How Expert Commercial Painting and Drywall Service Can Benefit Your Business

The appearance of your commercial space speaks volumes about your business. It can attract customers, create a productive work environment, and even enhance property value. With stakes this high, it’s crucial to invest in professional commercial painting and drywall services. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of these services, provide tips on choosing the right providers, and offer practical advice on maintaining a fresh and inviting commercial space.

Call 317-253-0531 for Commercial Painting and Drywall Service in Indianapolis Indiana
Call 317-253-0531 for Commercial Painting and Drywall Service in Indianapolis Indiana

The Importance of Commercial Painting and Drywall Services

When it comes to maintaining and enhancing your commercial property, professional painting and drywall services are indispensable. A well-executed paint job does more than just freshen up walls; it communicates professionalism and attention to detail.

  • First Impressions Matter – For small businesses, property managers, and facility owners, first impressions are crucial. The look and feel of your commercial space can influence customer perceptions and decisions. A professionally painted exterior and interior convey reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Enhancing Employee Productivity – A well-maintained workspace with pleasing aesthetics can boost employee morale and productivity. Employees are likely to feel more motivated and engaged in a visually appealing environment.
  • Boosting Property Value – Regular maintenance, including professional painting and drywall repairs, can significantly increase the value of your property. This is particularly important for property managers and facility owners looking to lease or sell commercial spaces.

Benefits of Expert Commercial Painting

Investing in expert commercial painting services offers numerous benefits tailored to the needs of small businesses, property managers, and facility owners.

  • Quality and Longevity – Professional painters use high-quality materials and techniques, ensuring a durable and lasting finish. This means fewer touch-ups and repainting, saving you time and money in the long run.
  • Customization and Expertise – Experts can provide valuable insights into choosing the right colors and finishes that align with your brand and industry standards. Their expertise ensures that your space looks cohesive and professional.
  • Safety and Compliance – Commercial painting projects often require compliance with safety regulations. Professional painters are well-versed in these requirements, ensuring that your project adheres to all necessary guidelines, reducing liability risks.

How to Find the Right Commercial Painting Service

Selecting the right commercial painting service is critical to achieving the desired results. Here are some key factors to consider.

  • Experience and Reputation – Look for a company with a proven track record and positive reviews. Experienced painters are more likely to deliver high-quality work and handle any challenges that arise during the project.
  • Portfolio and References – Request to see a portfolio of previous projects and ask for references. This will give you an idea of their capabilities and the quality of their work.
  • Licensing and Insurance – Ensure that the painting service is licensed and insured. This protects you from potential liabilities and ensures that the work is carried out by qualified professionals.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Paint Colors

Choosing the right paint colors can greatly impact the ambiance and functionality of your commercial space. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

  • Consider Your Brand – Your choice of colors should reflect your brand’s identity and values. For example, a tech company might opt for modern, sleek colors, while a retail store might choose vibrant, inviting hues.
  • Understand Color Psychology – Different colors evoke different emotions and reactions. Blue can create a sense of calm and trust, while red can stimulate energy and urgency. Consider the psychological impact of your color choices on both employees and customers.
  • Think About Maintenance – Some colors may show dirt and wear more easily than others. Consider practical aspects like ease of cleaning and maintenance when selecting your paint colors.

Tips for Addressing Drywall Repairs

Drywall repairs are an essential part of maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your commercial space. You may need to address such repairs before the painting phase of the commercial renovation begins. Professional commercial painting contractors can deliver these services, making them a one-stop-shop for painting and drywall. Here are some tips to address common drywall issues:

  • Identify the Problem – Common drywall issues include cracks, holes, and water damage. Identifying the root cause is crucial to effectively addressing the problem and preventing future issues.
  • Hire Professionals – While minor repairs can be a DIY project, significant damage should be handled by professionals. They have the tools and expertise to properly repair and reinforce your drywall.
  • Regular Inspections – Conduct regular inspections to catch minor issues before they become major problems. This proactive approach can save you time and money in the long run.

Tips for Maintaining the Fresh Look of Your Commercial Space

Maintaining a fresh and inviting commercial space requires ongoing effort. Here are some practical tips to help you keep your space looking its best:

Regular Cleaning – Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the appearance of your painted surfaces. Use appropriate cleaning solutions and techniques to avoid damaging the paint.

Touch-Ups and Repainting – Schedule regular touch-ups and, if necessary, repainting to keep your space looking vibrant and well-maintained. This is especially important for high-traffic areas that may show wear more quickly.

Monitor for Damage – Keep an eye out for signs of damage, such as peeling paint or cracks in the drywall. Address these issues promptly to prevent them from worsening.


Investing in professional commercial painting and drywall services offers long-term value for small businesses, property managers, and facility owners. From enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your space to boosting property value and employee productivity, the benefits are substantial and multifaceted.

Ready to transform the color scheme of your interior or exterior commercial space? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for commercial painting and drywall services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve clients in all industries and throughout all of Central Indiana.

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The Drawbacks of Painting Over Brick Building Exteriors

Are you considering an exterior building remodel for an instant, cost-effective facelift for your business? If so, you are on the right track. Exterior remodels can bring in more traffic, thus having a positive impact on the overall success of a company. But if your building’s façade is brick or masonry, just be sure to avoid paint. Painting over brick can come with all sorts of difficulties and unexpected outcomes.

