Effective Tips to Prevent Illness Outbreaks at Work

As a manager or business owner, you simply cannot be expected to have the clairvoyance to anticipate when an illness outbreak is going manifest and spread through your workplace. Although you can’t envisage the next virus or similar contagion threat at work, you can promote healthier habits and implement minor renovations to prevent spreading and contracting contagious illnesses among your team.

Continue reading to learn what these effective tips are, and how you can get started with a free commercial remodeling assessment near you.

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Encourage New Workplace Health Practices

Germs, viruses, and microbes are primarily spread through airborne particles and droplets, or contaminated surfaces like counters, railings, elevator buttons, plumbing fixtures, phones, doorknobs, and keyboards. This means simply breathing near, or touching something after, an infected person can put you in jeopardy of contracting their illness. Promoting the practice of safe and effective habits within the workplace can better protect your employees from contracting an illness at work, which ultimately supports your business’s success through higher staff attendance and productivity.

So how can you achieve this level of health and success?

Professional facility maintenance and commercial construction managers encourage several behavioral modifications, technologies, and renovations that are proven to help reduce the risk of spreading or contracting an illness at work. Begin by encouraging your staff, team members, and work colleagues to make small changes in their daily habits and routines, such as avoiding close contact with co-workers and clients, especially during peak flu season. Promote these healthy habits among employees:

✤ Wash your hands thoroughly, and routinely as needed.
✤ Cover your mouth and nose to cough, sneeze, etc.
✤ Washing hands after coughing, sneezing, wiping nose, etc.
✤ Practice social distancing during cold and flu season.
✤ Use hand sanitizer after touching surfaces or shaking hands.
✤ Bring your own coffee mug to work.
✤ Do not share food or beverages.
✤ Do not share cosmetics, contact solution, or similar products.
✤ Clean personal workspace daily (i.e. desk, keyboard, phone, etc.)
✤ Stay home when feeling ill or have a fever.
✤ Get tested by a licensed physician when feeling ill.
✤ Consider getting vaccinated every year.

Incorporate Touch-Free and Automatic Technologies

Beyond encouraging new healthy habits in the workplace among your staff and team members, continue by incorporating some new touch-free designs, technologies, and structural changes that promote less surface area touching. Many businesses are adding features like automatic doors and entry ways, foot-powered openers, automatic hand sanitizer stations, automatic soap dispensers and hand dryers, motion-sensing faucets and toilet, and more.

Commercial Touch-Free Remodeling in Indianapolis, Indiana

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