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Commercial design build service is a specialty construction approach that melds all phases of the commercial construction process into one, single source of responsibility. There are various advantages for taking this approach to building a new commercial property, all of which serve to increase business and overall profit. But who can a proprietor trust for precision, accountability, and superior craftsmanship when it comes to design build construction service in Indianapolis?

The answer is BAF Corporation.

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Our Commercial Design Build Method

Commercial design-build contracting allows clients to avoid hiring 20 different contractors and professionals for a single project. As a commercial construction company that offers design-build services, we act as your sole point of communication and accountability, which in turn, ensures cost-savings, appoints liability, guarantees pricing, improves risk management, certifies performance-based quality control, reduces delivery times, and enhances the overall excellence of work. By collaborating together as a cohesive, multidisciplinary team, we bridge the gap of communication among all stakeholders involved in a project, including clients, designers, architects, contractors, supplier, and construction partners.

Top Benefits of Our Commercial Design Build Model:

✪ Saves Money
✪ Guarantees Pricing
✪ Reduces Delivery Times
✪ Reduces Client Risk
✪ Single Point of Accountability
✪ Reduces Setbacks and Delays
✪ Ensures Performance-Based Quality Control
✪ Enhances Overall Quality

Leaders in Commercial Construction Management

Our commercial general contractors fully understand and support the importance of accountability, owner needs and expectations, budget adherence, and scheduling, for every commercial construction project, regardless of size or complexity. We manage every element of your commercial build to ensure a streamlined construction process that meets all defined engineering and design specifications, procurements, schedules, and budgets. As a locally owned and operated company, our primary objectives are to maximize your business’s utility, function, and overall operational efficiency, while also visually bringing to life your business’s culture and creed.

Furthermore, our on-site teams protect your investment by always remaining mindful of the surrounding business operations while the construction process takes place, as to not disrupt daily workflow or potential earnings. By collaborating together as a team, you will feel confident in our ability to meet your expectations and deliver a burden-free construction process, from start to finish.

Best of all, our company maintains a deep commitment to client approval, which is why we integrate a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee in every project, regardless of size or scope. Simply stated: if you aren’t happy with the results, neither are we. We offer this guarantee because we are confident in our abilities, and can effectively apply our resources and skills to deliver the highest standards of excellence.

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