What is a Mixed Use Space in Commercial Real Estate?

In today’s commercial real estate world, the options for space planning and design build are continuing to evolve. One such solution that many proprietors are trending towards, both small scale and large scale, is mixed use commercial space. Continue reading to learn what a mixed-use space is, what it can offer building owners in terms of benefits, and how to incorporate such space planning into your commercial build or remodel.

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Mixed Use Commercial Buildings

Mixed use commercial buildings are all the rage in the current commercial real estate construction industry. These are buildings that are specifically constructed to serve multiple applications, rather than just one. For instance, a standard commercial space for a restaurant is generally built to be solely a restaurant. This means it would be designed to have certain kitchen appliances, utility setups, and several other industry-specific features and amenities. Similarly, an office building is generally built to serve as a space for offices and business operations.

Oppositely, mixed-use spaces are typically designed and built to serve more than one application, such as retail and office space combined in one. There are several benefits to this type of commercial construction, which is why it is gaining such popularity at such speeds. Some mixed used spaces are entire buildings, while others are spaces within buildings. Either way, commercial business owners who are looking to build or design a space should know a few things about mixed-use spaces before coming to a final construction decision.

What You Need to Know as a Business Owner

Single-use districts in metro and city areas are becoming more of a thing of the past. During the day they are steady with the traffic of consumers, employees, and more. But at night, they clear out as businesses close and everyone goes home or to an entertainment-based district of the city. This pattern is beginning to feel like an inefficient use of space to many commercial real estate leaders. As a solution, mixed-use construction and space planning is being progressively introduced into the commercial real estate world.

What a Mixed-Use Building Might Look Like

A modern mixed-use building might have retail and restaurant stores on the ground level leading out to the streets and sidewalks, offices and corporate tenants in the mid-levels, and apartments and residential living at the top levels. This commercial building serves multiple functions, delivering full-optimization for building owners and leasers. Other mixed-use commercial buildings might combine retail stores, hotels, and condos all in one. There are infinite design possibilities with mixed-use commercial construction and space planning, all of which offer unique advantages in terms of a business’s function, efficiency, cost-savings, and overall success.  

How to Learn More About Mixed-Use Commercial Space Planning

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