The Benefits of Natural Light in an Office Setting

Did you know that natural lighting can both increase productivity and enhance the overall well-being among employees and tenants in an office setting? Continue reading to learn all the proven benefits of incorporating natural light in your commercial office.

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Staff Fatigue and Contentment

According to a study performed by the esteemed HR advisory and research firm, Future Workplace, the number one office perk that employees really want is access to natural light and outdoor views. In fact, another study carried out by Northwestern University, “Impacts of Workplace Daylight Exposure on Sleep, Physical Activity and Quality of Life,” demonstrated that working in an environment without windows has a detrimental impact on staff, which happens to be a “universal phenomenon” among employees who work in such conditions.

The Future Workplace did a study and found that 47% of employees surveyed reported feeling fatigued as a result of an absence of natural light or without a window. Additionally, 43% of those surveyed reported feeling melancholy because the office setting did not have sufficient natural lighting or windows. You can argue that fatigue and gloominess can be higher in office settings in which staff are staring at a computer, tablet, or phone screen for 4 or more hours a day. Too much screen time causes staff to long for a visual break.

More Studies Support Natural Light Benefits:

A study done by Ergonomics International Journal showed that natural lighting has visual health benefits. 51% of those surveyed reported reduced eye strain, 63% reported reduced headaches, and 56% reported less drowsiness.

A study performed by the Space Place, “Daylighting and Productivity: A Study of the Effects of the Indoor Environment on Human Function,” suggests that staff is more likely to show up for work if they are siting near a window or have outdoor views in the office.

Another study done by The Center for Healthcare Design suggests that exposure to natural light and windows aids in recovery from surgery and illness.

A study performed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, “A Literature Review of the Effects of Natural Light on Building Occupants” suggests that natural lighting improves productivity, reduces workplace accidents, enhances mental performance, supports sleep quality, and even raises morale among third-shift workers.

Studies performed Human Spaces showed that being close to natural elements like foliage and sunlight increased well-being and creativity among staff by 15%, and overall productivity by 6%.

According to Carbon Trust, resource efficiency experts, their recent study showed that 40% of a property’s electricity consumption is artificial lighting. This means that business owners can also reduce their monthly utility expenses by incorporated more natural lighting.

Top Suggested Benefits:

☑ Better Mood
☑ Higher Attendance
☑ Improved Performance and Productivity
☑ Less Workplace Accidents
☑ Better Sleep at Night
☑ Improved Vision Health
☑ Reduced Electricity Usage

Too Much Light Can Have the Opposite Effect…

It is important to understand that, on the other end of the spectrum, lighting can have negative effects in the office. Too much, or uncontrolled, light, whether natural or artificial, can cause extreme heat, excessive glare, and similar environmental discomforts that can impact staff productivity and morale. It can even trigger medical conditions, like epilepsy.

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