Why Choose Wood Laminate Flooring For Your Commercial Remodel

If you are currently considering your options for new commercial flooring for an upcoming commercial building remodel, you would be wise to review the brilliant attributes of wood laminate flooring. That is, if you want to give your business an instant upgrade for an unbelievably affordable price tag! To begin your exploration of hardwood laminate flooring for commercial properties, simply contact your trusted Indianapolis commercial general contracting company about the commercial floor renovation and replacement options that are most compatible with your upcoming commercial remodeling objectives.

In the meantime, continue below to review some of the top benefits of commercial wood laminate flooring for a better understanding of why this material is staying strong in popularity among the construction and design industries across the nation.

Commercial Floor Replacement Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531
Commercial Floor Replacement Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Top Advantages of Synthetic Wood Laminate Flooring

Very Cost-Effective

Wood synthetic flooring is much less in price compared to real wood floors. In fact, you would not believe the price difference between the two! A commercial proprietor or business owner can potentially save thousands of dollars, not to mention hundreds of hours of maintenance, by opting for laminate over real hardwood.

Wood laminate flooring is further cost-effective due to its strength, durability, and resistance against natural wear and tear like scratches and stains. For this reason, they require very little maintenance and routine care. Better yet, the products required to meet their light maintenance needs are affordable and readily available at virtually any department store or online retailer.

Endless Design Options

Not only is wood laminate flooring cheaper than standard wood, but it also looks identical and comes in many different designs, grains, colors, textures, and plank sizes. Synthetic wood flooring can mimic high-end, luxury, and even rare and endangered species of wood, but without the high-end price tag. Faux wood floors like oak, cherry, mahogany, cedar, hickory, maple, pine, and birch can all be recreated synthetically and installed to look like the real thing. Wood laminate floors can even be customized to replicate stone and concrete.

Environmentally Friendly

Because synthetic wood laminate flooring is typically manufactured using recycled materials, business owners that wish to incorporate a greener daily operation will appreciate their Eco-friendly attributes. This means you can contribute to the global environmental protection initiative just by replacing your floors! They are also an environmentally responsible procurement option because manufacturers do not need to cut down an excessive number of trees to be produced.

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