Advice for Selecting a New Office Location

Although online “influencers” and millennial moguls might insist that all you need for a successful new office location is a space with a little character in a trendy neighborhood, there is much more to commercial real estate leasing than just that. Take it from the experts in commercial space planning and preconstruction who know exactly what it takes to find the perfect new commercial site that meets all current and future business objectives for owners.

Continue reading to learn some of this professional advice, and where to get customized commercial space planning assistance you can trust.

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How to Select a New Commercial Location

Choosing a new commercial site is not as easy as picking out the best building in the biggest city in your state. In fact, the process is much more intimate than that, as there are several specific and personal variables that must be considered in order to make the best selection. Not only should you take into consideration your own business objectives and personal preferences, but you should also factor in your customers’ and employees’ needs. By balancing all of these difference variables, you can place yourself on a promising path toward finding the perfect fit for your new commercial location.

Factors to Consider for Commercial Site Location:

Community Reputation. Is the neighborhood geared toward a specific industry? Are other businesses doing well? Or are there many businesses choosing to not renew their leases? Is the crime rate high? How is the accessibility in and out of the community? What are the average traffic conditions like? Is it close to other places you will be doing business or entertaining clients? Does it have many places for shopping, meeting, and dining?

Employee Amenities. Is the new area easily accessible to your staff and/or clients? Are there nearby shopping centers, restaurants, and similar consumer amenities for them? You see, staffs tend to be more productive when they are happier. Being able to visit a restaurant or run errands on their lunch hour provides them with a level of convenience that makes them happy, which can be profitable for business owners.

Wi-Fi Coverage. It is important to think about your office’s technology needs. How much wi-fi coverage does your new office need? Is there plenty of wireless coverage? Would you require a wireless booster for sufficient wi-fi coverage? Does the new area have adequate cell phone tower coverage?

Accessibly. Does the location have highways, interstates, and exits that make it easily accessible to both staff and clients? What are the traffic conditions usually like? Is there adequate parking for employees and customers? Is there a fee for parking? Are there public transportation options? Is the city or government planning any upcoming road construction that would impact your business?

Once you have considered all of these factors, you can better narrow down a selection of listings with professional commercial space planning and permitting services. Talk to a local and trusted commercial construction company who specializes in helping business owners with real estate development. They can even help you understand the factors to consider before signing a commercial office lease, which is an entirely separate but equally important aspect of choosing a new commercial site location.

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