Top Factors to Consider When Planning Your Commercial Space

As a business owner looking to renovate or build a new location, professional space planning should be at the top of your to-do list for getting started. It is an important part of ensuring your needs are fully met, and that your overall business objectives are feasible. Whether you are relocating your business, opening a new one, or looking to renovate your existing property, a professional space planning and design team is your all-inclusive solution to ensuring success.

However, deciding to hire a professional commercial construction company for space planning services is just the beginning. Continue reading to learn the top factors you will need to consider when planning your commercial space.

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Commercial Space Planning Professionals

The primary job of an architect and commercial space planning team is to bring your vision to life by thoughtfully transforming or creating a space that truly speaks to your business’s culture, while also supporting employee satisfaction, efficiency, function, and cost control. They do this by applying modern design solutions and strategies, including a concentrated approach to define and organize all elements of a commercial design-build project.

They also meticulously consider all other details, from owners’ priorities and business objectives, to economic incentive studies, constructability reviews, zoning and permit applications, building codes, disability access requirements, security, circulation patterns, daily function and workflow, privacy, and much more.

Space Planning Factors to Think About:

Organization’s Goals – What are the goals for your commercial remodel or build? Are you looking to enhance employee contentment or engagement? Are you wanting to improve staff health? Or perhaps you wish to incorporate a more collaborative environment? Be sure to consider your short and long-term goals for your business when planning your space.

Day to Day Activity – Consider the type of staff and guest activity that occurs on a daily basis. Are your employees sitting at desks all day? Are they working in groups or in solitary? Perhaps your employees are doing a combination of both? When planning your space, think about what kinds of interior designs will accommodate or enhance the type of daily operations for your industry.

Ergonomics – On the topic of daily activity, if your business is one in which staff or clients are sitting for extended periods of time, you may want to consider incorporating modern ergonomic designs into the office setting. Such ideas include ergonomically-friendly couches, chairs, and benches. Other ideas include desks that adjust for sitting or standing, or changing the location of trash receptacles to promote more movement among employees throughout the day.

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