5 Design Tips to Improve the Success of Your Retail Store

When your retail store is not seeing the level of traffic and profit that you first set out to achieve, it is time to find a better way of marketing your goods and products. Making some simple design and layout modifications can deliver instant gratification on both of these fronts, and bring your business back to life.

Continue reading to learn 5 ways you can optimize the design and layout of your retail store to improve your overall revenue success.

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Modern Retail Store Design Tips

These days, a modern layout and design for a business is non-negotiable if you want to attract a broader market. For this reason, it is wise to remodel every 8 to 10 years, to ensure you are keeping up with modern times and technology, but more importantly, retail science. Your store should be both functional and alluring. You see, by simply changing certain aspects of your store’s design and layout, you can better attract customers and sell the goods that bring in the most profit. Here are 6 ways you can do this:

❶ Store Entrance

The entrance of your store is much like a first impression. Not only should be it attention-grabbing to potential customers walking or driving by, it should also serve a logical function. Collaborate with a reputable design build contractor for advice on remodeling your entrance so that it catches the eye while also better displaying your goods and products. Your entrance should showcase your common merchandises, but do not make it too crowded. One or two products is all you need to send the right message about your store to potential customers.

❷ Floor Space

On the topic of overcrowding, it is wise to enhance your floor space as much as possible. For a retail store, this is a prime feature to have. In fact, according to market researcher and behavioral research expert, Paco Underhill, even if customers are interested in a particular product or display, they will typically avoid the aisle if it seems too crowded or cramped. Read his book, Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping for incredible research and consulting solutions for your business.

Furthermore, no one likes to bump into others when they shop, making ample floor space an attractive quality for customers. Not only do you want your store to have adequate floor space, you also want your merchandise to have plenty of space too. Avoid overcrowding your products so they are easily accessible to customers. If you cannot remodel, you can instead, find ways to rearrange your layout for improved space.

❸ Customer Amenities

Customers these days want their shopping experience to be convenient. One way to meet this communal need is to provide your customers with certain, modern-day amenities. For instance, it is common for clothing boutiques to offer refreshments to shopping guests, such as sparkling water or even champagne. To enhance the convenience of your store, it is also wise to set up your store’s layout with common products together in one section, visible aisle signs to direct shoppers, sufficient seating and dressing rooms, bathrooms, and any technologies that might help their shopping experience, such as personal price scanners or call buttons.

❹ Strategic Traffic Manipulation

Although the term manipulation seems like an immoral one, when it comes to retail science, it is a must. You see, you want your customers to come into your store, and shop the entire store. If you place the best goods up front, as well as your registers, you are not influencing them to come all the way inside. By strategically placing your best or most sought-after items in the back of the store, it forces customers to walk all the way through. This is why cash registers are often placed in the back or middle of the store. After all, the more they see, the more they are likely to buy!

❺ Small Touches

Overall, a retail store that is organized, comfortable, and well-thought out is more attractive to customers. The design and layout of your store is very important to a customer’s experience and their likelihood of returning. Everything from lighting and textiles, to colors, themes, branding, and more, should all be deigned logically, but also creatively, for long-term success. This also applies to dressing rooms, storage rooms, restrooms, and break areas.

Trusted Retail Store Remodeling and Design in Indiana

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Indianapolis Commercial General Contractors
Indianapolis Commercial General Contractors 317-253-0531