Can Good Office Lighting Improve Employee Productivity?

When it comes to owning a company, the old adage, “there is always room for improvement” rings true at all times. After all, all improvements ultimately increase your bottom line. As for employee productivity, well, there’s always room for improvement. A new commercial office construction trend that has proven to be effective in increasing employee throughput is strategic office lighting design. But can good office lighting really improve employee efficiency?

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Office Lighting Considerations for Staff Efficiency

Whether you are a current company owner with an existing office or one who is preparing to undertake a new space, office lighting and design should be one of your top priorities because it plays a vital role in the efficiency and morale of your staff. This means that office lighting, when done properly, can have a huge impact on the success of your business.

Recent studies have shown that employees and staffs within various professional industries are happier at work, more productive and healthier overall. Good office lighting supports staff contentment, which renters hire employee attendance and job satisfaction, and even reduce the number of workplace accidents.

Aside from employee satisfaction and office productivity, good lighting design can also reduce monthly energy bills by increasing the energy efficiency within the office. Although it typically suggested to begin office lighting considerations early on in the renovation planning process, a trusted Indianapolis commercial general contractor can remodel your current space to include an office lighting layout that promotes success.

Lighting Options for a Commercial Office

With the help of a commercial general contracting team well-versed and experienced with office design and remodeling, you won’t have to feel the overwhelming panic of choosing between all the possible commercial lighting options on the market. Common options include natural office lighting, adjustable lighting, fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, and other kinds of artificial lighting.

The type of lighting most compatible with your business objectives will depend on how your office space is used and any smart lighting or energy technologies you would like to incorporate into your office renovation. Other factors that come into play when choosing office lighting design options can include the type of color and temperature you’re looking for, as well as any unique architectural structures or features within your space.

It is also important to consider the wide spectrum of lighting, as choosing the wrong balance of color and temperature can affect your employees negatively. For instance, bright white and blue lighting can keep your employees sharp and alert, but also cause for head tension, migraines, and eyestrain. Oppositely, warm yellow lighting can promote relaxation, which can lead to drowsiness and decreased motivation.

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