How to Update the Exterior of Your Commercial Building

Do you know that most consumers look at your business’s pictures online, or view your store from the outside as they pass by, all before they ever decide to become a client or customer? For this reason, the exterior of your commercial building or business should be a top priority for you. Aside from aesthetic benefits, maintaining the outside of your building is an important part of safety, liability, asset protection, investment security, and budgeting. As a proud and responsible commercial proprietor, you too will want the exterior of your business or building to look its best all year long. So, are you in need of an exterior update?

Continue below to learn where to get the best advice for commercial exterior upgrades and renovations, as well as, how to get started with commercial general contracting services in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Exterior Upgrades and Remodels for Commercial Buildings

Do you have exterior structures that need updated or serviced? Siding, roofing, solar paneling, gutters, concrete, windows, doors, and even the parking lot might need some renovating or replacing of they are old and outdated. Perhaps your building could use a fresh coating of paint, but only after a thorough power washing of the siding? If you are shaking your head “yes” to any of these suggestions, then you could be a great candidate for commercial exterior renovation and remodeling. Who can you trust to renovate, maintenance, and update your commercial building’s exterior?

Here in Indiana, Hoosiers know to call none other than the licensed and insured commercial general contracting teams at BAF Corporation!

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BAF Corporation Delivers Streamlined and Cost-Effective Exterior Renovations

As Indiana residents ourselves, BAF Corp knows the unpredictable and uncanny Indiana weather patterns, and have seen firsthand how it affects our land and structures. Year of natural wear and tear to materials like siding, roofing, pavements, and even electrical systems can drastically reduce the look of a building, but also the safety and durability. The more wear and tear suffered by the exterior structures of your commercial building, the more vulnerable it is to even further damage.

Whether your outdoor structures consist of metal buildings, barns, sheds, parking lots, roofing, siding, or HVAC, BAF Corporation has the hands-on experience to maintenance these structures, as well as deliver professional renovations and remodels. Here is just the short list of renovations and services we can deliver for your commercial building:

⇒ Pressure Washing
⇒ Painting and Drywall
⇒ Windows and Doors
⇒ Stairs and Railings
⇒ ADA Compliance Renovations
⇒ Siding and Roofing
⇒ Pavements and Parking Lots
⇒ Gazebos, Barns & Sheds
⇒ Patios & Decks
⇒ Pools, Ponds & Irrigation Systems
⇒ Build Outs
⇒ Outdoor Lighting
⇒ And More!

BAF Corporation can turn your commercial building into a modern, efficient, and appealing spot in town, all within your intended budget, and while maintaining your company’s true culture and objectives. Get started with a commercial remodeling bid before Spring arrives!

Are you ready for a commercial exterior remodel for your business or building? Contact us at 317-253-0531 for trusted and reputable commercial construction services at the most competitive rates in town.

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