Continue reading to learn why many commercial general contractors discourage painting over brick exteriors, and how to find a better-looking, budget-friendly alternative.

Exterior Building Remodeling Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Exterior Building Remodeling Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Do Not Paint Over Brick if You Can Avoid It

Although there are some circumstances in which painting over brick can be attractive and worthwhile, when it comes to the outside of a building or structure, paint is not the most compatible material. Not only can painting over exterior brick instantly look unattractive, but it can also cause some serious structural damages to the brick and the edifice as a whole. Furthermore, once you paint over brick, there is no going back.

Let’s take a closer look at the key reasons why you should try to avoid painting over brick when you can…

It Can Look Really Bad

There are very few cases in which painted brick looks good. It can be done, but when it comes to the outside of a building, the end result is usually quite unattractive. A brick building that has been painted over will instantly look bad before the paint even dries. And no matter how many coats are applied, the outcome will look sloppy and half-complete. As mentioned, curb appeal is a very important element to a business’s success when they have a brick-and-mortar of some kind. Whether tenants, employees, clients, customers, or guests, the look and ambience of a building has a direct influence on traffic.

It Cannot Be Undone

The worst part of a bad brick paint job is that it cannot be undone. Once you paint over brick, there is no removing it, cleaning it off, or covering it up. You can try to power wash your building, or even sandblast the brick, but these two practices will only damage the masonry and worsen the appearance. So, if you are choosing this option for your building’s exterior, be sure you have really thought it through. Additionally, once you paint brick, you have entered an obligation to continue having your brick repainted on a regular basis. This can be invasive and expensive. But if you do not repaint brick, it will deteriorate and fade at a rapid rate.

It Can Cause Property Damages

Paint can damage brick. But not just the bricks, also the mortar between them. As a result, brick will begin to exponentially crumble and deteriorate, which can lead to an overall stability issue with the entire building exterior. Also, seasonal freeze-thaw cycles can further deteriorate brick and mortar. After water seeps into the porous material, it freezes into ice during the winter season, causing the brick to expand. When warmer temperatures arise, the water within the porous brick thaw, causing the brick to collapse back on itself. These movements and shifts in the brick can cause extreme damage overtime.

Side Notes About Painting Brick Exteriors

Older brick might have historical value. Traditionally made in a kiln, bricks of this time are harder and can stand up to the damaging outdoor elements. You don’t want to jeopardize the historic value of your brick building by painting over it!

Keep in mind that some types of older bricks are meant to be painted over. Just be sure to use a milk-based or lime whitewash paint for these kinds of bricks.

If your brick is severely damaged but replacing it is not investment-wise, painting might be the best option. Talk to your commercial general contractor to be sure.

If you do want to paint your brick building, be sure to choose a mineral-based paint or a silicate paint that is recommended for brick. These exterior paints are specially designed to be more breathable and last longer in between repainting.   

Alternatives to Painting Over Brick

If you are ready for an exterior façade renovation for a brick building, there are some cost-effective and worthwhile alternatives to a paint job. Talk to a licensed and insured commercial general contracting company for professional advice and guidance.

Not sure which commercial contracting company to choose in Indiana for your exterior remodeling or painting needs? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 when you need the most trusted and qualified commercial general contractors for building remodeling and commercial painting in Indianapolis, IN. We serve clients all throughout the state.

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Best Time of Year to Repaint the Outside of Your Business

If you’ve been meaning to have the exterior of your building or business repainted, but still have not got around to it, you may be concerned that you may have missed your window of opportunity now that fall is here. However, your concerns might all be for nothing. Continue reading to learn when the recommended exterior painting season is for commercial buildings, and whether or not you still have time this year to get the project done.

Indianapolis Commercial Paint and Drywall Contractors
Indianapolis Commercial Paint and Drywall Contractors 317-253-0531

Fall is a Suitable Time of Year to Paint a Building

Prime exterior painting season varies from state to state because it mostly depends on climate. Here in Indiana, most painting jobs are performed between the months of May and August, when temperatures are warm, and precipitation is low. In conditions like these, paint cures much faster. In fact, for a long time, paint manufacturers recommended to perform jobs in temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which would usually extend the painting timeline to September. However, new innovative paint technology now allows us to paint building exteriors even later in the year.

Innovative Exterior Paint Technologies

New innovative paint technologies and products are specially-formulated to be applied in weather as cold as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that you still have time to have the outside of your business or commercial building painted this year. Generally, Indiana temperatures will drop lower than 35 degrees Fahrenheit around the end of November, which gives you a little more time to have your building repainted. This is especially good news for proprietors who have just purchased an existing commercial property or business that needs renovated before opening for operation.

How to Find the Right Commercial-Use Exterior Paint

Only certain exterior paint products are specially formulated to be applied in cooler climates, making it quite important to choose the right ones for the job. Fortunately, this is not your job. A professional Indiana commercial general contractor specializing in commercial painting and drywall work will have all the resources needed to select and acquire such products. Leave it to them to choose the right paint for your commercial property.

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