Why Design Build Service is the Right Choice for Church Construction

Has your congregation outgrown your church’s space? If so, it is time to consider a new construction build to accommodate your growing member community. But when it comes to construction planning for religious centers and places of worship, there are some elements that make the process of planning a new build or remodel a bit different from your standard building construction project. For this reason and more, it is a wise choice to opt for design build contracting for church construction.

Continue reading to learn more about design build services, and why they are the right choice for church construction and remodeling.

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Building a Church From the Ground Up

Although it is possible to add on to an existing church to create more space for the growing congregation, at some point, there is no more room add or convert. That is why many church proprietors choose to build a new church, entirely through Design Build (DB) construction management. Not only is this a wiser investment in the long run, but it allows the church to incorporate all of the wishful elements, features, technologies, and aesthetics they have long desired for.

Design Build Services for Places of Worship

In the design build (DB) approach to commercial construction, a single source of accountability and communication is appointed, and then handles the entirety of the construction project, from space planning and permitting, to designing, building, and even post-occupancy maintenance. Design build construction allows church proprietors to customize their buildings to fit their current needs while also supporting the future growth of its community. This might feel like an overwhelming amount of leniency and opportunity, but with a qualified design build (DB) contracting team managing your new church build, you can rest assure that they will streamline the entire process for you, and be your single source of accountability from inception to completion.

Design build construction renders a long list of benefits, but for church construction, many proprietors revere in how convenient it is to combine the designing and the construction all under one, single plan, and carried out to completion by the DB contractors and construction company themselves. All of these benefits render a smoother, more organized construction process that saves you both time and money.

Where to Get Church Construction Design Build Services in Central Indiana

Here at BAF Corporation, our design build construction approach works for all commercial construction projects. Since we collaborate together as a cohesive, multidisciplinary team, we bridge the gap of communication among all stakeholders involved in a project, including proprietors, designers, architects, contractors, supplier, and construction partners. Our commercial contractors act as your project’s sole source of responsibility, from conception to project completion, which maximizes your church’s utility, function, and overall operational efficiency, all while artistically depicting your organization’s culture.

How to Learn More About Design Build Church Construction

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