FAQS About Commercial Construction Costs

When preparing for an upcoming commercial construction project, it is natural to steer your focus toward cost. After all, the whole point of building a new property for your business is to expand your profitability horizon. Fortunately, there are several resources available to real estate investors and developers like yourself that can help you gain the perspective you need to move forward with confidence. Below is one such resource.

Review these frequently asked questions about commercial construction costs, then get in touch with a trusted Indiana general contractor who can optimize your business objectives through a successful build.

Commercial Construction Company Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Commercial Construction Company Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Construction Costs

What is the Average Commercial Construction Cost Per Square Foot?

It is challenging to determine an average commercial construction cost because all projects are different. The cost of one commercial construction build will be different from the next due to varying factors like size, scope, local zoning, building codes, use of property, and of course, budget.

Above all, the top three factors that typically have the most impact on commercial construction costs include:

▷ Building Location
▷ Regional Climate and Weather Patterns
▷ Local Economy
▷ Architectural Design and Function

As for commercial construction square footage, averages will vary depending on these factors more. However, the average cost of a single-story office may be somewhere along the lines of $160 to $170 per square foot, while convenience stores might run closer to $100 per square foot.

Cost to Build a 5,000 Square Foot Warehouse?

Building a 5000 ft.² warehouse will come with some expected expenses, mainly due to the size of the building, plus the likely scope of function. Many warehouses have to be constructed with temperature and climate control features, as well as storage in cubic square footage considerations. With this in mind, you can expect a 5,000 square-foot warehouse to come in at a base cost of $7.50 per square foot. You may be able to get a cheaper deal if you choose a lower cost warehouse configurations such as the Q model Quonset or similar prefabricated metal buildings.

Are Commercial Construction Cost Projections Estimated or Fixed?

When budgeting your commercial construction build, it is vital that you choose a trusted and reliable commercial construction general contracting company to navigate your project. They have the resources and experience to accurately estimate the total cost of your build, including state-of-the-art cost analysis technologies and long-standing relationships with suppliers and subcontractors. With these qualifications, your commercial general contracting team can provide you with an estimate containing mostly fixed cost projections. This helps prevent cost increases or unexpected additional costs.

Can I Afford to Remodel My Business?

Yes, you can afford to remodel your business. When you choose the right Indiana general contracting company to work with, you can ensure that your remodel will be within budget, while also setting the foundation for a more lucrative future.

Are you wondering which Indiana commercial general contracting company to trust for your upcoming commercial build or remodel? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for reputable commercial construction and remodeling in Indianapolis and its surrounding counties.

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How Much Does Commercial Building Demolition Cost?

Procuring a new commercial property is an exciting venture, but not all come turnkey. Demolition is often a standard phase of the preconstruction process. Many commercial real estate developers and investors purchase preowned properties that require demolition and lot clearing before new construction can begin. If you are faced with the responsibility of hiring a demolition company to clear out your lot before breaking ground, your first thoughts are likely focused on cost.

Continue reading to learn the average costs of commercial building demolition, plus who to trust for streamlined preconstruction services in Central Indiana.

Commercial Demolition Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Commercial Demolition Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

The Average Costs of Demolishing a Commercial Building

The costs associated with commercial building demolition are ever-changing. Currently, you can expect to pay relatively economical rates to demolish a commercial building; per square foot, commercial demolition rates range from $4 to $8.

In the United States, the average commercial building demolition costs around $30,000. This is based on the average commercial building size of 5,000 square feet. Larger commercial buildings will obviously have higher demolition expenses. Smaller commercial buildings may have less expensive demolition costs.

What to Expect From the Commercial Demolition Process

🏗 Building Measurements

The first step to coordinating the demolition for a commercial building is to have the property measured. A tape measurer can sometimes do the job, but for larger or more complexly-designed properties, a professional surveyor will need to do the measuring. The more accurate your measurements, the more accurate your total expenditure will be.

🏗 Asbestos and Radon Removal

A building must be inspected for asbestos and radon before moving forward with demolition plans. If asbestos and radon are discovered, then a specialized team must be hired to remove asbestos and/or radon in accordance with all EPA guidelines. This would be an additional cost to demolition, typically averaging around $3 per square foot.

🏗 Demolition Company

At this point in the process, an investor or building owner would be ready outsource commercial demolition services. It is important to select a skilled and seasoned demolition contractor who specializes in commercial work. It is recommended to hire an Indianapolis commercial general contracting company for comprehensive commercial construction services, including demolition, design, and construction.

🏗 Permits for Demolition

Although the commercial demolition company typically handles the permit acquisition, an investor or building owner may be responsible for covering the costs. The cost of a demolition permit can vary greatly among projects. In most cases, they are a few hundred dollars or so. But in other cases, they may cost an upwards of $10,000 or more. This might happen in areas where demolition is strongly discouraged.

🏗 Preconstruction Site Cleanup

Once the demolition is complete, the site needs to be cleaned up and cleared off to allow for future construction. This phase of the demolition process is referred to as post-demolition cleanup or preconstruction site cleanup. Some demolition contractors include this stage as part of their services, but not all.

If the demolition company does not offer post-work cleanup, an investor would need to hire a separate company for the job. The cost of post-demolition cleanup can also greatly vary depending on the size and scope of the demolition. Expenses that will add to the total cost of demolition site cleanup include dumpster rentals, hauling costs, landfill costs, and processing costs.

Dumpster Rentals – This can cost anywhere between $300 and $3000. It depends on the size of the containers, how many days they are rented, and which services are chosen (i.e. drop off, pickup, etc.).

Hauling – Hauling costs usually average around $1000 but can be more for larger-scope cleanups.

Landfill Fees – Having garbage and scrap transported to a landfill is not free. These costs typically average around $50 per ton of scrap.

Are you ready to move forward with your commercial demolition project in Indiana? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 to speak with an expert Indianapolis commercial general contractor about your commercial preconstruction needs and options, today. We serve clients in all industries and throughout all of Central Indiana.

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