Tips for Keeping Your Business Open During a Remodel

It is not cheap to fund a commercial renovation or remodeling project. So, when it comes to the point when you need to move forward with one, it is wise to consider remaining open for operation during the process. This will allow you to continue bringing in revenue, while also knocking out a much-needed update or remodel. Of course, not all business owners have the option of staying open when proceeding with a commercial renovation, such as restaurants, but in many circumstances, it is quite possible with the right elements in place.

If you think you might want to stay open during commercial remodel, there are some important factors to consider, and few helpful pointers that will ensure a smooth and successful process. Continue below to review some of the top-recommended tips and considerations you should know as a business owner or proprietor.

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Remodeling While Staying Open for Business

When a business or office stays open and operational during a renovation, there are certainly some challenges that might arise, and a few expected inconveniences. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to do so successfully, all while accommodating your guest’s and staff’s safety and comfort. This is also important to your staff’s productivity and your operation’s efficiency. An experienced commercial construction company will know exactly how to meet these objectives, as well as all other detailed specifications and overall business objectives.  

Your First Step is Budget Analysis

Your first step to determining whether or not you should keep your business operating as usual during an upcoming commercial renovation is to perform a budget analysis report. This report will provide you with data that analyzes the cost-benefit of staying open and compares it with the scenario of temporarily closing down, thus giving you insight on the rationality of moving forward one way or the other.

Safety is Key

Safety is another critical aspect of staying open during a commercial remodel. Consider posting maps to show which areas are zoned for construction, and giving your staff safety gear if necessary. Always have an emergency plan in place in the case of an injury or accident, and be sure your vendors have a copy of the renovation schedule to protect them and your remodel work. You can also appoint a staff member to sweep and tidy up the work areas every hour.

Additional Factors to Think About

If you are leaning toward staying open during your commercial remodel, there are some important factors you should consider first, as mentioned before. Primary factors that you must address head on before getting started with any construction include adjusting your business hours, organizing a clear line of staff and customer communication, designating construction zones, construction containment efforts, and most importantly, safety.

Business Hours – Think about how your business hours might impact the quality and efficiency of your commercial remodel, and how you might be able to make certain adjustments to accommodate the construction work, staff, and guests. Perhaps schedule the construction overnight, during off business hours, or during slow times of business, such as early morning, mid-day, or late afternoon.

Communicating – It is critical to maintain a clear and open line of communication regarding all construction work to both staff and guests. Consider making memos, sending emails, posting signs, and more so that everyone is up to date on the upcoming work. Ask for feedback, take suggestions, and ensure that every effort has been made to minimize disruption.

Construction Zones – Think about how you will safely separate the construction areas from your business’s operating areas. You will want to restrict access to all construction zones, plus consider placing noise barriers and debris barricades to limit sound and health disruption.

Debris Containment – There is a lot of dust, debris, and chemicals used in the commercial renovation process, which can travel into the operational areas of your business during construction. To avoid healthy and safety hazards, including poor air quality, you will need to consider how you will mitigate such particulates during construction. Containment barriers work well, as does pressurizing rooms, modifying the HVAC systems, and installing fans to air out paint and other chemicals.

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