Can Commercial Renovations Be Done While a Building is Occupied?

Owning a commercial property means that you are investment-driven, and therefore, interested in maintaining a money-making asset. One way building owners safeguard their business’s profitability growth is by staying up to date with the changing technologies and designs of modern commercial real estate.

On the other hand, many building owners feel conflicted between completing needed or profit-building renovations, and caring to the needs of their tenants. This conundrum leaves many commercial building owners to ask whether or not they can even move forward with property upgrades or remodels if it is still tenant occupied.

Continue reading to learn the recommended course of action for planning a commercial building renovation while your property is occupied with tenants.

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Commercial Building Remodels

The truth is that commercial building renovations can’t always wait. In some cases, they need to be carried out quickly, or for emergency purposes. So, more commonly than not, such construction is typically implemented during times of tenant occupation. The only catch is to ensure that the proper methodology is taken, because there is a right way and a wrong way to make building renovations when existing tenants are involved.

Before finalizing a commercial building renovation plan, be sure both you and your commercial contracting team have covered these vital considerations:

☑ Be Aware of the Impact it Will Have on Your Tenants

To alleviate added inconvenience for your tenants, be sure to inform them of everything they need to know about the construction, including the how the changes will benefit them and the construction timeline. When tenants know what to expect, they have an easier time to plan ahead and make their own arrangements as needed.

☑ Establish a Clear and Convenient Method of Communication

During times of building construction, your tenants will feel better knowing that they can contact a source directly if they have questions or concerns. Prior to beginning any renovations, give your tenants a clear and convenient line of communication they can rely on, whether via email, phone, or office visit. Be sure to keep these lines of communication open so that you can also establish trust among your tenants.

☑ Begin and Finish in Phases

Although some renovations must be done immediately for the purpose of safety or health, many can be divided into separate construction phases. When renovating a building with tenants, breaking up the construction process into segments, rather than attacking it all at once, has a much lower impact on your tenants and their customers, if any.

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