4 Considerations for Modernized Car Dealership Design

The buying, selling, and shopping experience has significantly changed in the recent years, especially the auto sales industry. Before modern design and innovation, businesses like car dealerships were simple and straightforward in layout and construction. Today, there are a world of options that can help a business owner like you optimize and modernize your auto dealership’s design and efficiency. Implementing these new business practices and design innovations can contribute to your business’s overall success.

Continue reading to review the top 4 considerations to start with when planning your new car dealership design layout.

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Car Dealership Construction Indianapolis Indiana 317-253-0531

Optimized Design and Technology Enhances the Buyer Experience

When shoppers are comfortable in their surrounding environment, they are happier, and therefore, more likely to move forward with a purchase. The same theory applies at a car dealership. Car dealerships already have a negative stigma that can impact the way a buyer feels about approaching the process. So, it is important to ensure that when a potential buyer walks into your establishment, you want them to feel excited and relaxed, not overwhelmed or pressed for time.

Optimal design and technology applications, plus a few modern-day business practices, can help you achieve this level of comfort and innovation for your customers. Here are some considerations that will help you get started on the ultimate design and build plan for your new auto dealership:

Design an Open Floor Plan

The open floor plan concept has been well-received in the residential construction industry, and now, this trend is making its way into the commercial building world. Open floor plans deliver a wide range of benefits for both staff and clientele. Not only do open floor plans allow your dealership to showcase a wider selection of vehicles by reducing wasted square-footage on walls and barriers, but it also promotes better walk-through flow, provides a more relaxed shopping experience, and offers transparency between buyer and seller. These are all impactful to the shopper’s experience, and more importantly, your bottom line.

Focus on Exterior Appeal

Curb appeal is more important than you think in the commercial construction and building industry. Car dealerships especially are more likely to bring in new customers with an eye-catching, professional exterior. When making your design and build plans for your auto dealership, be sure to place a significant focus on your exterior appeal. This includes your building structure, windows, doors, lighting, landscaping, company sign, lot layout, and more.

Incorporate Multi-Use Lounge Spaces

Inside your open floor plan, consider adding in a functional lounge space. Such lounge areas are perfect for both clients and staff to conduct business, review buying options, make negotiations, and more. Trending designs include couches, chairs, televisions, tables, magazines, coffee stations, kitchenettes, charging ports, Wi-Fi access, and even touch-tablet technology that allows clients to peruse the dealership’s entire inventory. Multi-use lounge areas are great for dealerships that also provide auto services. Clients can wait comfortably while their car is being worked on.

Go Green

Energy efficiency is quickly evolving into a “must have” rather than a “might include” type of design incorporation in the construction industry. More and more business owners are going green by including energy efficient features, technologies, and even construction methodologies to optimize their building’s energy consumption. For automotive dealerships, suggested energy efficient design approaches include things like insulated glass windows, LED lighting, solar power, recycled building materials, LEED construction, and more.

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