4 Key Differences Between Residential and Commercial Construction

Residential and commercial construction are two very different industries that adhere to another level of standards, quality, and codes. Continue reading to learn the 4 key elements that make commercial construction so different from residential construction so you may better understand the importance of hiring the right general contracting company for your upcoming build or renovation.

Commercial General Contractor Indianapolis IN 317-253-0531
Commercial General Contractor Indianapolis IN 317-253-0531

What Makes Commercial Construction Different From Residential?

The Intended Use of the Property

Commercial construction work refers to buildings and properties that will be used for business purposes, such as offices, factories, warehouses, stores, service-oriented businesses, and more. For this reason alone, commercial construction is much different from residential.

Building Codes and Permits

The set of local and state building codes, zoning laws, and permit requires differ greatly between residential and commercial construction. Because the use of property is for business and profit-making purposes, a separate set of regulations and compliancy rules apply. Examples include ADA ramps and handicap accessibility, state development plans, elevator permits, and parking.

Schedule Pace and Timeline

Because commercial construction work is performed for business’s seeking to make a profit, the pace of work is generally much faster. Scheduling and work pace are adhered to with a stricter focus so that the business may open their doors and begin bringing in a profit as soon as possible.

Equipment and Materials

Commercial properties and spaces are typically much larger, and larger-scale work requires a heavier and more complex set of equipment, materials, and resources. This is a major difference between commercial construction and residential construction.

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