Top Building Remodels That Will Entice New Commercial Tenants

When you own a multi-unit commercial building, tenancy is critical to your bottom line. The goal, after all, is to acquire and maintain full occupancy, year-round. If you are struggling to keep commercial tenants, some fresh and trending building features may help to attract new ones, even better ones.

Continue below to explore some of the most effective building remodels and additions to consider if you are trying to lure in new commercial tenants, plus who to trust in Central Indiana for superior commercial remodeling work.

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Corporate Remodeling Indianapolis IN 317-253-0531

How to Attract New Commercial Tenants Through Building Renovation

Your building is great, but it can be better. This day and age, there are many different approaches to designing the modern office, warehouse, and more. Some of the most revered and proven building features sought out by commercial tenants include on-site fitness centers and spas, snack and dining options, outdoor spaces, natural lighting, wireless coverage, and when applicable, elevators.

On-Site Fitness Centers

It is suggested by many industry authorities that commercial tenants are more drawn toward leases that include access to a gym, fitness center, or health spa. Many people work out, while many others enjoy wellness experiences like saunas and tanning beds. By offering these or similar amenities, you may be able to attract a much larger pool of potential commercial tenants.

Dining Options

Providing easy access to snacks, refreshments, and food is a great way to entice new commercial tenants to sign a lease. Consider adding break rooms or small kitchenette areas within your commercial spaces, or building a whole food court, café, or cafeteria.  Vending machines for beverages, coffee, lattes, espressos, and snacks are also enticing.

Outdoor Areas to Work and Gather

No one likes to be stuck inside an office or building all day, especially when it is really nice outside. It is proven that employees are more productive when they can access outdoor areas for work, breaks, meetings, collaborations, and more. This is enticing to business owners looking for a commercial space to lease.

Natural Lighting

Although a dimly-lit space can look cozy and romantic, it is not a compatible ambience for a team of working employees. Natural lighting provides healthy, bright light that is not distracting for employees and guests. You can achieve this by installing larger windows, skylights, and a more innovative interior lighting system.

Wireless Coverage

If you have a particularly large commercial building, the wireless coverage may be spotty in some areas. Tenants have complained about no reception and dropped calls while walking from one location of the building to the next. You can prevent or resolve this problem by installing a distributed antenna system (DAS), which can improve your wireless coverage throughout the building.


If your commercial building is only one level, this feature isn’t for you. But for commercial-use buildings with more than one floor or level, one or more elevators is extremely attractive to tenants. For larger buildings with multiple levels and higher occupancy, adding in an adequate number of elevators can improve time efficiency for employees, visitors, and clients.

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