The Key Benefits of Design Build Contracting

A commercial design build contracting approach combines both the design and construction process, and therefore, conveniently provides a single source of contact and liability from start to finish. As a result, clients and customers alike enjoy a much higher level of advantage. Continue below to learn more about design build construction, including how it can deliver a construction experience that accurately meets your expectations for time, budget, function, and most importantly, your business’s long term success.

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The Design Build (DB) Advantage

In the past, clients would be responsible for researching and hiring a long list of separate contractors to implement their commercial construction project from the ground up, from architects and engineers, to laborer, vendors, suppliers, and more. So today, it is no surprise that commercial construction clients more often opt for a design build contracting approach, and for several reasons.

The benefits of design build construction are quite broad since the contracting method can be applied to virtually all commercial and industrial industries, but the top benefits are advanced team collaboration, precise budget development, strict schedule compliance, and transparent communication and answerability.

☑ Advanced Team Collaboration

A design build approach puts all incorporated parties in the same room, which means they can all work and stay on the same page. It also supports communal respect and enhances the line of communication among all collaborators. Designers, builders, and clients all work together to create the precise construction plan that best meets all business objectives, including culture, function, profitability, and more.

☑ Precision Budget Development

The design build commercial construction method allows your collaborative team to accurately estimate total project costs, including post occupancy needs and facility maintenance services. Once a baseline budget is formed, as-needed estimates are made at project milestones or when unanticipated project changes occur, therefore delivering real-time cost updates at all times.

☑ Schedule Compliance

A design build approach can effectively ensure that the construction process begins and ends on time. In fact, it can actually serve to expedite each step in the commercial construction process by monitoring efficiency and productivity, and mitigating unanticipated setbacks or delays. Each phase is carefully planned to streamline the overall project.

☑ Transparent Communication and Liability

Since the design build construction method appoints a single source of accountability and communication, clients experience an unparalleled level of reassurance and convenience. The line of communication among client, designer, and builder are fully-transparent and open, making it easy to stay informed, seek out information, and accelerate the construction phases.

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