What to Expect From the Post Construction Phase

After your commercial construction team plans, designs, and builds your commercial property from the ground up, the project doesn’t stop there, nor does your relationship with your contractors. In fact, neither ever really come to completion since your building will always require on-going care and professional consideration. You see, the next stages of a commercial construction project, following the construction work, involve a final cleanup, as well as, post-occupancy facility maintenance. Both services are incorporated within your contract with your commercial construction company.

Continue below to learn what to expect from both stages of the post-construction phase.

Indianapolis Facility Maintenance and Management 317-253-0531
Indianapolis Facility Maintenance and Management 317-253-0531

Construction Site Cleanup Phase

When the work is done, and the builders clear out all of their tools, equipment, and supplies, there is still a mess to clean up. Dust, fingerprints, footprints, smudges, and similar imperfections are left behind from the construction process, and will need to be cleaned and treated. Furthermore, areas, like bathrooms and kitchens, will require additional sanitizing. As included in a full-service commercial construction plan, your general contracting team will enlist the right division to deliver a spotless finish for your building.

Commercial Construction Site Cleanup Generally Entails:

➲ Factory Sticker Peeling (new windows, appliances, etc.)
➲ Garbage/Debris Removal
➲ Interior/Exterior Deep Sweep
➲ Full Dusting (ceiling pipes, light fixtures, vents, etc.)
➲ Detail Cleaning of All Surfaces
➲ Floor Buffing/Waxing
➲ Vacuuming/Mopping
➲ Restroom Sanitizing
➲ Appliance/Stainless Steel Polishing
➲ Window Ledges/Sills
➲ Elevator/Escalator Sanitizing
➲ General Polishing
➲ Power Washing
➲ Final Punch List
➲ White Glove Inspection

Post-Construction Facility Maintenance

Once your commercial building has passed its white glove inspection, your commercial contractors will initiate a smooth and effective turnover. However, your property will still need ongoing, specialized maintenance. Common facility maintenance services can include a wide range and scope of services, from electronic or mechanical system repairs and system updates, to routine building restorations, technology upgrades, cleaning, landscaping, sewage and septic repairs, master plumbing, and more. Such examples would be checking on electrical equipment and operations, inspecting mechanical equipment, painting, and repairing anything that may be defected, broken, or problematic.

Post-construction facility maintenance services sustain all systems and structures within a building. Your commercial construction company will set up a program, or remain available, to implement specialized maintenance work that cannot be performed by in-house custodial and day-porter staffs, such as electrician work, sign repair, and more. Rather than training and paying an in-house team to maintain and operate your building’s systems, simply rely on your commercial contractors instead. In fact, read our blog, “Why Use Your Commercial General Contractor for Facility Maintenance” to learn the unparalleled benefits of doing so.

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