Top 4 Commercial Real Estate Trends for 2023

The commercial real estate market is constantly changing and evolving. As a result, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. However, understanding precedential and predicted commercial real estate trends can help you make better-informed decisions about your own property investment portfolio. Continue reading to review the top 4 commercial real estate trends for 2023.

Commercial Real Estate Contractors  Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Commercial Real Estate Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Current and Future Commercial Real Estate Trends

The Rise of Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces have been growing in popularity in recent years, and this trend is only set to continue. Co-working spaces provide a flexible and cost-effective way for businesses to operate, and they offer a number of other benefits such as a ready-made community of like-minded professionals.

The Growth of the Proptech Sector

Proptech is a term used to describe the intersection of technology and real estate. This sector is growing rapidly, with new startups and products emerging all the time. Proptech can be used to improve everything from the way properties are marketed and sold, to the way they are managed and maintained.

The Rise of Build-To-Rent

The traditional model of home ownership is changing, with more people opting to rent instead. This shift is being driven by a number of factors, such as the increasing cost of home ownership, the flexibility that renting offers, and the ease with which properties can be found and moved into. As a result of this trend, there is an increasing demand for purpose-built rental properties.

The Increasing Importance of Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration for both businesses and consumers. Property investors and developers who take sustainability into account will be well-positioned to capitalize on this growing trend.


These are just four of the top commercial real estate trends that you should be aware of. Understanding these trends can help you make better-informed decisions about your property investment portfolio. Get help with your commercial real estate procurement and construction plans from a qualified commercial general contracting company in Indiana.

Are you looking for a trusted commercial general contracting company who can turn your new commercial space into exactly what your business needs? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for professional commercial construction management and space planning in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Why Space Planning Construction is So Valuable For Businesses

Do not make the mistake of thinking that space planning and design is the same thing as interior design services. Space planning construction is one of the most valuable elements of a business plan. Not only does proper space planning and design deliver enhanced efficiency, in terms of both energy and staff productivity, but also attracts more clientele and customers.

Continue reading to learn why space planning construction is so valuable for your business, plus who to trust in central Indiana for premier space planning services for commercial properties.

Indiana Space Planning Commercial Construction 317-253-0531
Indiana Space Planning Commercial Construction 317-253-0531

Why Choose Commercial Space Planning Services

Commercial space planning best benefits commercial businesses like offices, retail stores, restaurants and similar commercial spaces that serve clients or customers. By failing to incorporate smart commercial space planning and design into your commercial remodel or renovation, you are preventing yourself the opportunity to increase your customer base and yearly dividends. Not only can smart commercial space planning, increase staff contentment, thus improving their overall productivity, but it can also increase customer contentment, which can increase return business.

The most valuable benefits of commercial space planning and design all contribute to your business’s overall success. Let’s take a closer look:

Reduce Wasted Space

When it comes to owning and operating a business, waste is something you want to mitigate as much as possible. As for the square and cubic footage of your actual facility or office, the same principle applies. Smart space planning and design will allow you to reduce wasted space in the work environment, allowing you to make the most of your property.

Attract and Keep Business

It is confidently suggested that a well-planned space, whether an office or restaurant, is more impressionable on a customer or client. A good first impression is essential for repeat business and business that renders higher margins. If your space is poorly designed or sloppily organized, it will leave a bad impression on customers and clients, which is likely to negatively influence their opinion of your company and the services or products it offers.

Maintain High Employee Productivity

As mentioned earlier, a space that is well designed and planned out will make employees happier because they are more comfortable, plus they are given a platform that allows them to do their work efficiently and with a higher level of convenience. In turn, this increases employee productivity, which directly impacts your bottom line.

Plan For Future Expansion

Most business owners have plans to grow their company, and a well-planned space can allow you to make these renovations and build outs as needed. Space planning and design that incorporates a plan for future expansion will allow you to cost-effectively accommodate any growth you experience in your company.

Are you looking for a trusted commercial general contracting company in Indy but unsure where to begin? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for comprehensive commercial space planning and permitting in Indianapolis, Indiana. We work with clients all throughout the state.

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Black Mold Remediation Guide for Commercial Properties

Black mold is dangerous, not to mention unsightly, disgusting, malodorous, and highly destructive. Worse off, mold is often hidden, and therefore, undetectable at first or second glance. This is a common reason why black mold outbreaks get as bad as they do. And the longer black mold goes unresolved, the more damage it leaves in its wake. In as little as one year, an untreated mold occurrence can lead to massive renovations and rebuilds of commercial properties. Needless to say, black mold is a problem and should be treated and eliminated immediately upon discovery.

