Tips for Choosing Commercial and Industrial Paint Colors

As a proprietor of a commercial or industrial property, you are faced with the responsibility of choosing the proper paint colors and coding for certain areas and materials within your complex. Although you can apply your own personal preference or business’s culture to interior drywall and painting, some areas require more specific colors for the purpose of safety.

Continue reading to review some of the recommended commercial and industrial paint colors, what they signify, and how you can get started with a professional update or remodel.

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Safety Colors and Codes

There are several areas inside a commercial or industrial property that might pose certain dangers or risks. For this reason, they must be clearly marked to inform and warn everyone around. Everything from low ceilings and scaffolding, to first aid stations, dangerous machinery, emergency exits, and more, are just a few common areas that are generally painting in code. Common safety colors include yellow, blue, red, orange, purple, and green.

Here is a quick guide to some common examples of safety colors:

Yellow – Yellow can denote physical hazards like scaffolding, low beams, railings, and more. It can also be used to denote heavy machinery and material handling equipment, such as hoists and cranes.

Red – Red is often used to signify fire protection systems and materials, such as fire alarms, extinguishers, and emergency exits. It is also commonly used for emergency stop buttons on heavy or dangerous machinery. Red is also the color of danger, and used to denote hazardous areas like safety barricades and dangerous materials.

Orange – Orange is commonly used to identify parts on machines that are dangerous, as well as, safety start and stop buttons, rollers, gears, and more.

Purple – Purple is a color mostly used to denote radiation dangers, such as burial storage rooms and contaminated cans or equipment.

Green – Green is used to signify first aid stations, safety kits, gas and oxygen masks, and similar medical care resources.

Blue – The color blue is mostly used to identify areas of electrical controls and systems, such as HVAC systems, compressors, high pressure pumps, ovens, and more. It is also used for special repair areas, like maintenance rooms and construction projects.

Pipe Colors and Codes

The ASA recommends using the colors yellow, red, blue, and green to mark certain pipes and piping systems. For instance:

Red – Fire suppression apparatuses and equipment, like extinguishers and sprinklers.

Yellow – Hazardous or toxic materials that are, or potentially, flammable, poisonous, corrosive, extremely high heat, or under extreme pressure.

Blue – Protective equipment and materials other than fire safety and suppression.

Green – Materials that are not poisonous nor hazardous, such as water, glycols, and similar moderately-tempered and pressured constituents.

Recommended Banding Colors and Codes

As a preferred industry standard, here are some suggested banding color codes for pipes in a commercial and industrial building:

Ammonia – Purple, Red, and Purple
Fuel/Oil – Yellow, Black, and Yellow
Gas – Yellow, Brown, and Yellow
Oxygen – Green Line and a Yellow Stripe
Compressed Air – Green, Aluminum, and Green
Steam/High-Pressure – White, Orange, and White
Steam/Low-Pressure – Orange, White, and Orange
Freon – Purple, Yellow, and Purple
Waste – Black Waste – Black

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