What Utility Mapping Can Do for Your Commercial Construction Project

The application of utility mapping is often one of the most critical elements of a commercial construction development. The purpose of utility mapping is to diagram and chart of the infrastructure below the ground. Why is this important to the overall building plan? Because what lies underground can have a massive influence on what can be built above it. Furthermore, such charting applications can give insight on various other aspects of a commercial construction project.

Failure to properly map out your construction site’s underground infrastructure can have grave and lasting consequences, all of which can be added up on real dollars. Not only can missing or misidentifying structures underground lead to unanticipated costs and schedule delays, it can also pose serious safety risks.

To avoid costly delays, unexpected budget increases, unanticipated obstacles, and accidents, be sure to talk to your Indianapolis commercial general contractor about this vital phase of your upcoming build. In the meantime, scroll below to learn some of the key benefits to utility mapping preconstruction services, and how to request a trusted bid from a commercial general contractor in Indianapolis.

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The Importance of Proper Underground Mapping

You have heard the old saying, “there’s more than what meets the eye.” When it comes to an undeveloped commercial site, the same epitaph applies. Below the ground, there could be an extensive system of electrical wires, telecom cables, plumbing pipes, gas mains, water mains, sewers, and much more. All of these structures and systems would play a massive role in space planning, and design build construction.

Although there are likely blueprints that specify what is underneath a commercial site, you cannot always rely on them to be comprehensive or up-to-date. In cases of older properties, the blueprints are usually lost, scattered, or nonexistent. Worst of all, there is really no other sure-fire way of confirming what is in the ground below without modern-day utility mapping technology.

Benefits of Utility Mapping Technology

🔎 IT SPOTS DANGEROUS CONDITIONS. Construction work is already a dangerous field, posing several safety risks and structural hazards on workers and the surrounding public. When it comes to excavating construction sites, as the old saying goes, “what you do not know can kill you.” Utility mapping sets a foundation to move forward safety with construction planning and work.

🔎 IT PREVENTS SCHEDULE SET-BACKS. Hitting any underground infrastructure while excavating a commercial site is a very bad situation. If it does not cause anyone harm, nor impose additional costs, you can still count on it setting back your schedule. Time is money when it comes to commercial construction, so avoiding this dilemma is one key toward the path of success.

🔎 IT SAFEGUARDS THE BUDGET. Running into underground structures and systems without knowing about them first will most certainly set back the work timeline, which will cost you money. But dealing with the underground infrastructure you stumble upon will also cost you money. Labor, materials, resources, and more planning would all add to the overall budget you had set from the beginning.  

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