Commercial Wallcoverings: Enhancing Spaces with Style

Within the world of interior design and space planning, each component plays a role in shaping the professional look and usability of a commercial space. Wallcoverings, in particular, offer a canvas to portray your brand’s messaging, create an ambiance that resonates with customers, and enhance the overall experience of a place. But with various options available in the market, selecting the right wallcovering for your commercial space can be a daunting task.

This comprehensive guide intends to ease that decision-making process for hotel owners, retail spaces, office managers, and property developers by shedding light on the types, benefits, and selection strategies for commercial wallcoverings. Scroll down to get started!

Call 317-253-0531 for Commercial Wallcoverings in Indianapolis Indiana
Call 317-253-0531 for Commercial Wallcoverings in Indianapolis Indiana

Types of Commercial Wallcoverings

Commercial wallcoverings come in a wide range of styles, patterns, and textures, offering versatility to suit various design preferences. Each type brings unique benefits, such as durability, sound absorption, or easy maintenance. Such options make commercial wallcoverings ideal for different spaces, such as offices, hotels, clinics, or restaurants. Choose the perfect one to elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your space. Here are some common selections to consider:


Vinyl wallcoverings lead the industrial sector due to their superior durability and moisture-resistant qualities. Especially suitable for high-traffic areas such as hospitals and restaurants, vinyl wallcoverings are easy to clean and maintain, providing long-term value.


Fabric wallcoverings exude luxury and are popular in upscale settings due to their rich texture and noise-absorbing properties. Hotels and corporate offices often opt for fabric wallcoverings to impart a lavish yet sophisticated feel.

Natural Material

Featuring a range of organic materials like grasscloth, sisal, or cork, natural wallcoverings appeal to Eco-conscious design schemes and create a warm, earthy ambiance. Their textural appeal makes them a favored choice for spas and wellness centers.

Specialty Finishes

For spaces demanding a unique, standout wall feature, metallic, reflective, or textured finishes provide an eye-catching allure perfect for retail and boutique environments.

Benefits of Commercial Wallcoverings

The right commercial wallcovering can be a game-changer, offering a multitude of benefits beyond just aesthetic enhancement.

☑ Durability and Longevity

In comparison to traditional wall paint, commercial wallcoverings are more robust and built to endure heavy use over extended periods. This longevity ensures that your interior retains its polished look for years to come.

☑ Customization and Branding

Custom-printed wallcoverings provide an opportunity to showcase brand colors, logos, and themes, reinforcing brand identity within the space. They offer a canvas for storytelling, turning walls into a dynamic form of brand communication.

☑ Easy Maintenance and Cleanliness

Many commercial wallcoverings are designed for simple maintenance, which is crucial in high-traffic environments. Stains and dirt can be wiped away easily, minimizing the downtime needed for cleaning.

☑ Aesthetic Versatility

From classic elegance to bold contemporary designs, wallcoverings can transform any space, adapting to the desired atmosphere. They provide a range of options, including vibrant prints, subtle textures, and color gradients that add depth and interest to a room.

Choosing the Right Wallcoverings

Selecting the perfect wallcovering is an art that involves careful consideration of several factors, such as the purpose of the space, the demographic, and the desired atmosphere.

Hotels: Luxury and comfort are paramount; opt for durable, non-fading materials to withstand guest turnover.

Retail: Wallcoverings should draw attention and create an inviting ambiance. High durability and easy maintenance are essential in this setting.

Offices: Consider the impact on office productivity and the overall workplace culture. Sound-absorbing options can reduce noise levels and improve the working environment.

Clinics: Moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean wallcoverings are critical in healthcare environments, where hygiene is crucial.

Restaurants: Wallcoverings should be easy to maintain, somewhat water-proof, and resistant to stains, while also setting the right mood for dining.

Schools: Durable, textured options work best in high-traffic areas like hallways and classrooms, while fun and bright patterns can enhance creativity in younger students.

Color Schemes and Patterns

Color choices can influence mood, so consider the psychological effects of various shades when choosing a wallcovering. Cohesive color schemes that match the branding or theme of the space are essential.

Patterns can enhance the perceived size of a room and offer a structured or free-flowing aesthetic. Be mindful of the balance between the size of the patterns and the size of the room to avoid overwhelming the space.

Texture and Material

Each material offers a distinct tactile experience and aesthetic. Consider the expectations of your clientele and the tactile elements that could augment the space, bearing in mind ease of cleaning for each material type.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

While the initial selection is important, proper installation and ongoing maintenance are critical to maximizing the benefits of commercial wallcoverings.

Professional Installation

For a flawless finish and to ensure warranties are upheld, commercial wallcoverings should be installed by professional commercial drywall contractors familiar with the intricacies of each material.

Cleaning Techniques

Regular cleaning maintains the look and hygiene of the interior. Understanding the appropriate cleaning techniques for each wallcovering type is crucial to avoid damage. For vinyl wallcoverings, a simple solution of water and mild detergent is sufficient for regular cleaning.

As for fabrics and natural materials, these typically require a more delicate approach to avoid fraying or loosening of fibers. Dry methods like vacuuming with a soft brush attachment are often recommended.

Maintenance Schedules

Developing a maintenance schedule based on the traffic and use of the space can prevent any major cleaning or damage issues. Regular dusting and spot-cleaning are typical components of such schedules.

In Summary

Commercial wallcoverings are an integral element of interior design that can add flair, durability, and personalization to any space. By considering the different types, their varied benefits, and the selection strategies, businesses can make informed decisions that resonate with their specific needs and objectives. The lasting impression of a well-designed environment not only leaves a mark on visitors but also serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and excellence.

For businesses aiming to excel in their market, commercial wallcoverings represent an investment not just in design, but in the overall success of their enterprise. Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for help with commercial drywall, painting, and wallcoverings in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve clients throughout the state.

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