Why Design Build Construction is the Right Choice for Your New Business

If you are a business owner preparing to move forward with building a new location, you are likely thinking about your construction options at this point. At this start of your research, you have likely come across the industry term, design-build (DB) construction, and that is because it is one of the most popular and lucrative routes to take when it comes to commercial construction, especially new construction. Whether you are procuring an existing space that requires a remodel, or building from the ground up, Design Build construction will be the right choice for your new business.

Continue reading to learn more about the design-build construction approach, and the reasons why you should choose this option for your impending project.

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What is Design Build?

In the design build (DB) approach to commercial construction, a single source of accountability and communication is appointed, and then handles the entirety of the construction project, from space planning and permitting, to designing, building, and even post-occupancy maintenance. The commercial general contractor is the single source of contact, and manages and directs the whole team of designers, architects, laborers, sub-contractors, wholesalers, and more. Why is this so advantageous? So lucrative for you? Well, aside from having a single-source of responsibility that is accountable for the entire project, there are some additional reasons why.

You Save Time and Money, Which Saves Even More Money

The benefits of choosing the design-build construction approach for your new business, whether a new construction or existing space, all link to saving time and money. Of course, the more time you save, the more money stays in your pocket as a result of reduced labor costs. But this is just one fragment of the advantages design build construction provides to you as the proprietor. Having but one single source of accountability, being your commercial general contractor, reduces delays, organizes schedules, and monitors quality, all of which supports efficiency and saves you money.

You Can Expect a Higher Level of Quality and Design

Again, having that single source of responsibility plays a large role in the overall quality of your project. Because they are the sole person in charge, they work closely alongside all designers, engineers, architects, builders, and sub-contractors, ensuring every specification of the project is met with the highest level of excellence, and at the best value. It also removes design mistakes, which both delay a project and cost you more money. Simply put, you can feel more confident in the results of your commercial build, because they will be superior.

Who to Choose for Design Build Construction in Central Indiana

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