Eco-Friendly Construction Practices to Consider for Your Project

Green Commercial Construction Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Green Commercial Construction Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

If you are preparing to plan a new build or construction project, honor Earth Day and the environment as a whole by incorporating some of the best Eco-friendly construction practices. Aside from Earth Day, these green construction practices are quickly becoming the industry standard for all building projects. Continue below to learn how you can work alongside your commercial general contractor to ensure your project aims to protect the environment and preserve our natural resources using Eco-approved construction practices!

Indiana Commercial Construction Building 317-253-0531
Indiana Commercial Construction Building 317-253-0531

Green Construction is the New Standard

Not only do green construction practices help our planet by protecting the environment and preserving our natural resources, but it also saves builders money. Eco-friendly construction is cost-efficient, making it a fast-growing trend, soon-to-be standard in the construction and building industries. Some key elements of green construction include recycling, repurposing, locally sourcing, and using green building materials.

Construction Recycling

You would be absolutely appalled at the amount of scrap that gets thrown out during some construction site cleanup hauls. Fortunately, the construction and building industry are beginning to make construction site recycling a standard. In fact, many municipalities require it. All items that are recyclable, from paper and cardboard to metal, electronic scrap, bitumen roofing, and more, are gathered and transported for processing and recycling.

Repurposing in the Construction Industry

Repurposing and reusing materials are excellent ways to support the environmental movement, plus cut back on construction and building costs. Existing systems, compatible building materials, reclaimed materials, and more can be modified and adapted to a new construction project, thus reducing renovation costs. For instance, if a building that is being renovation has ceilings or millwork that are very close to the project’s specifications, the commercial general contracting team would present this information to the client and provide options for making the existing framework or systems work.

Green Construction Materials

There are several ways to go green when it comes to choosing your construction materials and procuring additional materials, post-build. Some energy efficient commercial building designs that are currently trending in the construction and building industry include Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) design, Net Zero commercial building designs, Passive House commercial building, solar paneling, prefabricated metal buildings, and low-VOC materials. These strategies will help your project meet local building codes and national energy code requirements.

Local Sourcing

Sourcing construction materials locally has proven to be a significant effort toward preserving our resource and protecting the environment. By locally procuring as much construction materials as possible, you support and boost the local economy, which is important, but you also reduce the need to ship materials long-distance. Local sourcing is also good for budget management and reducing shipping expenses.

Are you ready to learn how you can turn your construction plan into an Eco-friendlier version? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to speak with a licensed and insured commercial general contracting representative in Indianapolis. We serve clients all throughout the state of Indiana.

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