The Fine Details That Should Be in Your Commercial Construction Contract

Choosing a reputable and skilled general contractor to fulfill your commercial construction needs is not as easy as it seems. There are several different types of contractors out there, some of which specialize in niche industries, such as residential work or masonry, while others are unethical, fly-by-the-night scammers who will take your retainment money and run. Not only is important to choose the right type of commercial general contractor or contracting team for the job, it is important that you get the proper inclusions in your final, formal contract. In addition to protecting you from unanticipated liabilities and unfair inconveniences, such contractual inclusions maintain a streamlined course of action and communication that ultimately enhances the overall efficiency of a commercial construction project.

Continue reading to learn which fine details should always be included in your commercial construction formal contract.

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The Fine Details of a Formal Construction Contract

Right from the beginning, it is important to discuss everything from itemized estimates and bids, to space planning and permitting, subcontracting, agendas, unanticipated delays or change of plans, and similar factors. Following such discussions, certain fine detail should be included in your final, formal contract. Here are some fine details that are often overlooked by clients when curating a contract with a commercial construction contractor:

✏ Detailed Estimations

Always be sure that within your formal commercial construction contract, you have all itemized estimates for all included costs for the project. This includes total costs for labor, materials, subcontracting, permits, and more.

✏ Permit Procurement

Appointing a party to be responsible for all permitting is something that should always be in writing in a commercial construction contract. Confirm who is in charge of pulling all space planning and construction permits in order to adhere to all local and building code regulations.

✏ Subcontracted Work

When it comes to commercial construction projects, it is very common to subcontract out specialized work. When curating your formal contract with your commercial general contractor, be sure the details regarding who will be subcontracted and for what service are included.

✏ Missed Deadlines

Although certain delays are inevitable when it comes to construction work, there is a limit to how much a project can be set back. For this reason, it helps to negotiate late penalties when an ultimate deadline or completion date isn’t met.

✏ Unanticipated Plan Changes

Construction projects in the commercial industry often times have an unanticipated change of plans. Discuss what will happen if plan changes take place, and add this agreement into your contract. This is better than having a verbal agreement.

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