How to Make the Most of Your Tenant Improvement Allowance

When a commercial tenant leases a new office space, it may not be exactly what they envisioned for their business. In fact, this happens quite a bit. For this reason, it is strongly encouraged to ensure that there is some sort of tenant improvement allowance in your commercial lease before making a final commitment. A TI allowance will finance any strategic or aesthetic renovations to improve on the function and overall layout of your office.

If you have been granted a tenant improvement allowance, but it isn’t what you expected, there are some ways you can stretch it out. Continue reading for some tips on how to make the most of your tenant agreement allowance, and who to trust in central Indiana for superior TI commercial construction work.

Tenant Improvements and Remodeling Indiana 317-253-0531
Tenant Improvements and Remodeling Indiana 317-253-0531

Be a Part of the Process

When discussing your tenant improvement allowance with your landlord or appointed commercial construction company, be sure to negotiate your role in the process. It is important that you remain involved in the entire tenant improvement construction process to ensure that your allowance is being used efficiently. Maintain a role in bid comparisons, contractor selections, construction supervision, and anywhere else that you feel comfortable in order to mitigate additional or unnecessary expenses.

Prioritize All Square Footage

Your commercial office space’s square footage goes wall-to-wall, but your cubic square footage goes from floor-to-ceiling. It is important to use all of your square footage options efficiently and is much as possible. Doing this can help make the most of your tenant improvement allowance. More importantly, your landlord may insist that your tenant improvement allowance applies to only the usable square footage in your office space, but it is actually based on all rentable office space, including areas in your building that are shared with other tenants.

Reuse Materials Efficiently

Before spending even one cent of your TI allowance, first take a look at your overall office space and consider what can be reused after your renovation. There are many types of building features and materials that you may not have to replace, or can be reused without jeopardizing their integrity, such as granite countertops, mirrors, plumbing fixtures, floors, doors, and more. For instance, rather than replacing the hardwood floors in your office space, consider having them refinished or polished instead, which is much cheaper and renders a beautiful outcome.

Discover What’s Hidden

Just like reusing materials to your advantage, it is also wise to take a look underneath some things to see if there is a way to cut back on costs. For instance, underneath that old carpeting could be original hardwood floors. These floors can be restored and re-polished, as mentioned earlier, which is much cheaper than replacing the flooring altogether. In another example, you can remove acoustic tiles from your ceiling to reveal an industrial ceiling, which poses several aesthetic benefits and costs much less than replacing these materials.

Are you ready to get started on your Indiana tenant improvement project, but looking for the right commercial construction company to work with? Contact BAF Corporation at 317-253-0531 for qualified and reputable tenant improvements and remodels in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve clients all throughout the state.

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