What You Should Be Asking a Commercial Architect Before Hiring Them

When you’re planning a remodel or do construction build for a commercial property, at some point in time you will be faced with the responsibility of hiring an architect. But before you make any final contracting decisions, it is important for you to know exactly what you should be asking your architect in order to gauge their professional acumen, aptitude, and overall dependability.

Continue reading to learn a quick list of 5 questions you should be asking a commercial architect before hiring them to take on your needed commercial remodel or new construction build.

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Interviewing a Commercial Architect

When preparing to meet with potential commercial architects, the three most fundamental basics are to clearly define your project, ask them any and all questions you have, and take all the information you receive from your interviews and compare them with one another. As for questions, here are the top inquiries you should include with your commercial architect interview:

Are You Qualified?

Of course, the most important aspect of hiring any commercial boulder or designer is their qualifications. Not only should they have extensive experience in the industry, they should also have formal training, hands-on training, a record of qualifications, and most importantly, superior skill. Feel free to ask your potential architect to provide proof of work, proof of qualifications, and references of past clientele of projects. You can see their work as well, as most architects will provide a portfolio of the past work.

Do You Provide Visuals or Models Prior to Construction?

Another important aspect of hiring a commercial builder or architect is to learn how they communicate their plans to their clients before getting started with the actual construction phase of the project. Ask your potential architect tires whether or not they provide visuals, 3D imaging, models, or any other form of plans to show their work. This helps to confirm whether or not the architect understood your vision, and was capable of translating it into real life. Keep in mind however, architectural drafting does take quite some time, so you may not be able to get this type of information in initial interviews.

Will You Be Hands-On with My Project, or Minimally Involved?

Some architects are very hands-on with the commercial build or renovation project, while others are simply there in the initial phases of drafting and planning, and then let a separate team of professionals complete the process. Depending on your personal preferences and unique specifications of your commercial build or renovation, you might prefer an architect that is very hands-on, or an architect that is minimally involved following the drafting and planning phase. It is highly beneficial to have an architect who prefers to stay on as a consultant until the project is complete to ensure top-quality results.

Do You Predict Any Difficulties or Setbacks With My Project?

Every commercial project, whether a new construction build or a remodel, is unique in its own way. An important question to ask your architect is whether or not they foresee any challenges or setbacks with your particular vision. This conversation can help you organize your thoughts and preferences, and plan for a more efficient and streamlined construction process.

How Busy is Your Schedule?

One of the most frequently asked questions in any type of commercial contracting interview is the question of time. When you have a commercial renovation or new construction build in mind, you are likely eager to get it started. After all, the quicker you start the quicker it’s done. However, many contractors and architect have current projects that they are fulfilling, which might interfere with the start and finish date of your particular project. Be sure to discuss the schedule and timeline conflicts ahead of time with an architect, to ensure that your project will be kept a priority over time.

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