7 Qualities to Look for in a Commercial Construction Company

When it comes to a commercial general construction, the most important factor is choosing a company that has exactly what it takes to deliver the best possible service for your project. In order to be certain that you find a trusted commercial construction company, you must look for very specific qualities that indicate they are true industry professionals capable of meeting your business’s building or design needs. So which factors should you be considering during the hiring process?

Continue reading to learn which qualities to look for when searching for a general contracting service for your commercial construction project.

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How to Hire a Commercial Contractor

Overall, you can feel confident that a commercial construction company is worth hiring if they truly exhibit most of, if not all, of the following 7 qualities:

❶ Licensing

With commercial construction, the most vital credential a company can have is proper professional licensing. Always ask to see documentation of a contractor’s license, as well as, any other licensing credentials you might be interested in learning more about. Aside from proper licensing, it is critical to hire a company that has an active insurance policy and bond. Not only does this indicate they are a professional corporation, it also tells you that clients are protected in terms of liability. Check with your state’s construction licensing department to verify a company’s licensing before moving forward with their services.

❷ Experience

Although hiring a company that has just opened it’s doors is not always a bad thing, hiring a company that has very little previous construction and contracting experience is. Experience is key when it comes to developing and executing a successful commercial construction project, whether a new build or a simple remodel. As a general rule of thumb, a trusted and valuable commercial general contracting company should have at least 10 years of hands-on experience in the industry, at least 5 years of being an established business, and several projects in their portfolio.

❸ Skills

Along with experience comes individual skill. Each individual company will have their own unique set of qualities and capabilities that sets them apart from their competitors. It is important to examine a company’s specific skill level and qualifications before moving forward with a contract or agreement. A skilled commercial construction company will be able to showcase their work, and therefore qualify their skill set, in project portfolios, client testimonials, reputation, referrals, and more. This actually brings us to the next factor to consider when hiring a commercial contractor.

❹ References

To learn whether or not a commercial construction company is a dependable hire, you can ask them for references; and a trusted and successful company will have them to give. But in addition to reading through their referrals, do not be afraid to actually follow up on a few. Choose one or two past clients and reach out to them for information about their personal experience with the company you are researching. This can give you the information you need to determine if the company is a good fit for your project goals.

❺ Communication

Also key in a successful commercial construction company-client relationship is communication. A straightforward, consistent, and efficient line of communication is something that a trusted and skilled commercial contracting company can offer. Clients should be able to contact their contractor every day of the week, and the contractor should be keeping the client updated every step of the way. Look for a company whose attention to detail and organized system of communication are well-established and coherent.

❻ Rapport

Since you will be working alongside a commercial contractor during the progression of your building project, it is important that you have good rapport. Aside from choosing a contractor that is responsive and hardworking, be sure they also maintain a friendly demeanor, empathetic attitude, and positive moral compass.

❼ Bids

Contractor bids are an important part of the commercial building process. Contractor proposals should be comprehensive, covering all details and specifications of a project, from start to finish. Look for a company who can specify all unique aspects, align design and building schedules, identify milestones, develop contingency plans, and evaluate alternatives, all for the purpose of accurately reflecting real world conditions, controlling costs, and abating complications or setbacks.

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