How to Improve Efficiency Through Innovative Office Design

We have probably all worked in environments that were just not conducive to a productive workday. Things like glaring fluorescent lighting, freezing cold conference rooms, blinding white wall paint, inefficient workspace, crowded cubicles, small offices, uncomfortable desk chairs, and lack of much-needed amenities. As an office building proprietor or manager, it is wise to ensure your office space is comfortable and efficient in order to optimize your staff’s contentment and productivity, both of which will successfully contribute to your overall profits.

Continue below to learn what an efficient, innovative office design looks like in 2021, and how you can achieve success through office remodeling.

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Innovative Office Design Tips for 2021

A Floor Plan That Enhances Flow and Encourages Movement

Sitting around at a desk all day can have many negative effects on your employees. From simple boredom and lack of focus, to eye strain, back pain, sciatica complications, and much more, your staff will not work well in an environment that fosters stagnancy for the entire workday. Additionally, insufficient flow to the office space floor plan can discourage efficiency in terms of daily operations and general convenience. A more flexible, flowing floor plan can also positively impact the emotional and physical well-being of your staff, which ultimately increases your business’s success.

So, opt for an office floor plan that not only delivers easy and efficient flow, but also promotes movement among your staff of employees. Some examples include taking down walls, spreading desks around to encourage more walking, incorporating standing desks, installing vending or beverage stations, space conversions, and total office design build remodeling.

Better Lighting and Paint Colors Promotes Higher Levels of Focus

Harsh, fluorescent lighting and stark white wall paint are not great for relaxation and focus. If your office space resembles more of a warehouse or clothing store boutique, you might want to reconsider your lighting systems and options, and your paint colors. It is a proven fact that natural light in an office setting has a great, positive impact in staff morale, making it a prime office design consideration. Furthermore, it is suggested through experience that paint colors like green and blue have a relaxing effect on staff, which increases their ability to concentrate, while colors like pale yellow and soft whites can boost productivity.

Incorporating Nature and Natural Light Has a Positive Impact on Staff Productivity

As mentioned, natural lighting in the office can relax staff, which can allow them to better focus on their work duties. However, enhancing your office space with more than just natural light can further boost employee productivity and contentment, such as adding in elements of nature. One of the most successful and encouraging space conversions for an office building is to add in atrium-like room or space that is both indoors and outdoors. Other ideas are to bring in natural elements to the office, such as live plants, watering systems, koi ponds, fountains, and similar nature-like installations.  

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