The Importance of Commercial Roof Inspections

Commercial roof inspections are a critical part of maintaining and protecting your asset. From mandatory lending procedure and long term investment protection to sustainable functionality, staff comfort, consumer experience, and above all else, safety, the condition and performance of your commercial building’s roof system can have a significant impact on various aspects of business, and in due course, your company’s overall success.

Continue reading to learn more about the importance of commercial roof inspection, including what makes them so valuable and which Indianapolis commercial general contracting company to trust for professional roofing service.

Commercial Roof Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Commercial Roof Contractors Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Buying or Building a Property

Some states have strict lending guidelines for anyone acquiring a commercial building. These requisites are generally stiffer in regions that experience higher levels of precipitation, especially hail and snow. Many lenders in these areas often make commercial roof inspection a mandatory part of the lending process, and the roof of the property must pass certification in order for the bank to provide the money for procurement. Even dryer regions may require roof certification before lending money to buy a home. The same requirement is also a common procedure for insurance companies. A roof must be inspected and intact for some insurance carriers to take on a client.

Roof Durability

The lifespan of a commercial roofing system depends on several factors, particularly the material, how it was installed, ventilation, the level of care it was provided, and environmental surroundings. A good roof should last at least 20 years, but some materials can last up to 40 or 50 years. Properties built in regions that experience heavy snowfall, especially those who get year-round snow, usually have to have their roofs replaced every 5 to 10 years, even with proper care. Having a proper roof is vital to your safety, security, and investment. Since they are expensive investments, it is important to do everything in your power to ensure your roof remains in optimal condition. A roof inspection is the only method of being sure.

Commercial Roof Inspections

The purpose of a commercial roof inspection is to assess and determine the structural integrity of the roof and all incorporated and relevant features. Roofing inspections are also meant to catch small problems before they turn into big ones that cost a lot to renovate or repair. A proper roof inspection will be able to tell a building owner about the current condition of the roof, any foreseeable problems it may have, and how long before it will need to be replaced. A licensed commercial general contractor has several methods for verifying this type of information.

Always Enlist a Pro for Roof Work

It is not always necessary to climb a roof and pull out shingles. Instead, most contractors have sophisticated procedures, technologies, and equipment that allows them to facilitate accurate assessments. This includes infrared technology, which allows contractors to make their assessments without ever having to make physical contact with the roof. These infrared assessments show the differentiating temperature levels of a roof, in which high temperatures are common indications of air and heat escape.

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