly enhance your properties curb appeal, and therefore make it more enticing for customers as well as potential buyers if you ever decide to put on the market. A commercial gate can really benefit your overall investment protection plan.

Effective Theft Deterrence

As mentioned, commercial gates physically stop unauthorized people to trespass onto a commercial property. But they also deter thieves and trespassers from attempting to gain access onto your property to begin with. When a criminal or potential trespasser sees a gate around your commercial property, they are going to keep on walking because it poses too much of a challenge for them. It works the same way as setting up a surveillance and security system on your property; when criminals see surveillance, they don’t want to take the risk of getting caught, so they move on to an easier target.

Cost Savings

Installing a commercial gate around your property can also help save you money, as well as time spent on invasive, premature repairs or renovations that could’ve been prevented by having a gate. It helps prevent vandalism, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to resolve in some cases depending on the type of building material your property is constructed with in various other factors. Furthermore, a commercial gate is a lot cheaper than paying an in-house security team to patrol your property during an after-hours. Commercial gates that are made well are very durable and will last for many years, which also saves you money in the long run.

Design Options

The most fun part about installing commercial gates around your property is choosing which style and design you want. Commercial gates come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, designs, finishes, and power sources. Basically, anything you might prefer you can probably get, from ornate styles and classic designs to simple finishes, modern electronic systems, parking gates, and more.

Are you looking for affordable commercial gate installation services? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for skilled commercial general contracting in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve all corporate, commercial, and industrial industries in Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding vicinity.

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Considerations for Open Floor Plan Office Construction

Are you thinking of choosing an open floor concept for your upcoming office remodel? If so, there are a few considerations you will want to review to be sure an open floor plan is right for your company and staff. Continue below to learn what you need to know about open floor plan office construction, including where to get superior commercial general contracting service near you.

Indianapolis Indiana Commercial Office Remodeling
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Modern Office Layouts

In the modern office world, you really don’t see many cubicles and closed off work areas. In fact, it is suggested that an average of 80% of the offices today are designed with a more open concept. Why have so many companies chosen this office layout, and so many more jump on board every day? Well, there are just too many undeniable and proven benefits, from increase staff productivity and overall contentment to improved team collaboration, simplified communication, and better accessibility all around.

But keep in mind, where there are pros, there can also be cons, and in the case of choosing an open floor concept for your office remodel, there could be a few you need to consider before making any final decisions. Not all businesses are well-suited or better off with an open-space office plan. It all depends on your industry, number of staff, company’s culture, and more.

Planning Your Office Remodel or Build

When you are sitting down with your commercial general contractor to plan your remodel or build, it is important to focus on what it is that you want out of an office space. You want your office to be functional, meeting the needs of yourself and your staff, as well as any additional objectives you are keen on, such as energy efficiency, touchless technologies, and ADA compliancy. Furthermore, you want your office to be a safe and hazard-free environment that is comfortable for both staff and visitors, and in the end, it should still speak to your company’s culture and creed.

Specific Factors to Consider:

Your Company’s Industry

An open floor plan concept can be a great fit for many industries, such as an advertising company or sales office, but there are others that require a specific style to meet certain industry standards. For example, a law firm is typically set up to have private offices, meeting rooms, and reception areas for clients, making an open floor concept incompatible to their industry standards. On the other hand, an advertising agency or sales office could do well with an open-flow floor plan.

Functionality and Operation

You need to consider how your office space is expected to operate. The daily routines and functions will play a large role in determining whether or not an open floor office space is right for your company. It is important that your office layout is designed in a way that will accommodate the work to be done. Factors to think about include the number of staff, type of storage you’ll need, degree of telephone usage, number of daily and weekly meetings, and whether or not your office hosts clients and customers.

Growth and Expansion

When designing your new office space, it is important to incorporate your 5, 10, 20, and 50 year business objectives into the overall plan. Will an open floor concept still work for you as your company grows and expands in the future? For example, you do not want to build a space that accommodates a finite number of employees when you know you will be hiring more people in the years to come.

Are you looking for trusted commercial general contracting service? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to learn how we deliver professional office and commercial use construction in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Top Credentials to Look for in a Commercial General Contractor

As a commercial proprietor, whether you are planning the construction of a brand-new fitness center or a multi-level office building, your top priority is to get the job done right the first time around. Well, with the right commercial general contractor on your side, you don’t have to worry about this at all. When shopping around for a commercial construction company for your upcoming build, it is important to look for specific criteria in order to separate the novice companies from the true industry veterans.

Continue reading to review some of the top recommended credentials to look for in a commercial general contractor, and which company to trust if you are building here in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Commercial General Contracting 317-253-0531
Indianapolis Commercial General Contracting 317-253-0531

Commercial Construction General Contractors

Not all commercial construction Gen. contractors out there are alike. In fact, you would be surprised to learn just how many fly-by-the-night or insufficiently licensed and insured contractors advertise their services. For this reason, it is important to do your due diligence and find the right commercial general contracting company to trust with your investment. You can better weed out the bad from the good by keeping your eye out for industry relevant credentials that a commercial general contractor should have. The top qualities include licensing, experience, insurance, and references.


A commercial build is a big project. Typically, when constructing or remodeling a new space for your business, you can expect it to be an important investment. So for this reason, you need to make sure your commercial general contractor is properly licensed, not only in general contracting work, but also in the type of construction you need. Basically, you want the job done by a true industry professional who knows what they’re doing. In comes the second most important credential in a general contractor: experience.


You do not want to hire a commercial general contractor who is fresh in the industry. Perhaps for a smaller remodeling or renovation need, such as drywall work or flooring replacement, you may do fine with the novice contractor. But when you are planning a comprehensive commercial construction project, you want your general contracting company to have optimal experience, especially in the type of construction build you are planning. For instance, if you are planning to build a new medical facility, be sure you choose a contracting company who has experience in healthcare construction.


