Ascertaining the Need for ADA Compliance Upgrades in a Commercial Remodel

As a commercial proprietor considering a remodel or renovation for your property, you will need to also include a consideration for ADA compliance upgrades. Often times, such needs are overlooked in a commercial renovation project, which causes liability issues down the line, both legally and financially. It is important to always remain ADA compliant as a commercial building owner, and address such upgrades when it comes time to remodel or renovate.

Continue reading to learn when a commercial remodel might call for ADA compliancy upgrades, and where to get started with a trusted bid in Indianapolis.

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ADA Compliance for Commercial Real Estate

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all commercial real estate owners to accommodate, and never discriminate against, the physically disabled on their premises. This is a federal civil rights law that applies to all public commercial buildings and businesses in the United States. Sometimes, a commercial remodeling project can prompt certain needs for ADA compliancy improvements. You see, Title III of the Americans With Disabilities Act obliges public and commercial properties to meet their minimum standards for accessibility. See our blog, “ADA Compliant Wheelchair Accessibility Options for Commercial Properties” to learn more.

When ADA Compliant Improvements are Necessary During a Commercial Remodel

Does your building have a primary function space? This is the area of your property where the majority of relevant business operations take place. Such spaces can include a wide range of areas, both interior and exterior. Examples include lobbies, auditoriums, cafes, bathrooms, entry ways, exits, and more. When preparing to initiate a remodel of a primary function space, such as a lobby or office, you will likely need to adjust your plans to accommodate ADA guidelines. If any barriers to accessibility exist after developing a remodeling plan, such barriers must be redesigned in order for the property to be ADA compliant.

Here are some examples of areas that might need to be addressed in a commercial remodel:

♿ Door Frame Widths
♿ Water Fountain Heights
♿ Hand Railings and Grab Bars
♿ Handicap Ramps
♿ Automatic Doors
♿ Doors With Accessible Buttons
♿ Accessible Parking
♿ ADA Bathrooms and Break Rooms

Keeping a commercial property ADA compliant is not a one-and-done project, but rather, and ongoing initiative as guidelines and technologies evolve in the construction and building industry. Enlist the advice of a trusted and esteemed Indianapolis commercial general contractor to learn exactly which upgrades your property might require now, and how to accommodate them into your remodeling budget.

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