Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Interior Build Outs

Business and facility owners experience change as the years progress and the economy evolves. After so much time, many find themselves in need of a brick and mortar, new location, or new look. Either way, in comes the commercial interior build-out. Continue reading to review some of the most frequently asked questions about interior build-outs, including how they can benefit your business’s overall success and where to get started with a trusted bid in Indianapolis.

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Commercial Interior Build-Out FAQS

What is a Commercial Interior Build-Out?

A commercial interior build-out can mislead business owners since they are often referred to as commercial tenant improvements (TI’s) or leaseholder improvements. Commercial tenant improvements and remodels are generally needed in almost all cases of a business needing new space since most commercial offices and units are not set up to meet the exact needs of a particular company. In fact, this is exactly what a commercial interior build-out is: a commercial construction remodel to an existing space to customize it structurally and culturally to the business’s unique needs.

Do Tenants or Landlords Pay for a Commercial Interior Build Out?

There is always some confusion with who pays for what when it comes to commercial tenant improvements and remodels. Generally, the landlord and tenant can choose how they want to arrange the financial liability for a commercial interior build-out. Among the possible arrangements, examples include:

Rent Concessions – Landlord agrees to reduced rent, or no rent at all, for a select period of time, to cover the total cost of the project.

Built-in Cost – Landlord believes the tenant will be an improvement to their building or facility, and decides to cover the entire cost of the interior build out.

Reimbursement – If the landlord is paying for it all, they will either have the tenants pay and then reimburse them, or divide the cost of the project and include it in the total cost of the lease. This is referred to as a build-to-suit lease agreement.

Square Footage Costs – Landlord agrees to pay to remodel a certain square footage, and the tenant covers the rest of the cost of the project.

Will My Business Benefit from an Interior Build Out?

There are many advantages to doing to a commercial interior build-out, whether you are an existing business that needs a facelift or modern technology applications, or a business just started out and in need of commercial space. A custom interior finish-out not only updates your business, making its operations more efficient and cost-effective, it increases staff morale and productivity. Accordingly, all of these effects increase your business’s revenue overtime.

How Do I Get a Bid for a Commercial Interior Build Out in Indianapolis?

Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for superior commercial construction general contracting and construction management in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our skilled and experienced commercial general contractors can help you design and build your interior build out, and offer a simple, streamlined process that meets all business objectives. We serve all corporate, commercial, and industrial industries in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding districts. Call today to request free information or to schedule a consultation.

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