How Power Washing Services Can Benefit Commercial Properties

Power washing is an excellent method of effective property maintenance that prominently supports aesthetic value and appeal of commercial properties. The visual appearance of any commercial property should be important to real estate owners. First impressions are often times the most valuable of ones.  It can either repel or compel clients, investors, and other societal assemblies. Client or not, these impressions affect the way daily assumptions are made regarding the estimated value of a company or business.

Continue reading to learn more ways power washing can benefit your commercial building and surrounding premises, plus where to get trusted commercial facility maintenance and renovations in Central Indiana.

Commercial Facility Services Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Commercial Facility Services Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Top Advantages of Commercial Power Washing

Regular pressure washing for commercial properties has several advantages. Just like all other routine cleaning needed to maintain a professional property, outdoor preservation is needed as well. Power washing provides preventative maintenance, reduces safety and health hazards, and increase aesthetic value and appearance. 

Routine pressure washing eliminates dirt, debris, stains, loose gravel, and sometimes even graffiti. This automatically updates the appeal and look of any commercial property. On ground surfaces, cigarette butts, food residues, footprints, mud stains, and more are all washed away with high-powered water hoses and other similar professional power washing and cleaning equipment.

As for siding and exteriors of buildings, pressure washing removes dirt accumulation and can eliminate contaminates that lead to bacteria growth and rot. Vinyl, brick, concrete, and various other exteriors can be sustained overtime with regular power washing services. It instantly brings a new luster and shine to building exteriors.

Here are some more benefits and advantages of professional power washing services for commercial properties and buildings:

☑ Increases Curb Appeal
☑ Preventative Care and Maintenance
☑ Reduces Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria Growth
☑ Eliminates Dirt and Oil
☑ Sustains Paint and Exterior Finishes
☑ Reduces Need for Renovation
☑ Reduces Painting Costs

Additional Pressure Washing Applications

There are several other benefits when it comes to power washing. Shopping carts, vehicle fleets, golf carts, sidewalks, and more are all useful places for power washing services. As a business owner, it is highly recommended to sustain the visual appearance of your property for customers, clients, and employees. It reduces safety concerns and hazards, as well as eliminates the need for excessive aesthetic maintenance and upkeep.

Is your commercial premises in need of more than a little pressure washing? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to speak with an expert Indianapolis commercial general contractor about your options for remodeling and renovation. We serve clients in all industries and throughout all of Central Indiana.

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General Contractor Advice for Commercial Building Repairs and Maintenance

Commercial buildings like retail stores, banks, offices, and even housing complexes, need regular cleaning and upkeep to support strength, increase longevity, protect curb appeal, and safeguard the overall investment value. Just like a vehicle, a building also needs regular maintenance and periodic repairs to stay in optimal condition. Not only does routine maintenance and repair protect a commercial proprietor’s investment, but it also protects any guests, residents, customers, or visitors that enter the premises every day.

So, what type of maintenance does a building require, and how often? Continue reading to learn about building maintenance and care, and where to find trusted commercial general contracting and facility maintenance service in Central Indiana.

Commercial Building Facility Maintenance
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Standard Building and Premises Maintenance

A commercial building and surrounding complex come with several maintenance requirements, and eventually will require some common and predictable repairs along the way. It is important for building managers to inspect and assess a property’s condition on a regular basis, for safety reasons and to avoid larger and more costly disasters down the road.

Regular building maintenance can stop a small problem from becoming a large and expensive problem, or worse, a liability. This can include aesthetic damages like peeling paint or wallpaper, broken floorboards, crumbling concrete, holes in drywall, and more. But it can also include plumbing and electrical repairs, structural repairs, siding repairs, and more.

Expected Facility Maintenance and Repair for a Building:

Broken Stuff

When a door jams, a lock sticks, a window cracks, or a toilet clogs, an appointed facility maintenance team can find a solution right away. They can fix broken desk drawers, busted hinges, ripped carpet, and much more. More maintenance repair needs include everything from office equipment and lighting, to major components like escalators, elevators, and security equipment. There is no end to the type of maintenance and repair needed daily, especially for larger properties.

Large properties like shopping malls, movie theaters, hospitals, apartment complexes, and office buildings are guaranteed to need a repair almost every day. It is vital for all repairs to be fixed to avoid workers’ compensation claims, lawsuits, and more. It is suggested to keep a record of all the needed repairs over a month’s time, and then at the end of every month, call a trusted commercial facility maintenance general contracting company to resolve them all at once.

Lost Items

A commercial facility maintenance contractor retains the tools and resources to replace door locks, doorknobs, lost keys, security codes, and more. Most maintenance workers retain copies of office keys and can make a new one for someone that misplaced theirs; however, if your building does not have in-house maintenance staff, you are left to deal with these responsibilities on your own. If an automatic security lock is being stubborn, a commercial facility maintenance service provider can usually find the override codes and fix the problem. This always ensures protection over the building.

Emergency Repairs

Disasters happen and commercial buildings are no stranger to the feeling. Water leaks, flooding, no heat, no electricity, and more are all areas in which a commercial facility maintenance contractor can save the day. They retain the training, knowledge, and equipment to quickly combat these kinds of disasters and get the building back in order, as soon as possible. Even a busted office window can count as an emergency when its 30 below outside! In this case, they can replace the glass or provide a temporary solution while waiting for the window warranty company to arrive.