If you have recently discovered a festering outbreak of black mold in your commercial property, take action this very moment by learning what you need to do to get rid of black mold and renovate the damages it leaves behind.

Commercial Mold Remediation Contractors Indianapolis IN 317-253-0531
Commercial Mold Remediation Contractors Indianapolis IN 317-253-0531

Black Mold in the Office or Workplace

Although minor black mold remediation could be done in-house or on your own, commercial properties have a higher duty of care to ensure their premises are safe and free of foreseeable hazards; not just for the sake of local building and health codes, but also for the health and safety of their employees, customers, clients, visitors, and anyone else that enters through their doors. For this reason, commercial mold removal and remediation is a large-scale project that requires specialized Indianapolis general contracting service and guidance. A licensed commercial general contractor can determine the best course of action for your mold removal and structural repair needs.

Start by inspecting the area you suspect has mold growth. Once you have a good idea of how extensive the black mold is in your business or commercial building, you will know if you should outsource professional general contracting and renovation services or not. Small-scale outbreaks might be manageable on your own if you are experienced with handyman work, but only the removal phase. Structural repairs and renovations will need to be carried out by a licensed commercial construction company in Indianapolis.

If you truly feel comfortable removing a small black mold outbreak in your office or commercial building, continue below for a quick guide to black mold removal.

Commercial Black Mold Removal Tips

When working with mold, it is vital to wear a respirator, or a facemask designed for mold spores, to protect yourself from potential health complications related to mold spore inhalation. All exposed skin should be covered as well. As mentioned, the first step to getting rid of black mold is to hire a professional to determine the extent of damage. If it is decided that the infestation is manageable on your own, you are ready to continue to the process.

The next place to begin is identifying the cause behind the mold growth. This might also require the help of a trained professional, perhaps a plumber or general contractor. This is because the source of mold growth could be from a water leak or appliance condensation in wall, pipes, roofs, or foundations of a property. These leaks or condensation issues need to be resolved before a mold problem can be eliminated.

When the first two steps are done, it is time to close off the affected area. Vents need to be covered, doors and windows should be tightly shut, and entries or openings need blocked off with plastic tarp and duct tape. The area must be entirely sealed to the best of your ability. Place floor fans, facing outward, in entry ways helps to push airborne spores outside.

Before starting any actual mold removal, spray the affected area and mold with water. This helps reduce the number of airborne spores when moving them around. Using a brush or sponge, scrub the mold away with soap and warm water. Regular dish detergent is fine. Remember that not all mold spores are colored or visible, so scrub the entire area, as well as any surrounding areas to make sure all mold is removed.

Once the area is scrubbed with warm soapy water, repeat this process, only this time, using bleach. Apply bleach to the entire area and then rinse with fresh water and a clean rag. If you do not have bleach or dislike using bleach, vinegar will do the trick as well. Or you can purchase a mold cleaning solution at the store.

Discard all equipment and supplies used to clean the black mold in a large garbage bag and take it outside through an entrance other than the main entrance of the property. A garage, patio, or loading dock entrance is best.

Once the mold is removed, you will likely need commercial drywall installation and painting services to restore the areas that were affected by the mold. Be sure to choose a licensed and insured Indianapolis commercial general contractor who specializes in large-scale commercial renovations. They have the comprehensive resources to restore a mold-damaged business or facility back to their original condition.

Are you looking for a qualified team of commercial general contractors who can help you get your business back into shape after a black mold outbreak? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for comprehensive commercial construction management in Indianapolis, Indiana. We will navigate your mold remediation from start to finish.

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Top 4 Tenant Improvements to Boost Office Productivity

If you are a business owner looking to increase the productivity and performance of your office, an custom tenant improvement plan might just be the right solution. But before getting started on tenant improvement, planning, learn how to stretch out your TI allowance to get the most from your office remodel.

Continue below to review the top 4 tenant improvements recommended to boost office productivity and ultimately, your bottom line.

