5 Advantages of an Exterior Facade Renovation

There are many best business practices out there, some of which can be applied across the board regardless of industry, while others are more trade specific. However, one of the most fundamental and long-established methods for running a successful business is curb appeal. A business that looks good tends to drive in more traffic, which is something you want as a commercial proprietor or company owner.

If you are looking for more customers, perhaps consider renovating the exterior of your business. Continue reading to learn the top five advantages for exterior façade renovation, and who call for the most trusted commercial general contracting service in central Indiana.

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Indianapolis Commercial Remodeling 317-253-0531

Curb Appeal Commercial Renovation

The type of brick-and-mortar business you own really doesn’t matter when it comes to curb appeal commercial renovations. From hotels and apartment complexes, to museums, strip malls, shopping centers, schools, office buildings, restaurants, and everything in between, an exterior façade commercial remodel is never a poor choice for any type of business that once more customers to the door. There are many advantages to renovating the exterior of your commercial building or office.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider an exterior façade renovation for your business:


Not only do you want to keep your brand appealing for your existing clientele, but you also wanted to be eye-catching for new customers. Giving your businesses exterior a fresh, new look can drive more traffic through your doors. Some methods of achieving a fresh look include innovative technology incorporation, touch free design, painted drywall remodeling, interior design, improve lighting, natural lighting, open concept floor plans, and more. These elements can deliver an improved customer experience, and therefore increase your bottom line.


Because commercial façade renovations are typically done on the outside of the business, and infrequently require indoor access, most projects will render minimal inconvenience to the business operations and their clientele. Basically, it is easy to keep the business open and operating while exterior commercial renovation is underway. Furthermore, when you choose a reputable Indianapolis Indiana general contracting company, you can trust that they use a strict internal safety code to ensure that all persons on premises are protected from foreseeable hazards.


What’s great about commercial façade renovations are that they tend to come with speedy turnaround times. Not only can exterior renovations be done while your business’s doors are still open and operating, but they can also be done within a convenient time-frame, which is always beneficial to your bottom line. Usually, contractors do not even require indoor access to complete their work specifications.


When you choose to have an exterior façade remodel done, you have a valuable opportunity to incorporate certain upgrades and renovations that can reduce your overall operating costs in the long run. Such renovations include energy efficiency upgrades for insulation, windows, lighting, and roofing. These upgrades can improve your business energy efficiency, and therefore reduce monthly utility and operating costs.


In some cases, local municipalities will award business certain incentives, grants, and assistance programs for upgrading or renovating their exterior façade. Check with your local County District or clerk’s office to see if there any municipal incentives that you could earn for doing a commercial exterior renovation.

Are you ready to get started with your commercial exterior renovation in Indiana? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for superior commercial remodeling services in Indianapolis Indiana. We serve clients all throughout the state.

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5 Ways to Enhance Commercial Building Curb Appeal

When it comes to owning and operating a successful and profitable business, you can bet that excellent curb appeal plays a significant role. Whether you serve customers, clients, visitors, or staff, great curb appeal is an important part of running a prosperous company and drawing in new traffic. If you are looking for a way to attract new customers or boost profits, improving your building’s curb appeal is a recommended place to start.

Continue below to learn the top 5 ways you can easily enhance your commercial building’s exterior and interior appeal, and where to get a personalized general contractor bid for office redesign and remodeling in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Indiana Commercial Remodeling and Construction 317-253-0531

Gain Some Perspective First

Before making any decisions about renovating or redesigning your commercial building, take some time to take a look around. Walk around the outside of the premises, examining the landscaping and edifice, and taking note on what you see could use some improvement. You can even do the same for the inside of your business by considering what you see, feel, hear, and smell when you walk in your front doors. When you are inspecting your property, imagine that you are a customer, client, or visitor, and consider what they might experience too.

How to Improve Your Curb Appeal FAST:

Implement a Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning is always the best place to start when you want something to look better. Begin your curb appeal improvement project with a comprehensive cleaning of all outdoor, exterior spaces. For outside, power wash all pavements and siding, have your roof and gutter systems cleaned, have your windows and doors cleaned, eliminate all trash and natural debris, and polish any metal facings or signs.

Paint Everything if Needed

If your commercial building and interior office areas have not been painted in more than 5 years or so, a fresh coat is a good investment, and will make a significant impact on the look and value of your space. Consider commercial painting and drywall services, and even replacing your siding, roofing, and hardscaping. If you have brick, a fresh coat of paint can update your curb appeal and renew your building’s features.

Replace Doors and Windows

Doors and windows, although not often though of as such, are primary features of a building. When you have old or outdated doors and windows, your whole business can feel drab and appear unappealing to new customers. By replacing your old windows and doors with new, updated models, you will instantly change and update the appearance of your business, plus increase its property value.

Have Your Pavement Repaired

If your building has parking, sidewalks, or any other type of paved surface or walkway that has extensive damage like potholes, cracks, crumbling, stains, and discoloration, a pavement renovation will make your building a whole lot more attractive, not to mention safer for drivers and pedestrians!

Landscape All Around

Landscaping is a primary method of adding curb appeal to a home or business. For your commercial building, upgrading, adding, or redesigning the landscaping will drastically change the way your business looks. It is also a fantastic way to attract new business and set an aesthetic standard that speaks to your company’s overall culture and creed.  

Are you ready to renovate your commercial building to improve your success? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to speak with a trusted Indianapolis Indiana commercial general contractor about reaching your business objectives through strategic commercial remodeling and space planning.

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