Modern Building Features That Will Boost the Success of a Commercial Office

If you want to maintain your competitive edge in the world of business, it is important to design your commercial office building in a way that sets you up for long-term success. This resolve is important whether you are looking to build a new commercial office building or lease an existing one. Modern features are a key element to achieving a well-designed and functional business center.

Continue below to review some of the leading modern building features to look for when designing or procuring a new commercial office building.

Commercial Office Build Outs Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Commercial Office Build Outs Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Modern Office Building Features


No matter what kind of office space you are designing or looking for, you will need fast and dependable internet connection. When running a business, it is important to have the absolute best Wi-Fi and internet package available, regardless of industry or budget.

Energy Efficient Advancements

Commercial office buildings see a lot of traffic and consume a lot of energy. Making energy efficient upgrades and improvements anywhere possible in the blueprints is an effective way to reduce operational costs and support environmental sustainability. Think solar paneling and power, wind turbines, energy efficient windows and doors, touchless technologies, and LEED construction and design.

Greater Security

Commercial office buildings are significant investments, but more importantly, the provide a work and business space for several people, people who require protection against foreseeable dangers. Modern buildings are designed with enhanced security in various aspects, from camera and video monitoring to electric gates, digital keypad locking systems, on-site patrol, ADA compliancy, fire suppression systems, and more.

Employee Lounges

Commercial office buildings rely on the productivity and adeptness of their staff to make the daily operations table turn at a predictable and effectual speed. By providing staff with comfortable break rooms, community workspaces, and basic lounge areas, you can support employee contentment. Happier employees show up on time, perform better, and look forward to growing with the company.

Cafes and Fitness Centers

Designing space for a lobby cafeteria, food court, or even a simple coffee and muffin stand can add a great deal of value to your investment. Fitness centers and spas are other highly valuable modern features sought out by commercial real estate investors and business owners looking for new office space.

Outdoor Work and Break Spaces

Like employee lounges, outdoor workspaces and break areas can significantly increase the value and demand for a commercial office building. Right now, one of the top modern building features trending among the commercial real estate industry are rooftop decks. Similar to rooftop decks, outdoor terraces, patios, and plazas work well to support staff contentment and productivity.

Adjustable Conference Rooms

Another highly sought-after feature that is being added to commercial office building design plans more and more each year are adjustable conference rooms. Businesses grow, plus they house all sorts of people, from staff and consumers to visitors, contractors, guests, and more. With plenty of conference  space, especially conference rooms that can be adjusted in size depending on your space needs at the time, you can accommodate your company’s operational needs and growth goals in a cost-effective manner.

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Office Features Most Requested By Employees

If you are interested in boosting employee morale and productivity, and therefore, your bottom line, a fresh office remodel is a great place to start. Continue reading to learn which modern office features are the most requested by staff and personnel, and how you can get started with a commercial construction bid before the spring season begins.

Indianapolis Indiana Commercial Office Remodeling
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Office Remodeling Key Points and Benefits

In today’s world, office layouts no longer have rules. You can think outside of the box on many office features, elements, and designs, while also improving your staff productivity and profits. No more are lines of repetitive cubicles the only way to design an office; now there are various approaches to office operations, including open floor plans, outdoor spaces, energy efficient lighting, and touchless technologies.

There is a proven correlation between a comfortable and happy office environment and the overall productivity of staff. Employees that are comfortable and tended to are happier, which in turn makes them work with a higher level of alertness, focus, and loyalty. It delivers an environment that allows employees to do their absolute best work. These benefits are just the start of the possible list of advantages, making a fresh office renovation a wise investment that will pay it forward in terms of your company’s overall success.

Not sure which kinds of changes and renovations to choose to meet the needs and standards of yourself and staff? Talk to a trusted and licensed commercial construction general contractor for advice on how to modernize your office layout.

Here’s What Employees Really Want:

Big Windows – Staffs love natural light in the workplace. Bigger windows provides both natural lighting and enhanced ambience.

Better Lighting – Keep in mind that better does not mean brighter in terms of lighting. But when the lighting is just right, employees work better.

Open Floor Plans – Pretty self-explanatory. Staffs are happier and work better when they are not enclosed or feel trapped.

Outdoor Spaces – Giving staffs outdoor spaces for gatherings, work, and breaks is a great way to meet their needs in the office.

Snack Bars/Cafés – Employees stay fervent in their desire for some sort of food vending source in the office to make lunches easier and more efficient.

Alternative Workspaces – Give employees other areas to work other than their desks, like communal living rooms areas and booth-style tables.

Large and Small Meeting Rooms – Staffs want more suitable meeting rooms, both large and small. Mixing it up like this can boost productivity significantly.

Storage Options – Providing more storage solutions for staff can give them more freedom at their workspace. Clearing the clutter can clear the brain!

Hygienic Environments – More than anything, employees want a clean and safe work environment. There are many features, including touchless technologies, that can be incorporated into a commercial office renovation plan to improve health, safety, and overall well-being among staffs.

Are you interested in renovating your commercial office? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for superior office remodeling and commercial-use construction services in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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