Tenant Improvement Remodeling Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Tenant Improvement Remodeling Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

4 Tenant Improvements You Should Consider First

There are several ways to remodel and office space for the purpose of boosting efficiency, productivity, performance, and overall contentment among employees and visitors. However, the top four tenant improvements that tend to render the highest productivity yields include open floor plans, outdoor workspaces, multiple egresses, and quality soundproofing.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are all the rage in the residential real estate industry, but they are now becoming more of a priority in the commercial space planning and design industry. If your office space is outdated with small hallways and offices, and open floor plan is the perfect TI to boost office productivity. Reduce the number of enclosed offices and open up the floor with cubicles, multi-desk workstations, multi-use work areas, and cubicle divisions.

Outdoor Workspaces

Outdoor workspaces are a popular design feature in today’s commercial office real estate industry. It is suggested by many studies that employees prefer having multiple options when it comes to workstations, break areas, and team projects. Outdoor workspaces are the perfect tenant improvement remodel for commercial offices because they provide these amenities, plus increase employee contentment by offering natural light and flora. For offices located in regions that experience colder seasons, sunrooms are the perfect alternative and highly versatile in terms of design and energy efficiency.

Multiple Egress Points

Incorporating multiple egress points is into your tenant improvement remodel is similar to opening up your office space to a more open floor plan. It allows for an enhanced flow of foot traffic, gives staff and visitors several ways to come and go, plus gives you flexibility in terms of divvying up your space.

Quality Soundproofing

A quiet office is an easier and more peaceful environment to work in. By better soundproofing your office, you can promote tranquility, which in turn will allow for more focused meetings, streamlined work, and overall staff contentment. Soundproofing remodels are especially important for office spaces that incorporate an open floor plan, or buildings located near noisy activities, like highways, airports, or school zones.

Are you a commercial landlord or tenant who wishes to improve the look, function, and overall success of your business? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to speak with an expert Indianapolis commercial general contractor about your options for tenant improvement remodeling and more. We serve clients in all industries and throughout all of Central Indiana.

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Which Commercial Construction Services Do You Need For Your Project?

Commercial construction is simply an umbrella term to describe a comprehensive scope of commercial space planning, zoning, designing, building, maintaining, and more. Whether you are building new or renovating a distressed asset, it is important to streamline your thought process by identifying which types of commercial construction services you will require for your construction plans.

Continue below to review some of the most common services provided by an Indiana commercial construction and general contracting company, plus learn how to get your plans into motion before the year is up.

Commercial Construction Services Indiana 317-253-0531
Commercial Construction Services Indiana 317-253-0531

Commercial Construction Services in Indiana

General Contracting

A general contracting company works as a single source of contact and management by providing all material, labor, equipment, and services required for a commercial construction project. In most cases, they are responsible for hiring and managing specialized subcontractors to perform all or some of the work, such as roofing, windows, framing, drywall, painting, electrician work, and more.

Construction Management

Commercial construction management applies concentrated managing system to oversee all aspects of a project, from planning and preconstruction, to designing, building, finishing, and more. This approach ensures an organized and streamlined construction process, therefore, controlling costs and reducing the likelihood of setbacks and project delays.


Commercial construction preconstruction services apply the innovative knowledge of precision forecasting to evaluate and establish every element of a project before breaking ground. This allows the development of a solid base, as well as a steady timeline for a project, including specifying all aspects, aligning design/build agendas, recognizing milestones, creating contingency plans, and assessing alternatives. This approach helps to accurately reflecting real world conditions, controlling costs, and abating complications or setbacks.

Tenant Improvements and Remodels

A commercial construction company will often provide services for apartment complexes, condominiums, retirement centers, and other types of commercially owned residential living communities. Everything from permit applications and materials procurement to construction management, financial plan compliance, and more are handled by the commercial construction company. 

Facility Maintenance

Once a project is complete and a property is built, there is still a need for ongoing, specialized maintenance. Facility maintenance services sustain all systems and structures within a building. The commercial construction company will set up a program, or remain available, to implement specialized maintenance work that cannot be performed by in-house custodial and day-porter staffs, such as electrician work, sign repair, and more.

Industries and Businesses We Serve

Space Planning and Permitting – Zoning and permits, site selection/evaluation, preconstruction, community due diligence, land acquisition, economic incentive inquiries, feasibility studies, constructability reviews, site audits, site entitlements, financial analysis/structuring, and more.

Office and Commercial-Use Construction – Offices, office buildings, office complexes, high-rises, corporate campuses, single and multi-tenant offices, public buildings, auditoriums, pavilions, conference centers, and similar properties.

Healthcare Construction – Hospitals, medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, medical offices, spas, esthetician offices, pharmaceutical factories, wellness centers, sports medicine centers, and all other healthcare-related industries.

