Modern Construction Ideas to Increase Restaurant Business

With the ever-changing demands of consumers, a business must be ever-evolving to stay current on meeting such demands. When it comes to the restaurant industry, diners are looking for a more special experience that delivers on both quality and appeal. Fortunately, there are always new ideas emerging in the design and construction world, giving restaurant owners the ability to modify their property for the purpose of bringing in more traffic.

Continue reading to learn the top 3 newest restaurant construction trends that have already been proven to be profitable and successful for business owners all across the nation.

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Open Kitchen Concepts

The concept of an open kitchen is not a new one; residential properties are almost all constructed with this open-style floor plan these days. However, this design concept is now being bravely introduced to the restaurant and food service industry. There is something very exciting and appealing about watching a commercial kitchen in action; and guests love the experience of listening, interacting, and learning about the preparation methodology of the restaurant, as it gives more meaning to the dish they are served and doubles as a source of entertainment. For restaurants that do not already have an open-kitchen layout, one can be easily incorporated with a commercial restaurant remodel.

In-House Breweries

It is becoming very popular for restaurants and bars to brew their own beers. Customers love small batch and in-house brewed beer, and migrate more toward restaurants that specialize in such products. So, to bring in more traffic, many bar and restaurant owners have remodeled their property to have a craft beer room, equipped with displays of fermentation and aging tanks. Such remodels also require the addition of several other elements, such as a cold-storage room for kegs and beer cases, co2 and beverage lines, taps, and much more.

Catering Programs

Catering programs are an excellent way to bring in more business to a restaurant; it is also a great way to advertise your product and spread the word about your restaurant. Adding in a secondary commercial kitchen and delivery station specifically for bulk work to your restaurant will streamline your catering program, and ultimately set the pace for expansion. Having a separate kitchen and to-go station for your catering department allows for more organized and efficient service, and best of all, does not disrupt existing, dine-in business or kitchen operations.

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