Are you looking for a trusted commercial facility maintenance contractor in Indiana? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to speak with an experienced Indianapolis commercial general contracting professional who can help you meet your overall business objectives through optimized office remodeling and facility maintenance.

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Recommended Maintenance For Commercial Metal Roofing Systems

Many commercial real estate proprietors and building owners choose metal roofing systems because they offer various benefits. Not only are they inexpensive and easy to install, but they are also a low maintenance commercial roofing material that does not require a lot of upkeep. However, a low maintenance roofing system is not a “no-maintenance” roofing system. Although commercial metal roofs do not require a lot of routine work, taking good care of them is still critical to their overall performance and longevity.

Not sure if your commercial metal roofing systems are up to standard? Continue reading to learn what you need to be doing for your commercial metal roof and how to get started this season.

Indianapolis Commercial General Contractors
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The 4 Steps to Commercial Metal Roof Care

There are 4 primary steps that you should take every year in order to maintain the condition of your commercial metal roof. These 4 primary steps are just the basics, and may vary depending on the existing condition of your roof. For instance, if you have ongoing roof damage, wildlife interference, or poor gutter systems, you may need some extra work at times, in addition to these 4 steps.

Here are the top 4 duties you should keep up with in order to maintain the structural integrity of your commercial metal roofing system:

Roof Inspection – You should have your metal roof inspected at least once every year for damages like missing shingles, loose shingles, warped shingles, water leaks, wildlife interference, pest problems, holes, gaps, and various other susceptibilities. When it comes to roofs, catching a small problem early on is crucial to protecting your home and your budget. A small roof repair can quickly turn into a big, costly disaster if you do not catch it in time. This is one vital reason why annual roof inspections are so important.

Tree Trimming – If your commercial lot does not have trees taller than the building’s gutter and roofing system, you do not need to worry about this step. However, wooded lots and properties with mature trees need to stay on top of their tree trimming schedules in order to protect their commercial building from tree damage. Large branches or weakened trees can fall in a heavy rain or windstorm, while lost foliage and twigs can clog up gutters and ventilation systems, and accumulate on roof surfaces. This can lead to poor water runoff, water leaks, mold, mildew, bacteria, and more.

Gutter Cleaning – Whether you have a wooded lot or not, every commercial building owner should stay on top of their gutter cleaning responsibilities. Your gutter system is meant to direct water away from your commercial building in order to protect its roofing, siding, foundation, and more. Clogged, obstructed, or defective gutters will not be able to perform well enough to provide the level of protection your property needs. Be sure to clean your gutters twice a year.

Hire Professionals A commercial metal roof is quite resilient, but that does not mean it will not have small problems every once in a while. If you suspect that your roof needs some minor repairs or adjustments, hire a team of commercial general contractors for professional assessment and service. They retain the proper skills, licenses, training, and equipment to safely perform your needed commercial roof duties.

Do you suspect that your commercial roofing system needs a remodel or renovation? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to speak with a seasoned Indianapolis IN commercial general contractor about your property’s facility maintenance and remodeling needs, today.

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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Janitorial Service for Your Commercial Property

We can’t just trust anyone with the keys to our buildings, right?  So it is important to ask the right questions when interviewing potential commercial cleaning companies to service your facility.  Here is a template of key questions that should be presented to every company interviewed.

Indianapolis Commercial Facility Maintenance
Indianapolis Commercial Facility Maintenance 317-253-0531

Are They Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

A professional company will always have insurance and bonds to cover damages in any aspect.   Along with being insured, a business should also be licensed to work in the industry.  Not only should they have these licenses, bonds, and insurance, they should be able to provide proof of them always.

How Many Years Have They Been in Business?

Experience is a huge part of mastering a skill within an industry.  Mastering all skills within a large industry takes even more time and experience.  This is an important aspect to keep in mind when outsourcing a commercial cleaning business.  A reputable and professional company will more than likely be in business for a long time, at least ten years.  This ensures their knowledge, ability, reliability, and more.

What Services Do They Provide?

It is important to discuss exactly what the company provides.  It is a distressful situation when you hire a company under false pretenses, or under the assumption they do one thing, when in fact, they do not.  Always ask enough questions in terms of services offered, to determine if their company can meet your property’s needs.  A professional company usually can offer multiple services in any a la care way you like.

How Much Do Their Services Cost?

It is necessary to know what they plan on charging you before committing to a partnership.  Be sure the charges are clear and consistent, and ask about extra fees and charges that could possibly apply.  The business needs to meet your billing needs as well, so inquire about payment schedules and so on.

Who Are Their Employees?

You want to know about the employees that will be responsible for the up keeping of your facility.  Ask about certification programs, training courses, licenses and more.  A professional facility management company requires all staff to complete rigorous training programs and more to be employed within the company.

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to post-occupancy facility maintenance? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to learn how our esteemed Indianapolis general contracting company can develop and deliver a superior building maintenance program that is guaranteed to preserve and improve the function, utility, and value of your property.

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