Top 4 Tricks of the Trade From a Pro Commercial Painter

Whether you are the owner of a new or existing business, nothing can render a more instantaneous look and feel of a commercial space than a fresh paint job. However, painting a commercial office or building is a monumental effort that requires a technical set of equipment and resources, as well as a commitment to fine-tuned craftsmanship. Without these implemented factors, your commercial space could wind up looking like a job done by nephew’s little league team. For level 5 commercial painting and drywall finish, it is important to hire a professional team that can guarantee outstanding results within a convenient time frame and set budget.

If you are simply touching up a spot or two, or perhaps interested in painting a focal wall, then continue reading to learn the top four tricks of the trade from a pro commercial painter. These tips will have you painting like a professional before you know it!

Indianapolis Commercial Paint and Drywall Contractors 317-253-0531
Indianapolis Commercial Paint and Drywall Contractors 317-253-0531

How to Paint Like a Pro

The top painting professionals in the commercial remodeling industry rely on these top four tips and tricks to ensure the finished job is brilliant and flawless!

❶ Prevent Bleeding Paint With Proper Tape Adhesion

When it comes to painting anything with the border, or anything near other things that are not to be painted, painters’ tape is a vital necessity. However, painters’ tape is practically useless unless you know how to properly apply it. Be sure that you press the tape securely against the surface to ensure ultimate sealing and adhesion. Otherwise, even the tiniest of gap or ripple in the tape line will allow paint to bleed through. And even the tiniest of bleed will make your job look unprofessional. The best way to ensure proper tape adhesion is to use a tool such as a putty knife or scraper. Also, never use masking tape; it just doesn’t work as well as blue painter tape.

❷ Sand All Surfaces Before You Apply Primer

Sanding the surface intended for painting is a vital step that should never be skipped. Even if your walls already feel smooth, and there doesn’t seem to be any apparent surface blemishes or anomalies, a thorough sanding will make you are finished paint shop look like it was done by a professional. If you want the best results, be sure to sand away all rough spots in surface blemishes before applying your primer. Also focus on removing left over joint compound from drywall installation, as well as any residual spackle or rough spots around nails.

❸ Use Drop Cloths and Tarps

Even if you just painting one focal wall, it is always wise to lay down tarps and drop cloths before getting started. You would be surprised just how far paint can splatter right underneath your nose without you having the faintest clue. Oftentimes, people who forget or neglect to lay down tarps before painting tend to find random paint splatter on furniture, carpets, ornaments, crown molding, and more, without any idea of how it happened. They are cheap and they are easy to lay down and stowaway, so be sure to use them no matter how minor your paint project is assumed to be.

❹ Choose a Tinted Primer

Everybody knows that one of the most important steps to painting anything is to first apply primer, even when it comes to doing your nails. However, what many people do not know is that professional commercial painters like to use tinted primer because it renders a more lustrous and brilliant result. Tinted Primer is also great for surfaces that already have existing paint on them, as it does a good job preventing flash spots (random dull spots) and an even color. Tinted primer is a must for bright paint colors like orange and yellow, which typically require more coats than nudes and duller colors.

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