Retail and Franchise Construction – Shopping centers, malls, strip malls, clothing stores, boutiques, franchise businesses, spas, and more.

Restaurant and Food Service Construction – Restaurants, eateries, pubs, bars, cafes, catering venues, diners, cafeterias, grocery stores, franchise businesses, food market pavilions, factories, distribution warehouses, commercial kitchens, and more.

Fitness and Gym Construction – Gyms, fitness centers, yoga studios, Pilates studios, ballet studios, dance studios, indoor pools, spas, sports complexes, tennis courts, basketball courts, recreational centers, and more.

Commercial Flooring – Standard flooring, specialty flooring, space planning, repair, replacement, installation, procurement, etc.

Commercial Painting and Drywall – Space planning, repair, refinishing, installation, designing, etc.

Would you prefer to skip the difficulty of seeking out the best commercial construction company in central Indiana? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for honest and skilled general contracting and commercial construction in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve clients all throughout the state with the highest level of professionalism and excellence.

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Top 3 Credentials to Look For in a Commercial General Contractor

When you are ready to move forward with a commercial construction project, your top priority is to hire the right commercial general contractor in Indianapolis. With the right professionals on the job, you can trust that your new build, expansion, or renovation is up to spec and ready to generate income. Below are the top 3 credentials you should look for first in any Indiana commercial construction or general contracting company. By sticking with these important qualities, you can better narrow down the pool of potential hires in your area.

Commercial Contractor Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Commercial Contractor Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Top 3 Qualities of a Dependable Commercial Construction Contractor


With commercial construction, the most vital credential a company can have is proper professional licensing. Always ask to see documentation of a contractor’s license, as well as any other licensing credentials you might be interested in learning more about. Aside from proper licensing, it is critical to hire a company that has an active insurance policy and bond. Not only does this indicate they are a professional corporation, but it also tells you that clients are protected in terms of liability. Check with your state’s construction licensing department to verify a company’s licensing before moving forward with their services.


Although hiring a company that has just opened its doors is not always a bad thing, hiring a company that has very little previous construction and contracting experience is. Experience is key when it comes to developing and executing a successful commercial construction project, whether a new build or a simple remodel. As a general rule of thumb, a trusted and valuable commercial general contracting company should have at least 10 years of hands-on experience in the industry, at least 5 years of being an established business, and several projects in their portfolio.


To learn whether or not a commercial construction company is a dependable hire, you can ask them for references; and a trusted and successful company will have them to give. But in addition to reading through their referrals, do not be afraid to actually follow up on a few. Choose one or two past clients and reach out to them for information about their personal experience with the company you are researching. This can give you the information you need to determine if the company is a good fit for your project goals.

Are you wondering which Indiana commercial general contracting company to trust for your upcoming commercial build or remodel? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for comprehensive commercial general contracting services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We work with clients all throughout the state.

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Why You Should Consider Epoxy Floor Coatings For Your Commercial Renovation or Build

Epoxy flooring is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to higher-end flooring upgrades because it is cost-effective and delivers remarkable results in a convenient time frame. On top of these benefits, commercial epoxy flooring can be customized in an infinite range of colors, patterns, textures, designs, finishes, and more. Regular grey concrete can be restored and even upgraded with an epoxy coating.

After carefully catalyzed and applied, epoxy coatings bond very well with its substrate. They form a hard, rigid, plastic material that is strong and resistant to water, chemicals, solvents, and degradation. Because commercial epoxy floors are so strong, they are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings, as well as, garages, warehouses, basement floors, and more.

Continue reading to learn about some of the most common epoxy coatings for floors, and who to call for professional advice you can trust.

Epoxy Floor Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Epoxy Floor Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Options

There are various types of commercial epoxy floor coatings on the market. The one you choose will depend on a variety of factors unique to your decorative concrete needs.

Self-Leveling Epoxy Coatings – These coatings are fairly simple to install, and create a smooth, hard surface. This makes them popular for both new and old concrete floors. Use self-leveling epoxies on various floors, including garages, kitchens, storage rooms, warehouses, commercial offices, and more.

Self-Dispersing Epoxy Coatings – These coatings are used in rougher, tougher applications, such as factories, warehouses, and other types of indoor industrial or construction-type settings. This is because they deliver outstanding mechanical strength and anti-slip qualities.

Epoxy Terrazzo Coatings – If you are looking for a highly-decorative but durable and low maintenance epoxy finish, this is the coating for you. These are commonly applied in hallways, foyers, lobbies, dining halls, entrances, schools, and more.