Like licensing, insurance is one of the most vital credentials to look for in a commercial contracting company. Without sufficient insurance coverage, you as the client could be at risk of being held liable for any injuries or losses that occur to workers on the job performing your commercial build. Be sure your commercial general contractor has premium insurance liability coverage, not just for themselves but for their entire team. With this kind of credential under their belts, you can trust that they will also make sure any subcontractors are properly insured as well.


Just like any service or product you intend to spend money on, you usually want to check out what everyone else has to say about them first. In the case of hiring a commercial general contractor, asking to see their references is an important part to choosing the best company for the job. Be sure you ask for more than one reference, and also inquire about other kinds of literature such as portfolios and past client reviews.

Do you have a commercial construction build in mind? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for superior commercial general contracting in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve all of Central Indiana and its surrounding locations.

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Are All Tenant Improvement Allowances the Same?

It is a common misconception that all tenant improvement allowances mean the same thing. If you hear $35 per square foot, that does not mean that your final cost will be exactly that. What you end up spending on your tenant improvement overall is the real number. Continue reading to learn more about TI allowances, including how they can differ in value depending on certain factors.

Indiana Tenant Improvement Commercial Construction
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TI Allowance May Vary Depending On Your Needs and Preferences

Unless you are granted a flat tenant improvement allowance, which is when the landlord agrees to build out your TI project at no cost to you, there are some additional expenditures you might incur when everything is said and done. Are you planning for a dark shell or vanilla shell turnout? Are you open to reusing and repurposing existing materials? Do you envision an open or closed floor plan? Does your commercial building provide an amenity package for things like restrooms, lockers, food, or common areas? All of these factors can influence the value of your tenant improvement allowance.

Dark Shells Versus Vanilla Shells

When you are remodeling a tenant occupied commercial space, the most basic options you will have to choose from are dark or grey shell turnout, or vanilla shell turnout. A vanilla shell TI package generally delivers your basic, smooth aesthetic. This includes drywalling of all demising walls (partition walls that separate one tenant-occupied space from another, or from a building’s common areas), ceiling, lighting, a number of electrical outlets, essential plumbing, HVAC work, and in some cases, bathrooms. A grey or dark shell TI construction remodel will look a lot different, mostly because they only include the construction of electrician and plumbing stubs, and only on the demising walls of the space.

Reusing Existing Materials to Cut Costs

When you are remodeling a tenant-occupied space, you can almost always expect to incur demolition costs. But in some cases, existing materials that are in good condition can be reused or repurposed in the new space, and still done so up to commercial building codes. Materials like plumbing, metal framing, ductwork, lighting fixtures, and even interior doors can all be reused, and therefore, cut your TI costs.

Building Amenity Packages

Adding restrooms, food courts, kitchens, and break areas to a tenant improvement project is a big expense. If your building comes with an amenity package, such as shared restrooms, cafeterias, break areas, and similar public or communal facilities, you can potential lower your TI build-out expenses, or even allocate the budget towards something else in your TI project.

Are you interested in learning how you can meet all of your business objectives with a successful tenant improvement project? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to learn how we deliver organized and professional tenant improvement remodels in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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How Drone Technology Benefits the Commercial Real Estate Proprietor

You may have seen the neighbor’s kid outside playing with their drone toy; or perhaps even have one in your own possession for recreational uses on trips and to document special occasions. But have you ever thought about the benefits drone technology offers our society in a more professional way? When it comes to the commercial real estate market, drones are making a big difference in quality, efficiency, and value for proprietors. They are literally revolutionizing commercial real estate marketing and procurement.

Continue below to learn how, and where you can get started with space planning for your commercial location in Indiana.

Indianapolis Commercial Preconstruction and Design Build 317-253-0531
Indianapolis Commercial Preconstruction and Design Build 317-253-0531

Commercial Drone Applications and Advantages

Commercial real estate brokers, proprietors, and builders can all benefit from the various applications of drone technology in their industry. From selecting a site location and marketing packages to property management, logistics, site planning, utility mapping, and more. Just see for yourself:

Selecting a Commercial Property Site

Drone technology helps brokers list and market the commercial properties they are outsourced to sale, which in turn, makes it easier and more convenient for proprietors to choose the site they want. It also makes it easier for the actual builders and architects to map out their blueprints. There is only so much of a property you can see and learn through demographic data and 2-D images on your computer; and high-resolution aerial drone imaging gives this added insight to all the unique and relevant elements of a property’s location, including how it sits in the surrounding market, the nearby infrastructure, the flow of people and traffic, and so much more.

Property Maintenance

Drones are being used more and more in the facility maintenance industry because they deliver an easier and more comprehensive way of inspecting a building and the surrounding premises. Roof inspections are safer and simpler, while all other exterior elements can be examined and managed accordingly, including siding, HVAC systems, pavements, and more. Smaller drones can be applied in the same way for interior property inspections and management. They are also applied for local site inspections for construction projects, reducing the needs to travel all over to make daily assessment rounds.

Operational Logistics

There are various roles, aside from inspection, site selection, and facility maintenance, in which drone technology can improve how we operate in the commercial world. Your company might have certain needs that can be met with the use of drones, such as vendor and delivery service, video marketing, staff audits, project monitoring, market research, and more.

A Fair Warning: The Federal Aviation Administration has set forth concerns, and now new regulations, that govern the commercial use of drones. In fact, since 2015, a pilot’s license is required to pilot a drone for commercial applications.

Are you ready to get your commercial build in motion? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to learn how we can deliver organized and professional commercial space planning and preconstruction services that meet your business objectives. We serve Indianapolis, and all of Central Indiana.

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