Do I Need a Construction Manager for My Commercial Remodel?

When you are preparing to have a new commercial build, a construction manager is undeniably essential. But what about a commercial remodel to an existing space? Is a construction management service necessary or worthwhile then? Continue reading to learn exactly what a construction manager does, and gain a better understanding of their value in terms of an upcoming commercial remodeling project.

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Commercial Construction Management Services

A commercial construction manager has a very clear cut role. They are in charge of planning and overseeing all aspects of a commercial construction project, from inception to completion. Now although their role is easily defined, it is not that simple. There are several roles and responsibilities a commercial construction manager takes on as they plan and oversee a project. Some primary duties in the role of a commercial construction manager include lease reviews, space planning and permitting, conceptual estimating, budget analysis, 3D modeling, scheduling, timeline management, cost management, general contractor hiring, subcontractor hiring, value engineering, and overall quality control and organization.

What You Need to Know About Managing a Commercial Remodel

Although a commercial remodel is not the same as a new build or development in terms of size and scope, it is still a construction project that will require adept management. A well-managed commercial remodel is more cost-effective, and supports higher quality results that stand the test of time. A commercial construction manager can ensure all of your business objectives are met, including all aspects of your remodel, as well as, post facility maintenance.

Regardless of size or scope, any type of commercial construction work, whether a basic remodel or full-blown renovation, you will have better success and results with a commercial construction management company on your team. See our blog, “What to Expect From Commercial Construction Management Service” to learn more benefits of outsourcing a construction  manager for your needed renovation or remodel.

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