Vapor Barrier Epoxy Coatings – These coatings create an impermeable surface that decreases vapor transmission to virtually none. They are applied directly to concrete floors prior to the final material layer is installed. It is common to use this type of coating for hardwood, tile, and vinyl floors.

Mortar Epoxy Coatings – These coatings are admired for being the strongest of them all. For this reason, they are mostly used in industrial applications where heavy traffic and construction is routine.

Epoxy Antistatic Coatings – When static-sensitive electronics are in constant use, you need an epoxy coating that will not interfere. Antistatic coatings do just that; they are conducive to environments that must remain static-free at all times, such as hospitals, laboratories, and manufacturing plants.

Graveled Epoxy Coatings – These coatings are another decorative option and are even more decorative than terrazzo coatings. This is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a stunning look, such as family crests, logos, emblems, custom stamps, and more.

Are you looking for a qualified Indiana commercial general contracting company to manage an upcoming commercial build or remodel? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for reputable commercial construction and remodeling in Indianapolis and its surrounding counties. We deliver commercial flooring services as well.

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Common Types of Ceiling Cracks and What They Mean

When you spot a crack in the ceiling in your commercial building or office, you might feel a sense of panic. After all, your bottom line is always at the top of your mind. Your queries might mimic questions like, “What could this crack mean? Is there a serious underlying matter causing this crack? Is my property going to require a tedious renovation? How much is this going to cost me?” But before you fear the worst, keep in mind that not all ceiling cracks are serious. In fact, some are merely cosmetic. For this reason, a little knowledge goes a long way, especially when it comes to peace of mind.

Continue reading to learn 3 of the most common types of commercial ceiling cracks, what they might be telling you, and where to get trusted commercial general contracting service to resolve your structural problems.

Commercial Water Damage Remediation Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Commercial Water Damage Remediation Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Top 3 Most Common Commercial Ceiling Cracks

Thin Straight Cracks

If you discover a fine, straight crack in your ceiling, it is often an indication of poor joint taping. Basically, whoever did the framing work for the building did not use a sufficient amount of drywall mud during the taping step of the project. As a result, the tape did not adhere well enough to the joint. This creates a crack along the edge of the slackened tape. The good news is that this is entirely superficial, so there is no need for immediate repair. If you do mind the cosmetic defect, you can apply a thin layer of drywall compound under the loose tape and re-securing it to the drywall.

Tiny Spider Web Cracks

When you have tiny, web-like cracking in your ceiling, it is likely another superficial defect. Such cracks generally occur as a result of insufficient drywall compound when creating a textured ceiling. In contrast, if the cracks are more like a starburst, or go outward in multiple directions, it is likely a result of using too much drywall compound to create a textured ceiling. This is because compound shrinks as it is drying. To fix this problem, you can simply cover the blemish with more drywall compound, but this may require some sanding and priming first.

Discolored Cracks

When you spot yellowish brown stained cracks in the ceiling, it is not a good sign. Not only could discolored cracking be a sign of a water leak, but it could also pose serious structural hazards. In this case, you would need emergency commercial property inspection services to confirm the cause of the leak. Once you have determined what has caused the leak, you will need to have that problem repaired before you can refinish the drywall and ceiling.

Regardless of the types of cracks you have in your ceiling, it is important to have them inspected as soon as possible in case the problem is a water leak or structural issue. Try to have your inspection scheduled within 3 to 5 days to be safe. Be sure to choose a licensed, bonded, and insured Indiana commercial general contractor for trusted repairs and renovations.

Are you ready to remodel or renovate your commercial property and start fresh with a clean and well-designed space? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for professional commercial general contracting services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve commercial and industrial clients all throughout Central Indiana.

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Naturally Replenishing Energy Sources for Commercial Facilities

Renewable energy is a gainfully popular alternative to conventional energy sourcing among today’s commercial real estate and construction industry. More and more proprietors are joining the money-saving, Eco-friendly initiative to conserve energy and with it, our environment as a whole. As a real estate developer, business owner, investor, or even office manager, there are several ways you can contribute to this environmentally conscious movement, including improved waste management, recycling, repurposing, energy efficient appliances, and much more.

As for energy to power your commercial edifices and facilities, most businesses operate on gas, propane, or electricity. But if energy efficient options appeal to you, then continue below for a brief review of the top naturally replenishing energy sources for commercial facilities and buildings, plus who to trust for superior commercial general contracting services for procurement and installation of such systems.

