The Planning and Development Process of a Commercial Construction Project

There are countless specifications, details, phases, stages, and more in your everyday, average commercial construction project. But as for the basic outline of the designing and building process, you can expect 6 key steps. Continue reading to learn the six most fundamental milestones in the planning and development process of an average commercial construction job, and how to get started on your very first step as a proprietor yourself.

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The Commercial Construction Design Build System


When you first begin with the idea of a commercial construction project, whether a new build or renovation to an existing space, your first step is to plan out the initial elements, including hiring a trusted commercial general contractor, locating real estate for procurement or lease, and of course, setting a budget. In the commercial construction industry, the rule of thumb is to set a budget, and then add 10% to it to protect against unanticipated costs and budget increases. Your general contractor can help you procure real estate, negotiate leasing terms, implement proper budget analysis and foreseeability reviews, and much more. In fact, they can help you with the five remaining steps of the commercial construction design build process.


Your next stage in the commercial construction planning and development process is the design stage. During this stage, every building and design specification is planned out, confirmed, and put into motion, down to the very last detail. This includes all aesthetic designs, such as colors, materials, textures, and even furniture and upholsteries. At the completion of this stage, you should be equipped with full architectural drawings that detail all of the functions and layout of your commercial space.


The third stage in the commercial construction planning and development process is preconstruction. As one of the most vital stages in commercial design and build, preconstruction addresses and finalizes the appointed project team, including all architects, contractors, and subcontractors, as well as building permitting, building code specifications, insurance acquisition, and all other municipal and legal matters concerning commercial construction.

Ordering and Purchasing

The purchasing stage, also known in the commercial construction industry as procurement, is the phase of the process that involves acquisition of all necessary materials and supplies for construction, as well as locking in the price for labor, and completing all purchasing orders for the project, including building systems, appliances, furniture, and more, as detailed in the project specifications.

Construction Work

During this phase of the commercial construction process is when the actual building takes place. As a collective team, your hired architects, general contracting team, construction managers, subcontractors, and designers work together to make the vision come alive. All building work will be completed up to municipal and local codes, as well as all specified elements of the commercial construction plan.

Post Occupancy Work

the final stage of the commercial construction planning and development process include both the post occupancy follow-up and facility maintenance services. During this phase, all commercial construction work is inspected to ensure optimal function, efficiency, and that it meets all local and municipal building code requirements, and all remaining elements are addressed and completed. After white glove inspection, all of the remaining elements of facility maintenance can be arranged and coordinated with your commercial general contracting company. It is highly recommended to use your general contractor for facility maintenance service for many reasons.

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