Commercial Energy Systems Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Commercial Energy Systems Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Top Renewable Energy Options For Commercial Real Estate

Geothermal Power

Geothermal power is an effective energy source alternative. And you don’t have to live in a geologically active area with geysers and magma! Over the course of several years, innovative technology has been developed and improved upon for commercial geothermal applications. Geothermal energy is derived from heat within the inside of the Earth. Just a few feet under you, the internal ground temperature remains a steady 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of the above ground temperature! To provide heating and cooling for a commercial facility using geothermal power, a geothermal heat pump is installed that circulates fluid through a system of underground pipes. Then, a heat exchanger inside the building removes the heat from the liquid and conditions the home as demanded.

Wind Power

If you have gone on any recent road trips through the countryside, you probably saw big, white, sky-high wind wheels in rows of many. These small wind electric systems called wind turbines are actually using the power and force of the wind to create energy. This energy is then used to power a generator, which powers farms, homes, stores, and more. Best of all, wind turbines do not burn fossil fuels, which means they do not produce air pollutants like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and mercury. To invest in a commercial or industrial-use wind turbine, you will need to contact the U.S. Department of Energy.

Hydroelectric Power

Similar to wind power, water can also generate force; and if applied under the proper circumstances, this force can generate energy for us! Hydroelectric power systems are also similar to geothermal systems because they too use a liquid too; only the liquid is water! To use a flowing water source to provide energy for your commercial facility or property, you will need permission from local authorities. Contact the U.S. Department of Energy for information about hydroelectric generators.

Solar Power

Just like wind and water, solar power also uses a naturally occurring element to generate power. And that’s the sun! The sun gives off solar energy in the form of UV and UVB rays. The sunlight generates heat, which is captured and stored in solar panels installed on the property. These solar panels rely on the photovoltaic effect to generate electricity when exposed to sunlight. Solar energy pricing has dropped drastically so now is the time to go for it if you are interested in a renewable energy source for your commercial facility.

Are you ready to learn how to procure and erect a new energy system for your commercial property? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for comprehensive commercial renovations in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our licensed and insured commercial general contractors serve clients all throughout the state.

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Common Drywall Texture Styles for Commercial Buildings

Although there are several different types of drywall texture styles, those primarily used for commercial applications can be categorized into 2 specific groups. The first group is manual application, also referred to as hand-applied drywall textures, which generally involve using a variety of manually operated hand tools. The second group is machine application, or sprayer-applied drywall textures, which use an automatic dispersal device to apply texture to commercial drywall.

Continue reading to learn more about commercial drywall texture styles, plus how to get started with the best commercial drywall service in Central Indiana.

Commercial Drywall Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Commercial Drywall Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Top Commercial Drywall Texture Options

Sprayed Drywall Textures

One interesting and unique trait to sprayer-applied drywall textures is that their designs cannot be mimicked by hand. Only a specialized apparatus designed to apply texture material to drywall surfaces can create the styles most-noted for machine application. Some common commercial drywall texture designs include Orange Peel, Splatter Knockdown, and the classic, Popcorn.

The device used to apply the texture material operates by storing the substance in a hopper, and then releasing it through a long hose with an air compressor operated by a manual trigger. They come in a variety of sizes and brands, so it is important to choose the proper apparatus for your commercial drywall texture goals. For larger drywalling projects, commercial contractors will use innovative sprayers powered by actual motors and internal combustion engines.

Hand-Applied Textures

An interesting fact about hand-applied drywall textures is that there is literally no limit to the designs, styles, and originality you can choose to do. Even if an Indianapolis commercial drywall contractor uses the same style, such as the common “skip trowel”, no solitary application will be exactly the same as another. It is virtually impossible to replicate a hand-applied drywall texture design. The options are merely limited to one’s own natural artistic ability.

Other common designs for manual commercial drywall textures include Hawk and Trowel, Swirl, Double Skip, Sante Fe, Stomp Knockdown, Rosebud Stomp, and Cross Foot Stomp. Most often, manual textures are applied using a pan and trowel. There are also specialized drywall brushes, knives, and rollers that commercial contractors can use to create specific designs and custom styles.

Whether hand or machine-applied, it is important to outsource the job to an experienced and skilled contracting team for outstanding results you can trust. Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to learn more about our commercial drywall and painting services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We work with clients all throughout the state.

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